There are various championships held during the course of the BriSCA F1 season. Here is a list of the current Champions, and the honour they hold.

World Champion

Craig Finnikin 55

55 Craig Finnikin

Craig Finnikin is the current holder of the prestigious World Championship title.

The World Championship is run over a series of qualifying rounds (shown on the fixture list), with at least one round at every stadium. The top 48 qualifiers are split into two semi-final rounds, one round on Tarmac, the other on Shale. The highest scorer from the qualifying rounds gets to choose his preferred surface, the remaining qualifiers are then split into each semi depending on their position in the qualifying standings. The semi-final grid is lined up different to a normal F1 race, with the highest points scorers at the front. The top 10 finishers from each semi-final go through to the World Final. Again drivers are seeded on the grid with the highest qualifiers on the front row. The winners of each semi-final take a coin-toss to decide who gets pole position on the grid.

The winner of the World Final gets the honour of wearing a Gold Roof on their car.

World Championship Hall of Fame

National Points Champion


318 Rob Speak

Rob Speak is current holder of the National Points title.

Historically, the driver who scored the most points over a season wore the silver roof. In 2002 this was amended to the ‘National Series Championship’ where it was only the points scored at designated meetings that counted towards the title and the silver roof. Since 2009 the top 12 point scoring drivers at a designated cut off meeting go through to contest the ‘Shootout’. The Shootout runs for 10 rounds over the final third of the season. The 12 drivers scores are zeroed but are given bonus points based on their final wins and attendance during qualification, to create a starting scoreboard. In 2012 drivers placed seventh to twelfth will drop out after round five leaving the top six to contest the title with the highest point scorer over the ten rounds being the National Points Champion.

This honour entitles the winner to have a Silver Roof on top of his car.

National Championship Hall of Fame

British Champion

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Lee Fairhurst 217. Image courtesy of Paul Tully

217 Lee Fairhurst

Lee Fairhurst is current holder of the title, British Champion.

The British Championship is held over just a single race meeting. It is an invitational meeting run by the BSCDA open to the top 60 available drivers. The meeting format consists of a series of Qualifying Heats run in traditional ‘Graded Order’ starting grids, where the fastest drivers start at the back. Points scored in the heats determine the Final grid line-up, with the highest scorers from the Heats at the front, descending down to the lowest scorers at the back. Highest points scorer of the night gets the pole position. It’s is then simply the winner of the Final who is crowned British Champion.

The British Champion has a Black & White Chequered Roof.

British Championship Hall of Fame

European Champion

Tom  Harris 84

84 Tom Harris

Tom Harris is current Holder of the title, European Champion.

Although created in the late 70’s, and run at a handful of different venues through it’s history, The European Championship has become a traditional Northampton event since 1996. The event is run over the course of a full weekend, and is noted for attracting a large influx of Dutch drivers (and fans) pushing driver numbers for the weekend into the 100’s. The Saturday evening meeting consists of a series of Championship qualifying heats run in traditional ‘Graded order’ grids, with the aim of cutting down the field to the top 32 drivers who make it into the Final. The European Championship Final is run as the first race on the Sunday afternoon, with the winner being crowned European Champion. The rest of Sunday is run as a traditional meeting.

The European Champion roof colour is not mandatory but is usually shown by the champion having a Red & Yellow Chequered Roof.

European Championship Hall of Fame

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