John Hillam (#229)

John Hillam

John Hillam. Photo courtesy of Dave Newman

Best remembered for introducing a car with a unique and attractive body shape to the sport, John was an exceptionally skilled driver, who could well have become one of the true greats had his ambition matched his talent.

A skilled engineer, John went Stock Car racing as a means of light relief from the pressures of his Farm Machinery business. Consequently, he was in the sport for the enjoyment rather than the glory, which makes his nine consecutive top ten points finishes all the more impressive.

John finally retired in 1981, his career of thirteen seasons brought to a premature end by an unfortunate shunt at Bradford.

One of the sport’s most popular entertainers, John is still fondly remembered for the impact that his car design had in the 70s.

Mark Knowles

Further Photographs of John Hillam can be found on Brian Watson’s excellent website – Click HERE to be taken direct to John Hillam’s page.

Final Wins

Final wins provided by BSCDA Historian Nigel Anderson

1 1973 Aug 27th Crayford
2 1973 Sep 21st Belle Vue Shale
3 1974 Apr 27th Harringay
4 1974 May 4th Coventry Shale
5 1974 Jul 14th Aycliffe Tarmac
6 1974 Jul 20th Belle Vue Shale
7 1974 Aug 25th Brands Hatch Tarmac
8 1974 Sep 1st Aycliffe Tarmac
9 1974 Sep 7th Coventry Shale
10 1974 Oct 13th Aycliffe Shale
11 1974 Oct 26th Leicester Shale
12 1975 May 18th Aycliffe Tarmac
13 1975 Jun 28th Leicester Shale
14 1975 Aug 2nd Coventry Shale
15 1975 Oct 19th Aycliffe Tarmac
16 1976 Mar 14th Northampton Tarmac
17 1976 Apr 3rd Coventry Shale
18 1976 Apr 10th Long Eaton Shale
19 1976 Apr 24th Leicester Shale
20 1976 May 16th Stoke Shale
21 1977 Mar 20th Hartlepool Tarmac
21 1977 Apr 10th Northampton Tarmac
22 1977 Jun 6th Bristol Tarmac
23 1977 Aug 28th Northampton Tarmac
24 1978 Mar 27th Belle Vue Shale
25 1978 Jun 10th Long Eaton Shale
26 1979 Oct 26th Nelson Shale

Track Photography