Team GB – The Lions, 2012 Team Champs Report

Team GB secured a third place finish in the 2012 Team Championships at Palmerston North, New Zealand. Which will see them seeded into next years championship.

The Lions first race of the weekend was against the Hawkeyes. Chris Scarboro watched the weekends races in the UK by way of the Pay Per View Webstream through SpeedboxTV . Here is Chris’s brief description of the mornings (GMT) races.

A brutal race which saw some of the biggest hits of the day. Tom Harris did some great blocking as did FWJ. Lots of damage and Danny Wainman came through for the win. Matt Newson was leading for a long while but picked up a lot of damage towards the end. They might struggle to have four good cars ready for their next race against the Panthers though!
Best race of the night so far. Score was GB 125, Hawk eyes 70. Well done boys! Hawkeyes are out as they can’t catch the Lions as they have less than 125 after their two races – so Lions are through despite only racing once so far!

The Next Race for the Lions was against Palmerston Panthers, this is how Chris reported the second race for the Lions.

Another amazing race. FWJ used Danny’s car and rolled Peter Rees. There was a lot of rain before the race and unfortunately we got loads of damage and Palmy went through with Miers taking the win in the tank. We had the two most exciting races of the night and apparently can still finish as high as third tomorrow.

The New Zealand and UK Forums where hot with talk of controversy.

Peter Rees should have been disqualified for outside assistance after they put a fire out on his car following the roll, and he took his belts off. Plus, Miers was riding the wall which you’re not allowed to do. Don’t think an appeal would get us anywhere though.

No doubt the Palmy team is a great one, and will probably win the title again, but it just taints it for me, they can win fair and square and don’t need any help, no matter how small it is.

Whether he had an influence on the result is also irrelevant, if he should have been sent to the infield the team won outside the rules. Same as a soccer player getting sent off, but carrying on playing.
Just seen the incident on youtube, can’t see any way he should have been allowed to continue after having the fire extinguished. That has to be outside assistance!! Had he not caught fire when he rolled back onto four wheels he could have carried on as no outside assistance.
Not sour grapes, but rules are rules

So onto Day Two. And back to Chris’s ‘live’ report;

Fantastic from our boys this morning. We have just thrashed the Christchurch Gleneagles in our first race of the day. We picked up minimal damage. We got the top three places, our fourth car didn’t finish. So either the Warriors or Wanderers need to have all their cars finish in the top four in their race to beat us…. Which is very unlikely but not impossible.

There was confusion with who was driving what car for the Lion’s today but Chris was of the understanding that;

Matt Newson was driving the 04gb car again today and i think came second in this morning’s race behind FWJ. Tom did some great blocking (he’s using a brand new Peter Rees Tank), and so FWJ just motored around the outside lap after lap!
The other teams group race didn’t match our score so we are through to the 3rd and 4th place race and it means we’re highly seeded for next year, which is important. We look a really good team this year.

In a year of confusion and controversy

Right, a bizarre turn of events….
We originally finished with a dominant result and maximum score but speedbox have announced rumours that one of our cars has been disqualified (not sure who) and so we finished up on 165 points.
In the next race Waikato finished 1st, 2nd and 4th, with a Wanganui car in 3rd. However, there are now rumours that the Wanganui car has been disqualified, meaning that Waikato also ended up with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd – hence 165 points! There’s now the potential of a race off between us and Waikato to see who goes through to the race for 3rd and 4th place overall.
Understand all that? No me neither!

Thanks Chris, I’m sure we all follow that? Don’t we?

The lions are confirmed as being through to the 3rd and 4th place race – phew!
It’s the panthers against the tigers in the final, but the panthers cars took a battering in the semi and apparently it’s mayhem in the pits – gearbox changes, engines over heating – and lots of bent steel to straighten!

And so onto the last race of the 2012 Team Champs for the Lions.

The GB03 car started pole in this race and they again announced it as matt driving but then mid race said it was Mark!! FWJ has just said in an interview that it was Matt who got disqualified in the first race today – I think for hitting off the grass? The GB04 car is also in this race and has now been confirmed as Matt – he was almost rolled early on from a big hit but got going again….

Another epic duel in this last race. The Rebels were leading for a long time with the Lions in second. Tom was doing his usual blocking but couldn’t take out the lead Rebel – then he finally got him late on and Mark Taylor came through to take the win and we’ve finished third – BRILLIANT !!

Thanks go to Chris Scarboro (Rigger Man)

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