Save Birmingham Wheels Raceway.

This is Important every Stock Car Fan MUST act and support this Online petition today.

Many thanks for all of the support so far to save Birmingham Wheels.

We actually collected over 1,000 signatures last weekend on the paper petition, so that is a great start. I am a little confused that a number of people didnt catch site of a peition form, as they were dotted around everywhere including one in Nina Elmer’s hand, so I dont know how people escaped that.

We have now pressed on with the e-petition through the Birmingham City Council website, which has to go through a checking process before it is published. This has finally been agreed today, so we are now up and running with that.

The terms state that petitioners should not be duplicated, so effectively if you signed a paper one at the weekend, then you shouldnt really sign the e-petition.

The link for the e-petition is HERE

I really believe that the main problem with all of this is the total lack of understanding of what the raceway means and the entertainment it provides to so ,many people of the year. We know that we are a minority sport and this is a prime example of the lack of recognition that we get.

The more support for this petition that we get can only help and hopefully get the important people to think and find the correct solution. You never know – we might just end up with a far better facility!

So get signing – we need your support!

Many thanks and lets hope the last few weeks of the season provide the superb action that we saw at Wheels last Saturday – fantastic from all 3 formulas.

Incidentally, if any of you wish to help any further with paper petitions, then please ring me on 0121-357 7328 – if I am not there, please leave a message and I will ring you back.

Paul Gerrard

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