Skegness 31st July – meeting report and photo gallery

Thursday 31st July saw the BriSCA F1’s return to Skegness for the first Thursday night session for 4 years. A credible 25 cars journeyed to the fun coast to entertain the holiday crowd.

The evening kicked off in the traditional fashion; Mat Newson (16), Danny Wainman (212), Paul Hines (259) and Frankie Wainman JNR (515) were sent out on track to blast around in some sideways demo hot laps; the recent downpour meant the greasy track didn’t offer the same smoke-filled arena of the past, but the tone was set nicely for the holiday makers with a real buzz and deafening noise of air horns filling the air.


Frankie Wainman Junior was one of the drivers who took to the track to entertain the holiday crowds prior to the meeting proper.

With 23 cars in attendance for the first heat an all-in format was adopted, including long-distance travellers Sjoert de Vries (H54) and Daniel Van Spijker (H231). Richard Davies (325) took up pole position but was quickly overhauled at the drop of the green by Michael Steward (512).

Joe Booth (446) was quick to make a move and thundered heavily into the back of the yellow graders. Local driver Mark Sargeant (326) and Davies were then in trouble when the pair collected the turn 1 fence. Danny Wainman shunted Booth in to the back of Paul Carter (300); Carter drifting the car to keep the forward momentum going.

Karl Roberts (313), out at the wheel of a Newson hire car; was sent into a spin in turn 1. Booth was still in the thick of the action and, after taking a hit from Wainman, struck the Luke Davidson (464) machine. De Vries was another casualty of the turn 1 fence as the duo of Booth and Davidson continued their battle.

At the halfway stage, Booth continued to hold his line as Rob Speak (318) came up against him and Speak duly lunged at the back of the 446 car; but this time to no avail. Further down the order, Paul Hines, Colin Goodswen (372) and Craig Finnikin (55) were also tussling for position as the laps wound down. Speak continued to attack the back of Booth in an attempt to take a place in the dying laps, but Booth held his own to the flag. Steward took the race win ahead of Sean Willis (287) in second place.

Result: 512-287-H231-515-464-318-446-372-259-55


Michael Steward taking what may be his last win from white grade.

Heat 2 saw two additions to the line up in the shape of Ryan Harrison (197) and former F2 star driver Nigel Green (445) in the ex-Andy Smith World Final winner; which had been extensively re-worked.

Mark Gray (24) took up the mantle of pole position and assumed the lead at the green. Green quickly found the back of the Nigel Harrhy (45) machine into turn 3 and then the back of the Luke Davidson car. Davidson then offered the same treatment to Booth and Harrhy into turn 3; just as Michael Steward took up the front running.

Frankie Wainman JNR rattled into the back of Colin Goodswen (372), just before brother, Danny (212), did the same to Davidson and Karl Roberts (313); resulting in Roberts collecting the turn 3 armco hard. The halfway stage was signalled just before the yellow flags were called, for the stricken 313 car, which was stuck on the racing line.

Steward led off the restart with Rob Speak making the first move further down the field, sending Goodswen into the back of Harrison. The 197 and 318 cars then engaged in a battle for a number of laps. Danny Wainman had moved himself into the lead with brother FWJ close behind. Carl Pickering (141) was on the receiving end of a series of attacks; first from Harrison and then Mat Newson. The laps wound down quickly and the 212 machine took the chequered flag; Speak unsettled Newson in the last bend to snatch sixth position.

Result: 212-515-464-197-512-318-16-372-259-446


F2 star Nigel Green trying his hand at F1.

The Feature Final race saw 20 cars take to the track, with Michael Steward on pole. The yellow graders appeared to self-destruct, causing issues for one another, just as Nigel Green attacked Colin Goodswen. Frankie Wainman and Rob Speak engaged in a battle for the next few laps before Wainman broke away to set off after the leaders.

Joe Booth once again made it difficult for drivers to pass and held his line and position from Wainman and Ryan Harrison. Steward held the lead over Dutchman Daniel Van Spijker (H231) in second. Luke Davidson (464) took the fight to the Wainmans, Danny at first and then Frank duly followed.

As the laps wound down Wainman (212) was catching the leading duo and the lap boards were out. The 212 car lunged at the back of the Steward machine; but Steward wasn’t giving up lightly and returned the compliment the next bend. This allowed FWJ to close right up.

FWJ made his move on his brother and shunted the 212 car out wide in turn 3. FWJ took the lead, followed by 212 and Steward recovered for third. Steward came under pressure from van Spijker, who in turn had the silver roof Harrison bearing down on him.

At the last bend Harrison snookered van Spijker into Steward taking the pair out wide in turn 3. FWJ took the win, with 212 second and Harrison third; as expected the top three show boated around the track until the red flags, before FWJ treated the Seaside Turn to a round of donuts.

Result: 515-212-197-H231-318-512-464-372-141-55


The Final saw a Wainman 1-2, with Ryan Harrison (197) coming home third.

18 cars returned for the Grand National event; FWJ taking the handicap in front of Michael Steward, who started pole. Sjoert de Vries (H54) missed the start and was left stranded on the inside of turn 1, which prompted the yellow flags.

On the restart Mat Newson ran into the back of Danny Wainman and Craig Finnikin did the same to Ryan Harrison. Nigel Harrhy rattled the turn 1 fencing, before Ricky Wilson (502) was sent hard to the Armco by Joe Booth and the yellow flags were once again called for.

The restart saw Steward still holding onto the lead, ahead of Pickering. The hard chasing red pack soon took hold and relegated the lower graders down the order. FWJ had benefited most from the restarts and was soon mixing with the other top drivers.

Rob Speak and FWJ re-engaged in their battle from the final; a couple of laps of exchanging taps and nudges swapping places. The hits got bigger with each turn and FWJ finished the duel with a big hit which sent Speak and Pickering out into a heap in turn 1. Unfortunately for the 515 machine, FWJ also finished up in the heap after carrying in too much speed.

Speak was forced to retire from the race but FWJ nursed a puncture to the end of the race. Newson, in the commotion, had found himself at the front, taking charge of the race, ahead of Wainman (212) in second and Finnikin in third. The laps quickly fell away and Newson managed to keep Wainman at bay until the chequered flag.

Result: 16-212-55-446-H231-464-300-183-326-515


Damage to the 502 machine resulted in a caution during the Grand National.

Words: Keith Organ

Photos: Colin Casserley
















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