St Maarten – May 8th 2011 Meeting Report

The 8th of May saw great weather for the second meeting promoted by the ACON at Sint Maarten. With hardly any rain in the last weeks and temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius, the track was as hard as tarmac. With 56 drivers there would be 6 heats and a final, with each competitor taking part in 3 heats.

Jeroen Wekema slightly smoking his tire in the final on the hard clay. Photo Jeroen Pieters

The first heat started with a spinning H413 Wilco van Dijk which many drivers couldn’t avoid, after everyone got away it where H353 Sjors de Jong and H345 Dick Tesselaar who came out in front. Behind them it was H98 Piet Scholtanus and H500 Floris Verbruggen who started the chase on the leaders. Scholtanus took the lead in the 5th lap with Verbruggen in second. H76 Weird Gietema was meanwhile coming through the field taking the lead a few laps before the end to take the first heat. H41 Peter Koorn took the second place and Verbruggen third.

Dutch F1 stockcars St Maarten first bend pile up. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the second heat it was H86 Feitsma who took the lead but lost it in the second lap to H173 Jelle Hiemstra. With H151 Marco Falkena and H440 Jack Tesselaar close behind. A few laps before the end Tesselaar managed to take the lead while Hiemstra and Falkena dropped down. Tesselaar kept the lead before H399 Jessy de Bruijn and H79 Lourenz de Vries.

Dutch F1 stockcar Hiemstra taking over the lead. Photo Jeroen Pieters

The third heat started with H122 Stephan Raateland being pushed half rolling into the ditch causing the waved yellows to come out. After the restart it was Scholtanus who took the lead with Hiemstra in second and Feitsma in third. I missed what happened but 3 laps before the end Scholtanus lost his lead and dropped down to 15th leaving the heat win to Hiemstra in front of Feitsma and H3 Ouwe Bijlsma.

Dutch F1 stockcar Piet Scholtanus led for three-quarters of the race. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the fourth heat it was H31 Ted Blom who took the lead in the first lap but Falkena and H60 Henk Maris seemed to have other plans. Falkena took the lead in lap 2 and managed to keep Maris behind him until 2 laps before the end. Where Maris took the lead, Falkena dropped to 6th. Behind Maris it where H185 Jaap van der Velde and H41 Peter Koorn completing the top three.

Dutch F1 stock car H60 Henk Maris won the 4th heat. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the fifth heat H122 Stephan Raateland caused a new obstacle after being spun and getting tangled. After the restart H68 Kees van Randwijk took the lead. Behind him it was H26 Jan van der Iest and H228 Jan Roelof Wijbenga who stormed through the field. Halfway through the race the battle for first place continued and Falkena joined in. At the end van der Iest couldn´t keep up with the others and continued in a battle with H21 Jeroen Wekema. At the finish it was Wijbenga who won the heat in front of Falkena and Wekema.

Dutch F1 stock car H122 Stephan Raateland span in the first corner. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the last heat it was H444 Robert Braaksma who took the lead for the first laps with H113 Raymond van den Hadelkamp close behind. At the same time it was Peter Koorn who worked himself through the field ending up at the first spot in the fourth lap, which he would not give up. Behind him it where H172 Ron Verkerk and H38 Bart Koopmans battling for second.

Dutch F1 stock cars of H172 Ron Verkerk and H38 Bart Koopmans battling for second. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the final it was Henk Maris who spun onto the infield in the first corner. While the pack needed to get around Maris, H86 Gerke Feitsma was able to take the lead. After the restart for H345 Dick Tesselaar’s rollover it was (again) Koopmans, Wijbenga and Falkena who started battling for second place. Meanwhile de Bruijn and Wekema worked themselves up towards the battle for second. Jessy de Bruijn took them one by one and it was Wekema who couldn’t hold the car on the hard clay. the result for him was spinning out and losing a few places. When de Bruijn arrived at Feitsma, it was clear Feitsma would not make it easy for de Bruijn which resulted in them both getting tangled up on the last lap. Falkena took the win after a last bender on Koopmans. Ouwe Bijlsma completed the first three.

Dutch F1 stock car H399 Jessy de Bruijn in front of the battle for third. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Dutch F1 stock cars of H399 Jessy de Bruijn and H86 Gerke Feitsma getting tangled. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Jeroen Pieters

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