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Ovalsport Limited is please to announce that talks with Donington Park’s owner Kevin Wheatcroft and Track Manager Robert Fernell are progressing well. With the circuit now ready for a track inspection, which is to take place shortly this will confirm the venues suitability for Short Circuit Oval motor racing events to appear at the famous Leicestershire venue. Once the circuit is confirmed as being suitable for racing a formal application will be made to the Brisca management board the BSCDA and ORCI for dates to stage Both Brisca formula one and formula two, stockcar racing events in 2011. Donington Parks track repairs are nearing completion, it is hoped racing activities will return to the venue in early August. After what has been a very difficult time in the circuits history and with the circuits managements eagerness to progress with this project there maybe the possibility of a demonstration meeting being staged later this year. Brian Wesley, Ovalsport’s managing director: I have been working on projects with many venues over the past few years, the last couple of months have seen a lot of progress being made. The realisation of this exciting project will be the accumulation of many years hard work, and we are excited at the prospect with working with a prestigious venue such as Donington Park to help secure the future of the venue and Oval motorsports in general.

About Ovalsport LTD

Ovalsport Limited was formed in 2008, with the view to finding new locations to present high quality entertaining and professionally run short circuit oval motorsports events. It is my opinion that the long term future of short circuit oval motor racing can be secured by working with the bigger motorsport venues in the UK, especially as many of the stadium Type venues that are usually associated with the sport, are once again likely to come under pressure due to there locations. Which are by tradition, are located in closely populated areas where environmental issues along with the increased demand for development land as the worlds financial situation improves could lead to some venues being forced to close. Ovalsport has the passion and know how to take the sport forward and is looking to help secure the long-term future of short circuit oval motorsports in the UK.

Introducing Brian Wesley Managing Director of Ovalsport Ltd

Brian has been surrounded by motor racing all his life never living more than 4 miles from Silverstone. His parents took him to his first races as a baby when supporting, his uncles racing bangers at Brafield (Northampton) in the 70s, through out his childhood he went to many races. And in fact one of his earliest memories is of going on a bus trip to Wembley in 1974 aged just two. When Brian turned 18 the bug really bit as he started following Formula One Stockcar racing all over the UK and Europe. It was on a trip to Baarlo in Holland for the 1991 world long track title meeting when he got talking to veteran racer Eric Graveling (315), Next thing he knew he had agreed to hire one of his cars for a race at the end of that season at Long Eaton near Nottingham. Racing with the number 427.
Unfortunately due to lack of funds and availability of hire cars Brian did not race again until October 1994 when he competed in two meetings at the Brafield Stadium in Northampton, for both races Brian used the hire car of the late Jim Conlan (400) and had managed to secure financial support from Derek Hines of B-Warm Windows. Unfortunately the car Brian was using was unsuitable for racing on tarmac however it was good fun. Brian’s renewed enthusiasm he put a lot of effort into gaining sponsorship to get his own car. Whist he did gain two impressive sponsors in NEO Oils and Brown Bros (Champion Spark Plugs). But unfortunately he did not have the required funding to mount a challenge. It was at the end of the following season friend Derek Hines realised his ambition and with his company B-Warm, doing well he purchased the ex Bobby Burns (471) car for which he chose Rob Pearce (175) as driver. During the winter Derek asked if Brian would help with the car so started his career as a mechanic.
Other drivers Brian has worked with under the B-Warm racing team banner included Gaz Bott (41) Gary Castell (247) Nick Smith (51) and John Wright (128) and in 2001 that Derek’s son Paul started racing V8 stockcars before moving into F1s in the 2003 season, becoming European Champion in 2005. Brian has continued to support the team and Stockcar racing to the present day.

Contact details
Managing Director – Brian Wesley
Address- Ovalsport Ltd, 2 Brabham Close, Silverstone, Northants, NN12 8UL
Telephone – 07966 482633
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Ovalsport LTD. Registered in England & Wales. Reference 6657601

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