Matt Newson (#16)


Aylsham (Norfolk)

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Robin Newson (#16 Retired) – Father

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Spedeworth Ministox

Matt Newson 16 accepts the trophy for winning the Consi Semi Final. Photo Steve Botham

Mini Biography


Matt’s racing ability has improved noticeably over recent seasons. In 2006 he successfully made Superstar for the first time and won the World Masters at Northampton. At the 2007 Kings Lynn World Final, Matt led for good number of laps before being forced to relinquish the lead to eventual winner Stuart Smith jnr (390).

A family based budget racer he is usually accompanied at race meetings by his parents. All of his cars and engines are built by his Father. Originally Matt only had one car and spent valuable garage time transferring car set-up depending on the racing surface. The 2008 season was the first time Matt had the use of two cars having loaned (ex-racer) Billy Tom O’ Connor’s pink and white tarmac car. However, whenever necessary, Matt used his shale car on tarmac and was successful on both surfaces.

In 2010, Matt d├ębut’d his brand new home-built shale car. The car stood out from the pack with a very unusual tubular steel design, creating a lot of buzz amongst the fans on the terraces, and in one of those rare moments seldom seen, the car went on to prove it’s worth by winning it’s first ever final ‘straight out the box’.

More recently Matt has continued to not only race himself but alongside his family, tirelessly works hiring out F1 stock cars at the same meetings. Lady luck was not always on Matt’s side in 2011 but in the off season Matt was voted onto the BSCDA committee and at the beginning of 2012 went to New Zealand to take part in the Team Champs as part of Team GB.

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Final Wins


1 2003 May 26th Sheffield Shale
2 2005 Aug 13th Skegness Tarmac
3 2005 Sep 24th Kings Lynn Shale
4 2006 Sep 3rd Northampton Tarmac
5 2006 Sep 10th Yarmouth Tarmac
6 2006 Oct 28th Kings Lynn Shale
7 2007 Jul 22nd Sheffield Shale
8 2007 Oct 27th Kings Lynn Shale
9 2008 Oct 11th Skegness Tarmac
10 2009 Jun 13th Knockhill Tarmac
11 2009 Jun 27th Kings Lynn Shale
12 2009 Jul 4th Coventry Shale
13 2010 Mar 21st Belle Vue Shale
14 2010 Jun 5th Coventry Shale
15 2011 Apr 16th Northampton Tarmac
16 2011 Apr 30th Kings Lynn Shale
17 2011 Jul 10th Skegness Tarmac
18 2013 Apr 20th Birmingham Tarmac
19 2013 Sep 21st Kings Lynn Shale
20 2014 Jun 7th Coventry Shale
21 2015 Jul 4th Coventry Shale
22 2015 Sep 19th King’s Lynn Shale
23 2015 Oct 10th Skegness Tarmac
24 2016 May 7th Coventry Shale
25 2016 Aug 27th Birmingham Tarmac
26 2016 Oct 22nd King’s Lynn Shale
27 2017 Apr 23rd Sheffield Shale

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