BriSCA F1 2010 Fixtures & Championship Details Officially Announced

In a press release at the Autosport International Show Media Day, the BriSCA F1 Management Board* have revealed the full official Fixtures List for 2010, and details about how the various Championships will work.

BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing – Championship News and Launch of the 2010 Fixtures

Despite all the gloomy news on the state of the economy last year the BriSCA Formula One Stock Car season was rated by many as amongst the best-ever. In 2009 the new National Series Shootout determined the destination of the coveted Silver Roof and this innovation in particular was seen as instrumental to this success. The sport’s governing body have therefore decided that the renamed ‘National Points Shootout’ should continue as the premier all-season championship although it have recognized it could benefit from some minor changes to further improve the format. These changes are detailed below.

The World Championship Final was held at Kings Lynn in 2009 following the traditional format of a series of World Qualifying Rounds followed by sudden-death Semi-Finals and the Final itself determining the destination of the Gold Roof. The same format in the ‘Race for Gold’ will apply in 2010.

Having very carefully considered various representations made to them the Management Board agreed that driver scoring the most grading points across all meetings during the season should also be formally recognised. As a consequence it was decided that a significant prize fund for the driver achieving the all-season “Grading Points Award” would be declared before the season’s opening meeting. It was also confirmed there would not be a separate roof colour or grade for the driver achieving the Grading Points Award and that the Silver Roof would be worn by the winner of the National Points Shootout. The Management Board consider that the approach set out above should help clarify once and for all the controversy over the relationship of the National Points and the Grading Points.

The key features of the 2010 season for BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing are as follows:

There are a total of 50 UK-based meetings scheduled (plus two out-of season meetings at Christmas ’10). The season opens at Belle Vue, Manchester on Sunday 21 March.

The racing is held at 11 different venues.

All meetings – with the exception of the Gala Night (at Birmingham on 20 November) and the Christmas meetings will carry Grading Points. The driver who has accumulated the most points at the end of the season will win the “Grading Points Award”.

The National Points Shootout comprises 10 meetings held towards the end of the season – including the Finale at Coventry on Saturday 6 November. The top 12 drivers in the National Points after the meeting at Buxton on Sunday 1 August will qualify for the Shootout. This change means all meetings count up to the cut-off and avoids the previous situation of two separate scoring systems for Grading Points and the National Series. In the Shootout all drivers scores will be zeroed except for two attendance points per driver for each of the earlier rounds attended and an additional bonus point to the final winner of those meetings. Double-points will only apply at the Finale and unlike earlier seasons there will be no “Jokers”. To add additional interest to the Shootout Rounds it has also been decided that the “Novice of the Year” title should be determined on the basis of points scored by eligible drivers across the Shootout Rounds, including double points at the Finale. The winner of the National Points Shootout will carry the Silver Roof.

The 2010 World Championship will comprise a series qualifying rounds – one at each track – followed by Semi Finals at Sheffield on Sunday 25 July and at Buxton on Sunday 1 August with the Championship race meeting at Coventry on Saturday 4 September. As has been the practice in recent seasons the first four qualifying rounds for the 2011 World Championship will be held at late season meetings.

Some of the other highlights include:

8/9 May – UK Open Speedweekend at Skegness
Golden Helmet – over two rounds at Coventry on 3 July and at Emmen, Holland on 9 October
17/18 July – European Championship Weekend at Northampton
14/15 August – World Cup Weekend at Venray, Holland
28 August – Under 25s Championship at Birmingham
5 September – World Masters at Northampton
9 October – British Drivers Championship at Skegness
17 October – BriSCA Supreme at Belle Vue
7 November – World of Shale at Belle Vue
20 September – Gala Night IV at Birmingham


For further information on BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing:
In the first instance contact Dave Carter, Secretary, BriSCA Formula One Management Board
Tel: 07795087173
Web: and

* The BriSCA Formula One Management Board is the governing body for Formula One Stock Car racing. It membership is made up of three representatives each from the sports Promoters (BriSCA) and the British Stock Car Drivers Association (BSCDA) and has an independent Secretary.

The 2010 Fixtures List

A clearer to read and ‘sortable’ Fixtures List table can now be found on our FIXTURES LIST Page

21st BELLE VUE – 2:00pm
27th KINGS LYNN – 6:30pm

2nd SKEGNESS – 6:00pm
3rd COVENTRY – 7:00pm (WCQR#5)
5th BELLE VUE – 5:00pm
10th NORTHAMPTON – 6:30pm
12th SHEFFIELD – 7:00pm (WCQR#6)
17th BIRMINGHAM – 6:45pm
18th HEDNESFORD – 1:30pm (WCQR#7)
24th KINGS LYNN – 6:30pm

1st COVENTRY – 7:00pm
3rd BELLE VUE – 2:30pm
8th SKEGNESS – 6:00pm (WCQR#8)
9th SKEGNESS – 12:00pm (UK OPEN)
15th NORTHAMPTON – 6:30pm (WCQR#9)
16th BUXTON – 1:00pm (WCQR#10)
22nd BIRMINGHAM – 6:45pm (WCQR#11)
29th KINGS LYNN – 6:30pm
31st BELLE VUE – 5:00pm

5th COVENTRY – 7:00pm
19th IPSWICH – 6:45pm (WCQR13)
20th NORTHAMPTON – 1:30pm
26th KINGS LYNN – 6:30pm (WCQR14)
27th BELLE VUE – 1:30pm (WCQR15)

3rd COVENTRY – 7:00pm (Golden Helmet)
10th SKEGNESS – 5:00pm
11th SKEGNESS – 12:00pm
17th NORTHAMPTON – 5:00pm
18th NORTHAMPTON – 12:00pm (European Championship)

1st BUXTON – 1:00pm (WORLD SEMI FINAL #2)
5th SKEGNESS – 7:30pm
7th COVENTRY – 7:00pm
8th St MAARTIN NL (Dutch Open)
15th VENRAY (World Cup)
21st NORTHAMPTON – 6:30pm
28th BIRMINGHAM – 6:45pm (Shootout#1 – Under 25’s Championship)
30th BELLE VUE – 5:00pm (Shootout#2)

5th NORTHAMPTON (World Masters)
11th SCUNTHORPE – 6:00pm (Shootout#3 / 2011 WCQR)
25th KINGS LYNN – 6:30pm (Shootout#4)

2nd COVENTRY – 7:00pm (Shootout#5)
9th SKEGNESS – 6:00pm (British Drivers Championship / Shootout#6)
17th BELLE VUE – 2:00pm (BriSCA Supreme / 2011 WCQR)
23rd BIRMINGHAM – 6:45pm (Shootout#7)
24th NORTHAMPTON – 1:00pm (Shootout#8 / 2011 WCQR)
30th KING LYNN – 6:30pm (Shootout#9 /2011 WCQR)

6th COVENTRY – 7:00pm (Shootout#10 FINALE)
7th BELLE VUE – 2:30pm (World of Shale)
20th BIRMINGHAM – 6:45pm (Gala Night)

27th BELLE VUE – 1:00pm
28th KINGS LYNN – 1:00pm

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