Dave Mellor (#304)

Dave Mellor (304). Photo courtesy of Martin Fitzgerald

Dave Mellor (304). Photo courtesy of Martin Fitzgerald

Still a regular visitor to the tracks today, ‘Big’ Dave Mellor’s early career is best described as unspectacular following his debut in 1975. The 1975 Boxing Day Belle Vue programme carried a small piece about the White Top from Ashbourne being awarded his first ever booking at the Manchester track, following two unsuccessful attempts.

Fast forward fewer than three years, to 23 September 1978, to find the same driver standing atop the World Final podium after a faultless drive to the flag. He had only won two meeting finals prior to that race, though one of them was the British Championship at Bradford, and now he was World Champion.

He had also appeared in the now infamous Long Track World Championship in Baarlo and, had it not been for the still-debated actions of an over-zealous starter, Dave may have held two World and one British titles in the same year. Though it is being kind to say that his Ford-engined cars were never the most elegant, he pushed them to a total of forty seven finals prior to his retirement in the late 1980s.

Mark Knowles

Further Photographs of Dave Mellor can be found on Brian Watson’s excellent website Ovalaction.com – Click HERE to be taken direct to Dave Mellor’s page.

Final Wins

Final wins provided by BSCDA Historian Nigel Anderson

1 1978 Jul 7th Bradford Shale
2 1978 Sep 2nd Coventry Shale
3 1979 Aug 18th Leicester Shale
4 1979 Aug 26th Northampton Tarmac
5 1980 May 11th Northampton Tarmac
6 1980 Jun 1st Hartlepool Tarmac
7 1980 Jul 6th Northampton Tarmac
8 1980 Aug 16th Leicester Shale
9 1980 Sep 20th Leicester Shale
10 1980 Dec 28th Sheffield Shale
11 1981 Mar 21st Long Eaton Shale
12 1981 Mar 29th Northampton Tarmac
13 1981 Apr 11th Long Eaton Shale
14 1981 May 16th Leicester Shale
15 1981 Aug 30th Northampton Tarmac
16 1981 Sep 11th Long Eaton Shale
17 1981 Oct 24th Belle Vue Shale
18 1981 Nov 6th Long Eaton Shale
19 1981 Nov 7th Coventry Shale
20 1981 Nov 8th Northampton Tarmac
21 1982 Mar 28th Northampton Tarmac
22 1982 Apr 3rd Coventry Shale
23 1982 Apr 23rd Long Eaton Shale
24 1982 Apr 25th Northampton Tarmac
25 1982 Apr 26th Sheffield Shale
26 1982 May 3rd Belle Vue Shale
27 1982 May 8th Long Eaton Shale
28 1982 May 24th Sheffield Shale
29 1982 Jun 27th Rochdale Shale
30 1982 Jul 3rd Coventry Shale
31 1982 Jul 17th Leicester Shale
32 1982 Jul 24th Northampton Tarmac
33 1982 Aug 14th Long Eaton Shale
34 1982 Aug 29th Northampton Tarmac
35 1982 Oct 11th Sheffield Shale
36 1982 Dec 27th Sheffield Shale
37 1983 Apr 16th Northampton Tarmac
38 1983 Apr 16th Leicester Shale
39 1983 May 28th Long Eaton Shale
40 1983 Oct 2nd Northampton Tarmac
41 1984 May 19th Leicester Shale
42 1984 Jul 29th Northampton Tarmac
43 1984 Oct 15th Sheffield Shale
44 1985 Apr 21st Sheffield Shale
45 1985 Sep 15th Hartlepool Tarmac
46 1985 Oct 6th Skegness Tarmac
47 1989 Jun 4th Coventry Shale

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