Coventry – May 3rd 2014 Videos [Updated]

More fantastic videos of the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars at Coventry – May 3rd 2014 Coventry

Words & Videos by: Mark Hipkiss

Heat 1

55 Craig Finnikin is back at the Coventry shaleway.. It seems Finnikin has decided to upgrade his old faithful armchair, and debuts his 2014 shale shifter, and is right on the pace, straight out of the box.. It was to be 4 Dan Johnson who took up the running, with 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr in close company, keeping Johnson honest for many a lap.. With the race coming towards the conclusion, Finnikin sees an opportunity to plant Wainman into Johnson, but didn’t quite pull off the master stroke.. Both Finnikin and Wainman spun out of contention, while Johnson cruised on to take the win..


34 Mal Brown, from the rear of the Blues puts the bumper in going into turn1, clearing a route for himself and 150 Mick Sworder.. 318 Rob Speak is piled backwards into some stranded cars, along with 55 Craig Finnikin.. A very much on form 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr, pursued by 1/84 Tom Harris also charge through the field, keen to hit the front.. Following a caution, 4 Dan Johnson looks to be in good shape, however the charging duo Wainman Jnr and Harris soon pass Johnson, and continue on their mission.. Following another caution, Wainman and Harris are sat third and fourth.. On the re-start, the lead two cars are soon passed, and Harris makes his move for the lead, passing Wainman Jnr.. Harris with failing brakes, trades places with Wainman Jnr, but it was 55 Craig Finnikin who was now gaining ground on the leaders.. The last 5 or so laps are why Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing is so good.. Had Finnikin not been delayed in the opening laps, maybe there would have been a different outcome.. Who knows.. One of the best races for a long time, and a classic last bend..

Grand National

Following his Final victory, its 1/84 Tom Harris that leads the field round on the rolling lap.. Going into turn one, 318 Rob Speak puts the bumper in on 16 Matt Newson and gets a little out of shape, seizing an opportunity, 150 Mick Sworder clips the rear of the 318 car, spinning Speak out of contention.. Following a caution, 34 Mal Brown finds himself at the front, with Newson and Sworder sat in second and third.. On the re-start, Newson doesn’t waste anytime passing Brown, Sworder bumps Brown wide going into turn1, allowing 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr to follow.. Sworder was to pass Newson, and went onto take the win.. Wainman, caught by Speak was to battle with his adversary, before being joined by 53 John Lund.. On the final lap, Lund was to pass Speak going into turn3, and giving Wainman a little nudge mid-corner, passes Wainman, who then has a drag-race to the line with Speak..

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