Stuart Smith Jnr (#390)


Rochdale (NE Manchester)

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Stuart Smith (#391 Deceased) – Father
Andy Smith (#391) – Older Brother

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National Ministox
V8 Hotstox

Stu Smith jnr’s (390) mean machine. Photo Colin Casserley

Mini Biography

BriSCA F1 Final winner Stu Smith jnr 390 alongside Matt Newson 16. Photo Paul Tully

Stuart Smith Jnr is the second son of the legendary Champion Stuart Smith to have entered into the world of BriSCA F1 Stock Cars.
Younger brother of Andy Smith (391), he followed Andy’s route into the sport by racing V8 Hotstox. He had big success in the V8 Hotstox and won all the major honours in that formula.

In 2001 he tried a one off outing in F1’s using brother Andy’s car. In a demonstration of things to come, he pulled no punches, even having a dig at the old master John Lund (53) in an attempt to win his first final. In 2003 he returned to F1 full time with his own self built car, and proved to be very fast, particularly on shale, but also somewhat unpredictable. His aggressive style often getting him caught up in traffic or spinning out of position. In an era when many of the top drivers were moving to specialized cars for Shale and Tarmac, it was clear that Stuart was being compromised on the Tarmac by running a dual-surface car. In 2006 the Team Smith Racing outfit unveiled there own specialized Tar Cars. The car had an immediate effect on Stuarts racing on the hard stuff, winning many races at the Tarmac stadiums around the country. When in 2007 a new shale car emerged, it had the same effect on his shale driving, which culminated in his first major victory when he won the World Championship at Kings Lynn. In 2008 he took the British Championship in spectacular style, and came close to taking the National Championship Series.

Stuart thrived from his 2007 World Championship win, and carried the Gold Roof with immense pride. He has developed a reputation for driving hard and uncompromising, putting the bumper in at every opportunity as in his own words he “just wanted to do the Gold Roof justice”.

Stuart is without a doubt, a man to watch if your looking for action.

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Final Wins

1 2003 Jun 8th Belle Vue Shale
2 2004 Jul 3rd Coventry Shale
3 2004 Jul 18th Northampton Tarmac
4 2005 Jun 4th Coventry Shale
5 2005 Aug 28th Wimbledon Tarmac
6 2006 May 27th Kings Lynn Shale
7 2007 May 7th Sheffield Shale
8 2007 May 12th Skegness Tarmac
9 2007 May 19th Northampton Tarmac
10 2007 Jun 24th Northampton Tarmac
11 2007 Aug 18th Bristol Tarmac
12 2007 Sep 23rd Northampton Tarmac
13 2008 Mar 30th Sheffield Shale
14 2008 May 5th Belle Vue Shale
15 2008 May 24th Kings Lynn Shale
16 2008 May 26th Belle Vue Shale
17 2008 Aug 25th Belle Vue Shale
18 2008 Oct 4th Coventry Shale
19 2009 Jun 6th Coventry Shale
20 2009 Jul 19th Northampton Tarmac
21 2009 Aug 22nd Birmingham Tarmac
22 2009 Aug 29th Skegness Tarmac
23 2009 Sep 26th Skegness Tarmac
24 2009 Oct 17th Birmingham Tarmac
25 2009 Nov 1st Belle Vue Shale
26 2009 Nov 8th Hednesford Tarmac
27 2010 May 22nd Birmingham Tarmac
28 2011 Jun 26th Belle Vue Shale
29 2011 Jul 30th Skegness Tarmac
30 2014 May 11th Skegness Tarmac
31 2014 Aug 16th Kings Lynn Shale
32 2014 Sep 6th Coventry Shale
33 2014 Oct 12th Belle Vue Shale
34 2015 Apr 25th Kings Lynn Shale
35 2015 Jul 12th Skegness Tarmac
36 2015 Aug 8th King’s Lynn Shale
37 2016 Aug 6th Coventry Shale

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