Skegness – March 29th 2013 Meeting Report

The first installment of a three meeting Easter weekend saw Brisca fans gather at Skegness Stadium. Plenty of sunshine greeted early arrivals but the sun was fighting a losing battle with a brutal westerly wind and as the evening progressed temperatures continued to get even lower testing the endurance of an above average crowd.


A pre meeting wander through the pits revealed a moderate turnout of cars. Grass track superstar Phil Cooper had brought his ex Steve Reedman car along for its first outing. The car certainly looked the part in its new lime green colour scheme and went on to deliver a set of results which would suggest the Cooper trophy cabinet will not be empty for very long.



No doubt though where most pit walkers were heading as a crowd gathered for Easter worship at the Team Davidson transporter where a brand new car stood ready for the return of “ the Messiah” Rob Speak 318. The 318 car went out for practice on a dry track and showed enough pace to keep the faithful happy and hopeful. Other drivers found practice a little more difficult as Frankie Wainman Jnr 515 struggled to get his car which featured a new fabricated front axle to handle properly, while Paul Hines 259 returned to the pits with clutch problems and failed to make it back on track for any of the evening’s four races.

An all in format ushered 22 cars on track for race one and as the cars commenced the rolling lap a gentle snow shower began to fall. Most cars got away well at the green flag but Marcus Collins 427 spun on the home straight and was then hit while stationary by a flat out Danny Wainman 212, both cars were badly damaged and yellow flags came out to remove the 427 car from the raceway.
Cooper 154 led the restart and built a comfortable lead. Back in the pack 515 Wainman and Mick Sworder 150 indulged in a little bit of bumper bashing but the 515 car was still finding steering an issue and 150 soon pulled clear. Cooper led beyond the halfway stage but was now under pressure from a fast moving Team Davidson pairing of Luke 464 and Speak 318. No need for any “ multi 21” team orders here as the 318 car held station behind the 464 car as they both passed Cooper with five to go. 318 may well have wished he had shown a little more urgency as a late surge by 84 Tom Harris saw Harris catch him with three laps to go and a well timed bumper to bumper attack saw them swap places, however the gap to 464 remained too much for 84 to close down and Davidson took chequered flag and a warming hug from the trophy girls.


Three late arrivals 412, 361 and 93 joined 18 survivors from race one on the grid for race two. As the cars began the rolling lap the sprinkle of snow became a blizzard and the track soon became greasy and much more difficult to drive. Cooper 154 repeated his race one method building a healthy lead but the advantage evaporated as a gang of cars including 161 Mark Allen, Davidson 464 and the luckless Nigel Harrhy 45 attacked the turn four fence. Yellow flags were required and on the restart Cooper 154 led from 252 Redfearn and 191 Josh Smith. Further back the 84 car of Tom Harris was right behind the 318 car. Speak seemed ready to resist Harris attentions but when a polite tap failed to produce a gap it was followed on the next bend by a much more substantial hit which reversed the places. The 84 car then had an untroubled run to the front and reeled off the remaining laps to take victory. The last few laps were enlivened by a brief scrap between 150 Sworder and 515 Wainman which Sworder won nailing the 515 car to the turn four armco on the last lap, although the 515 car did manage to scuttle over the finish line with damaged steering.


The blizzard had abated as 17 cars emerged onto a still greasy track for the final. A reprise of heat one ensued as Cooper 154 led and was chased down by 464 Luke Davidson who took the lead before halfway and was never challenged on his run to the flag. The superstars 150,84 and 515 livened up the early laps with a few hits, but in a race largely devoid of contact action the only other aggression of note was an attack from 84 on the 321 car of Ed Neachell who was smacked wide into the turn four fence. Speak came through for second making it another Team Davidson one two, with the much improved Josh Smith 191 in third.


Just 15 hardy souls made it out on track for the Grand National championship qualifier and Cooper 154 again took the lead but on this occasion he had Colin Goodswen 372 keeping close company. 372 eventually took the lead from Cooper on lap 13 to take the win. Further back the 150 car spent most of the race chasing the 318 car but as was quite common when they were both F2 racers 150 failed to make any significant contact leaving 318 to come home fourth behind 372, Dylan Williams-Maynard 51 and Cooper 154 whose third place rounded off a very promising debut.





Fans and drivers made a quick dash for the exits with a desire to thaw out frozen limbs the priority. One can only hope that both temperatures and car turnout are on the rise when the F1 cars return in May for the UK open championship.

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