Peter Falding (#33)


Rotherham (South Yorkshire)

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Rod Falding (#36 Retired) – Father

Debut Year in F1:


Championship Titles Won:

World Championships:
1986, 1993, 2003, 2004

National Points/Series:

British Championships:

European Championships:
1991, 1993, 1994

Other Motorsports:

National Ministox

Peter Falding 33 after winning his first gold roof. Photo Paul Tully

Mini Biography

Peter Falding’s racing career began with a short but crucial apprenticeship. Serving as mechanic to Glyn Pursey, he quickly built up a strong working knowledge of what makes a good stock car. It helped that his father was also a racer, and it was in one of Rod’s old cars that Peter made his first forays onto the track. Promotion to yellow top was swift, and the 1983 Novice of the Year title showed that Peter was one to watch in the future.

Yet nobody thought that success would be soon in coming. In 1986, with just five meeting final wins under his belt, Peter qualified on the second row of the World Final grid. He went hard into the fence at the first corner, the main loser from Frankie Wainman’s big push, but slowly worked his way back up from seventh. Halfway through the race, as Stuart Smith, Frankie Wainman and Friedhelm Welters put themselves out of contention, Peter sneaked into the lead. The chequered flag waved as the youngest World Champion crossed the line, aged just 20.

Yet to learn his trade fully, Peter struggled under the gold roof in 1987, but was fast approaching his peak by 1989. A season-long battle with John Lund for the National Points Championship went down to the last meeting, where the title went to Lund by a mere 69 points. At that stage Peter was Lund’s biggest rival, and had Lund not been around, Peter would have won far more silverware in the late eighties and early nineties.

Not that his trophy cabinet was completely bare. The Long Track Championship was one of Peter’s favourite events; he won at Baarlo in 1988, 1989 and 1992, and he was one of the first Brits to take advantage of the innovations developed by the Dutch racers in their small-block long track specials.

Dedication to mechanical and technical development helped Falding to his greatest season in 1993. First he landed the European Championship; then he won a second World Final, a flag-to-flag victory that required immense concentration to see off repeated attacks on his back bumper. The end of the season saw him add the National Points Championship for the first time.

Never afraid to take time off from racing, Peter spent his time building cars for others and also dabbled in other motorsport formulas. He was never able to stay away from stock cars for long though, and was back on track to take the World Final in 2003, ten years after his last win. Experience came to the fore as Peter kept his car on track while those around him performed pirouettes on an overwatered track that resembled an ice rink.

The following year, the World Final was a different kind of race – a battle of attrition, with Peter making good use of the front bumper to defend his title. Four World Championship titles, all at the same track: Coventry. So it was fitting that Peter was granted a testimonial at Coventry in 2008, and equally fitting that he won the meeting final. In doing so, he recorded his 99th meeting final win. And few would bet against seeing him back on track again in the future, hunting for number 100.

Scott Reeves (author of Gold Top: the John Lund Story)


Final Wins

Final wins supplied by BSCDA Historian Nigel Anderson.

