Rob Speak (#318)


Rob Speak returns to F1 in 2013 (Photo: Colin Casserley)


Tyldesley, Greater Manchester

Debut Year in F1:


Championship Titles Won:

National Points Shoot Out Championship:
2016, 2014

World Championship:
2015, 2001

European Championship:
2001, 2000

Other Motorsports:

BriSCA F2, Bangers, ASCAR, Autograss, National Ministox

Mini Biography


Rob Speak in 2015 (photo by Steve Botham)

Rob Speak’s motor racing career began in Ministox at age 12. Since then, he has raced (and won) in most oval formulae.

Prior to racing an F1, Rob Speak spent a decade racing a BriSCA F2 stock car, where he racked up eight World Championships and eleven National Points Championships in succession.

Rob Speak officially made the move into F1 in 1999, but he also continued to race his F2.  Speak took up an offer of a tarmac car from Jamie Davidson, who was taking some time away from racing. He found instant success in the Davidson car; winning both heat and final at Northampton in his first run out.

The highlight of his first full season in F1 was winning the European Championship and in only his second full season, Speak won the coveted BriSCA F1 World Final.

Following a break from F1s, Rob Speak returned in 2013. After taking the silver roof at Sheffield in 2014, Rob Speak became the first driver to win the ‘points’ title in both BriSCA F1 and F2.

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Final Wins

1 1999 Jun 6th Northampton Tarmac
2 1999 Jun 20th Northampton Tarmac
3 2000 Apr 8th Stoke Shale
4 2000 Apr 16th Swindon Shale
5 2000 Apr 24th Sheffield Shale
6 2000 Apr 30th Kings Lynn Shale
7 2001 Aug 12th Skegness Shale
8 2001 Sep 29th Stoke Shale
9 2001 Oct 21st Wimbledon Shale
10 2002 Apr 14th Barford Tarmac
11 2002 Jun 29th Northampton Tarmac
12 2002 Jul 27th Birmingham Tarmac
13 2002 Oct 19th Northampton Tarmac
14 2013 Aug 11th Buxton Tarmac
15 2014 Apr 12th Birmingham Tarmac
16 2014 Apr 13th Hednesford Tarmac
17 2014 Apr 18th Skegness Tarmac
18 2014 Aug 2nd Coventry Shale
19 2014 Oct 18th Kings Lynn Shale
20 2015 Jul 19th Northampton Tarmac
21 2016 Jul 10th Skegness Tarmac

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