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Latest World Final news from Coventry HQ

Only a few days left to snap up a bargain with regard to World Final ticket sales. The chance to purchase a cheap rate advance ticket will end at midnight this Saturday (21st August) Tickets have been flying out of the office and already as we speak over 2,800 have been bought in advance, breaking all previous Coventry records. We are thrilled to have such a response from both drivers and fans and we are also looking forward to the highest Dutch contingency ever at a World Final event taking the number of F1’s over the 100 cars barrier.

With such interest from the orange crowd we are delighted to announce that the Friday meeting will host full blown F1 racing with four events for the Dutch and fellow overseas entrants to acquire the track time and ultimate car set up ready to challenge the UK racers – is this the year the major trophy will go overseas?

After a very successful Venray trip by the Coventrystox team we are delighted to confirm the F1 visitors listed below, with the vast majority intending on racing both Friday and Saturday night which includes the 2010 World Cup Champion H247 Gary Castell.

We have also had an amazing response from Dutch F2 racers and we are looking forward to many NL racers joining us on the Friday evening to challenge the UK shale racers at the 2010 F2 Brandon finale including the newly crowned World Cup Champion Toon Schut.

The Friday night spectacular is really taking shape now with such interest and the F2 brigade are fighting it out for the Whites and Yellows Championship too so this really is a quality event at domestic prices (£12 Adults, £5 Children 11-15, Under 11’s FREE) Why not start the party early and make it a double Coventry whammy.

On Friday camping will be available at 12:00pm and the pit gate will open at 3:00pm Turnstiles will open at 5:30pm and the racing will kick off bang on 7:30pm with the W&Y Championship race for the F2’s.

After a heavy party on the Friday night the stadium will re-open between 8:00am and 11:00am for breakfast and showers. The pit gate will open to competitors at 12:00pm and then all those people who have purchased tickets in advance will get the opportunity to enter the stadium at 2:30pm This is the perfect opportunity to pick your spot and set up for the night ahead, so if you haven’t got your ticket yet and want to be one of the first through the gate you have till Saturday evening to do so. If you wish to pay on the gate the turnstiles will open at 3:00pm.

As mentioned the camping will be on first come, first served basis along with the car park so don’t be late. The first on track activity will be the Heritage parade, with cars from the 1950’s onwards – a delight to watch and hear all about these pieces of racing history and this will take place from 4.45p.m. with Keith Barber informing the crowd of all these fantastic machines. Don’t forget these cars will be on display prior to their parade in a Heritage exhibition celebrating 50 years of World Finals at Coventry and although they will be racing throughout the evening the exhibition will displaying these cars throughout the night giving the public a piece of nostalgia and for no extra cost. Spend some moments reminiscing about these cars from the bygone era before watching another racing champion lift the World Championship trophy for 2010.

So onto all important bookings:

Dutch Entrants

These Qualifying drivers will be fighting it out with the New Zealand and Australian entrant at the Time Trials to secure a high grid slot for the main event.

WF finalists SHALE/FIELD
T12 Pieter Dogger (Texel)
25 Berry Paardenkooper
35 Fred Hink
399 Jessy de Bruyn
414 Arno van Zwieten

WF finalists TARMAC
22 Louw Wobbes
007 Dave Schaap
217 Ron Kroonder
247 Gary Castell

Field/shale drivers – Non Qualifiers:
3 Ouwe Bijlsma
17 Bouwe Arjan Hiddinga
26 Jan van der Iest
32 Axel Nijs
44 Gosse Hoekstra
51 Pablo Brandenburg
60 Henk Maris
61 Koen Maris
64 Richard Talsma
93 John de Buck
179 Sjaak Kentie
226 Pieter van der Iest
228 Jan Roelof Wijbenga
267 Arie Kandt
477 Martijn Oudhuis
832 Robert Jan Schutter
840 Bas Stolk

Tarmac drivers – Non Qualifiers:
12 Evert van den Berg
19 Gerrit Zwerver
24 Willie Peeters (tbc)
62 Camiel de Decker
99 Johan Catsburg
393 Gert Elzinga

UK Entrants

The final places in the World Final grid will obviously be decided with the Consolation Semi Final. Unfortunately we cannot publish a grid until the grading period has ended but the following drivers have confirmed that they will be fighting it out to make it into the 2010 World Final (Race grids will be published in future Press Releases – so look out to see who’s in what race over the next couple of weeks)

Consolation Semi Entrants
8 Mick Harris
12 Michael Scriven
21 Mark Gilbank
37 Chris Cowley
41 Robert Broome
73 Rob Cowley
84 Tom Harris
91 Tony Smith
97 Murray Harrison
141 Carl Pickering
153 James Lund
158 James Clement
197 Ryan Harrison
198 Nigel Whalley
215 Geoff Nickolls
244 Mick Rogers
276 Mark Poole
288 Simon Panton
295 Wesley Goodwin (tbc)
335 Mark Woodhull
337 Dave Willis
380 Stephen Cayzer
385 Steve Thompson
390 Stuart Smith Junior
446 Joe Booth
460 Chris Cooke
462 Scott Davids
464 Luke Davidson

If any of the above racers do cancel, there is a reserve list.

Non Qualifiers Booked to race
40 – Steve Smith
76 – Lee Smith
98 – Les Spencer
105 – Chris Bonner
111 – Michael Williamson
121 – Kevin Shinn
191 – Joshua Smith
192 – Luke Dennis
238 – Richard Bryan
291 – Dan Squire
306 – Ian Noden
330 – Graham Wagstaff
415 – Russell Cooper
416 – Dave Muckian
457 – Scott Chambers
463 – James Morris

Remaining places will be allocated by ballot but it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that there are already well over 100 F1’s booked to appear with the other overseas entrants and further bookings to be added.

We would like to point out that the promotion are not responsible for a drivers non appearance, however we want to keep the public up to speed with this event and so you can see what tremendous interest and support we have had from the drivers and their teams.

Don’t forget as well there will be up to forty Heritage cars in the pits for their Exhibition as well as racing during the evening – so all in all it’s going to be a bursting pits full of plenty to see.

World Championship Grid 2010 – Place your bets!

1 Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) Andy Smith (1/391)
2 Paul Hines (259) Paul Harrison (2)
3 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver
4 Dan Johnson (4) John Lund (53)
5 Neil Scriven (11) Matt Newson (16)
6 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver
7 Daniel Wainman (212) Mickey Randell (172)
8 Lee Fairhurst (217) Ed Neachell (321)
9 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver
10 Craig Finnikin (55) Lee Robinson (107)
11 Gareth Wildman (429) Will Yarrow (22)
12 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver
13 James Neachell (322) Garry Fox (48)
14 Neil Shenton (35) Andy Ford (13)
15 WF Consi Winning Driver WF Consi Runner-up Driver
16 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver
17 Overseas Driver Overseas Driver

To purchase tickets simply visit the official Coventry website – or telephone the office on 02476 542 395

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