1 1984 Nov 4th Northampton Tarmac
2 1984 Dec 26th Belle Vue Shale
3 1985 Mar 31st Sheffield Shale
4 1985 Apr 5th Bradford Shale
5 1986 Mar 23rd Skegness Tarmac
6 1987 Sep 12th Long Eaton Shale
7 1987 Sep 25th Bradford Shale
8 1987 Oct 23rd Bradford Shale
9 1988 Mar 12th Long Eaton Shale
10 1988 Apr 10th Hendesford Tarmac
11 1988 Apr 24th Aycliffe Tarmac
12 1988 May 21st Crewe Shale
13 1988 May 23rd Sheffield Shale
14 1988 Jun 12th Aycliffe Tarmac
15 1988 Nov 20th Hendesford Tarmac
16 1989 Mar 26th Northampton Tarmac
17 1989 Apr 9th Birmingham Tarmac
18 1989 Apr 16th Northampton Tarmac
19 1989 Apr 30th Northampton Tarmac
20 1989 May 14th Boston Shale
21 1989 May 21st Aycliffe Tarmac
22 1989 May 22nd Sheffield Shale
23 1989 May 28th Northampton Tarmac
24 1989 Jun 9th Birmingham Tarmac
25 1989 Jun 11th Hendesford Tarmac
26 1989 Jun 18th Aycliffe Tarmac
27 1989 Jul 1st Coventry Shale
28 1989 Jul 10th Crewe Shale
29 1989 Jul 16th Aycliffe Tarmac
30 1989 Jul 30th Boston Shale
31 1989 Aug 5th Coventry Shale
32 1989 Aug 20th Skegness Tarmac
33 1989 Aug 26th Scunthorpe Shale
34 1989 Oct 28th Bradford Shale
35 1989 Oct 29th Aycliffe Tarmac
36 1990 Mar 18th Hendesford Tarmac
37 1990 May 6th Skegness Tarmac
38 1990 May 12th Long Eaton Shale
39 1990 Jun 24th Northampton Tarmac
40 1990 Sep 23rd Northampton Tarmac
41 1990 Nov 4th Northampton Tarmac
42 1991 Apr 1st Bradford Shale
43 1991 Apr 6th Coventry Shale
44 1991 Apr 28th Northampton Tarmac
45 1991 Jun 22nd Scunthorpe Shale
46 1991 Jun 29th Bradford Shale
47 1991 Jul 13th Long Eaton Shale
48 1991 Aug 17th Scunthorpe Shale
49 1991 Aug 31st Scunthorpe Shale
50 1991 Oct 26th Bradford Shale
51 1991 Dec 26th Long Eaton Shale
52 1992 Mar 14th Scunthorpe Shale
53 1992 Mar 21st Long Eaton Shale
54 1992 Apr 18th Crewe Shale
55 1992 May 9th Long Eaton Shale
56 1992 Jul 5th Bolton Tarmac
57 1992 Aug 31st Bradford Shale
58 1992 Oct 18th Northampton Tarmac
59 1992 Nov 1st Northampton Tarmac
60 1993 May 2nd Skegness Tarmac
61 1993 May 2nd Boston Shale
62 1993 May 15th Crewe Shale
63 1993 May 31st Bradford Shale
64 1993 Jun 26th Bradford Shale
65 1993 Jul 3rd Coventry Shale
66 1993 Jul 31st Bradford Shale
67 1993 Aug 7th Coventry Shale
68 1993 Aug 14th Long Eaton Shale
69 1993 Sep 18th Crewe Shale
70 1993 Nov 7th Northampton Tarmac
71 1994 Apr 9th Long Eaton Shale
72 1994 May 7th Coventry Shale
73 1994 Jun 5th Kings Lynn Shale
74 1994 Jun 25th Bradford Shale
75 1994 Jul 9th Long Eaton Shale
76 1994 Jul 30th Bradford Shale
77 1994 Sep 11th Kings Lynn Shale
78 1995 Jun 10th Long Eaton Shale
79 1996 Apr 9th Bradford Shale
80 1996 Apr 13th Long Eaton Shale
81 1996 May 25th Skegness Tarmac
82 1996 June 1st Coventry Shale
83 1996 Jul 29th Bradford Shale
84 1996 Sep 30th Bradford Shale
85 1996 Nov 9th Long Eaton Shale
86 1997 Jun 8th Sheffield Shale
87 1997 Aug 30th Birmingham Tarmac
88 1998 Jul 19th Northampton Tarmac
89 1999 May 9th Northampton Tarmac
90 2000 Jun 10th Hendesford Tarmac
91 2000 Jun 11th Buxton Tarmac
92 2000 Jul 23rd Buxton Tarmac
93 2002 May 5th Sheffield Shale
94 2002 Sep 7th Coventry Shale
95 2003 Oct 5th Belle Vue Shale
96 2007 Jun 23rd Ipswich Tarmac
97 2007 Dec 1st Birmingham Tarmac
98 2008 May 5th Sheffield Shale
99 2008 Jun 8th Coventry Shale

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