Venray Gold Cup Weekend Overview

On Saturday 14th August my brother and I, along with another Stock fan all went to the ‘new’ Venray Raceway for the first day of the Gold Cup weekend. Following previous and ongoing problems and issues, strict testing was done on all the F1 Stock Cars to confirm that they fell within the noise regulations. Once all the cars had passed it was time for the overseas driver’s time trials.
The results of which were (fastest first):

515 Frankie Wainman Jnr 15.884 99.723
84 Tom Harris 16.200 97.778
212 Daniel Wainman 16.314 97.095
3 Chris Fort 16.357 96.839
105 Chris Bonner 16.596 95.445
460 Chris Cooke 16.772 94.443
434 Ivan Pritchard 18.235 86.866

Immediately we saw that almost every driver, and not only the UK drivers were really struggling in Turn One which has a little banking and could prove even more tricky in full racing conditions with getting the correct racing set up for the car.

The first heat we were a little surprised at the speed of Louw Wobbes H22, we had high expectations of Tom Harris UK84 following his racing form this season but he appeared to be struggling with the car set up in / out the turns though his speed was alright. Ron Kroonder H217, Gary Castell H247 and David Schaap H007 were all very fast and handling the new track superbly. Respect to Frankie Wainman UK515 he was always fighting for position and trying the best he can.

BriSCA F1 Stock Car of Frankie Wainman Jnr 515 at Venray 2010. Photo Colin Casserley

The second Heat was good with Ron Kroonder H217 proving to be just too fast for everyone else and looking in great form and definitely a contender for the Gold Cup race and trophy on Sunday. Englishman Frankie Wainman managed to secure second place from the ever fast Wobbes and Castell.

The third heat of Saturday was a good race which was won by Dave Schaap. Next was the Proflex Cup meeting Final and last F1 race of Saturday. Gary Castell drove a great race to take the win with second place Dave Schaap burning up the tyres after the race (always great to see) with Ron Kroonder coming in third just unable to catch the cars in front before running out of laps. Frankie Wainman made contact with a parked car, effectively taking him out of the race but still managing ninth place. I spoke to Frankie earlier in the day and he told me that Saturday is practice and learning the track / car set up for the Sunday. I wished him good luck.
PROFLEX CUP: 247 – 007 – 217 – 22 – 399 – 240 – 6 – 33 – UK515 – UK434

F1 stockcars of Gary Castell 247 and Louw Wobbes 22 at Venray 2010 . Photo Colin Casserley

So once the Proflex top three had competed their parade lap with the applause of the crowd and the air-horns. That was the end of Saturday’s racing and attentions were paid to firing up the Barbecues in the camp site and the first of many beers were sunk.

Sunday the weather was not looking too good for the Gold Cup. A short rain shower about ten minutes before the big race must have had a few drivers reassessing their race and chosen set up, made even more difficult as no ‘wet’ tyre is available so modifications to the normal dry Hoosier tyre were being made by some of the teams.

F1 stockcars at the Venray Gold Cup weekend 2010. Photo Colin Casserley

Video Footage of the start of the Gold Cup HERE

The start saw quite a bit of action but a very fast Gary Castell, Louw Wobbes and Ron Kroonder were pulling away from the pack. Frankie got up to fourth place but in my opinion not fast enough to progress further and catch the top three. Frankie’s younger brother Daniel Wainmam UK212 was able to keep on pace with Frankie but as the race settled down and evened itself out it became a bit boring in my opinion. Great driving from Castell and a pity for Ron Kroonder on getting a puncture, sending him down to fifth.

Venray 2010 F1 Stock cars Gold Cup top three on the podium. Photo Colin Casserley

GOLD CUP: 247 – 22 – UK515 – 6 – 217 – 393 – 12 – 347 – 175 – 240

Venray 2010 Gold Cup winner Gary Castell 247. Photo Colin Casserley

The next race was for the ‘rainmaster’ Ron Kroonder who went unbelievably fast in the rain.
Ron Schelberg

[At this point with the rain falling heavily our reporter went home]

Frankie Wainman jnr who usually goes well in the wet won the next heat from Louw Wobbes with Wobbes then going on to clear up in the Final where the rain was so heavy that only nine cars finished including the UK representatives Frankie Wainman jnr and Tom Harris (84).

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