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Worksop (Nottinghamshire)

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Dave Johnson (#383 Retired) – Father

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2016, 2008

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National Ministox
National AutoGrass

Dan Johnson - photo: Steve Cording

Dan Johnson – photo: Steve Cording

Mini Biography

Dan Johnson (4) with his brand new shale car. Photo Colin Casserley

It was obvious from his impressive debut at a very wet Buxton meeting on May 21st 2006 that Dan was going to set the stockcar scene alight. Starting from the back, he qualified for the final in his first ever F1 race using his Dad’s shale car. Dan actually outpaced some of the more seasoned stockcar drivers on the track.All of Daniel’s cars have been Peter Falding built. When he was just sixteen years of age, Dan was driving a tractor up to Peter Falding’s workshop at night to assist with the stockcars.

In 2007 Dan got his first taste of a title by winning the UK Open at Skegness. Dan then won the prestigious European title in 2008 but suffered terrible luck with regards to the World Final. His semi final was again at Skegness and even though he managed to drive onto the track his car ‘died’ before the race could commence. Despite the valiant efforts of the team and several other drivers Dan had to withdraw from the grid and missed his opportunity to be in the World Final.

Since then, Dan successfully qualified for the Kings Lynn 2009 World Final, coming home in 13th place. In 2010 Dan secured himself a fourth row slot and found himself caught up in a huge push, rolling before managing to sort his car for the complete restart, finishing 6th overall. Dan then went onto win his third Coventry final of the year, the same night in the Harry Smith memorial final. In 2011 Dan Johnson was in the thick of the action, momentarily leading the World Final but having to settle for second place, his highest finish to date (Race Report HERE). In the National Points Shootout Finale, Dan was also in the thick of the action being in the hunt right up until the last race of the event where he put Frankie Wainman jnr 515 in the fence but had to be content with a fine third place.

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Final Wins

1 2006 Sep 30th Northampton Tar
2 2007 May 13th Skegness Tar
3 2007 May 20th Buxton Tar
4 2010 April 3rd Coventry Shale
5 2010 Jul 3rd Coventry Shale
6 2010 Sep 4th Coventry Shale
7 2011 Apr 2nd Coventry Shale
8 2011 Apr 9th Birmingham Tarmac
9 2012 Oct 6th Coventry Shale
10 2012 Oct 27th Kings Lynn Shale
11 2013 May 25th Kings Lynn Shale
12 2013 Jun 1st Coventry Shale
13 2013 Oct 13th Belle Vue Shale
14 2014 May 24th Kings Lynn Shale
15 2014 Jul 26th Stoke Shale
16 2015 Jun 5th Coventry Shale
17 2015 Aug 1st Coventry Shale
18 2015 Nov 14th Birmingham Tarmac
19 2016 Apr 16th Birmingham Tarmac
20 2016 Oct 9th Sheffield Shale

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