Skegness, 12th July 2015 – Meeting Report and Weekend Photo Gallery

A mid-thirties gathering of F1 cars for Sunday, at a mostly dry Skegness Stadium; with the turnout being just about right for the two thirds format required at a meeting where the F1 content plays a supporting role to championship races for Brisca F2 and Orci Saloon Stockcars.

Lots of sunshine greeted a huge crowd but the early races did suffer from a few heavy showers and thus the 22 starters for Heat One were greeted by a slightly damp track. A clean start and, up front, a locomotion of yellow tops dominated the premier places with Dave Allen (499), veteran Cowley (73) and Colin Goodswen (372) dominating proceedings, with plenty of pace but little contact.

This trio stayed in control until halfway when 25 Brad Harrison and ex-Saloon superstar, Shaun Webster (48), tangled and then crashed on the back straight, which brought out the yellow flags. Both cars retired to the infield, with the 48 car having sufficient front end damage to end its racing for the day.

Stuart Smith Jnr (390) held fifth on the restart and soon progressed up to second but had to work hard to catch the 499 car and then even harder to get past, as Allen resisted several bouts of contact from Smith until the last bend, when a more hefty shove reversed the places.


Heat 1 winner: Stuart Smith Junior

More precipitation prior to Heat Two, so it was a very wet track that greeted the 21 runners. With a Final win and GN fourth on Saturday night, the 217 car of Lee Fairhurst started the race as favourite for the win but no such luck as Lee started slow, got even slower and retired to the infield on lap 5.

Cowley (73) led but his efforts were thwarted by yellow flags, required to rescue 518 Stuart Shevill and Steve Whittle (183) from the turn two Armco. On the restart, Bradley Harrison muscled his way from third to first and, with drivers finding the wet surface a handful, the race finished in a fairly processional manner. 16 “Mad dog” Mat Newson did make his way into second but was still too far back for any last bend heroics.


Frankie Wainman Senior presenting the Heat 2 trophy to Brad Harrison.

Heat Three saw the 23 runners on a dry track but while the speed increased, the action was still pretty moderate and, the under graded Goodswen (372), had a fairly simple flag to flag victory; followed home by Dave Allen (499), who is rapidly getting to grips with F1 racing.

29 chariots for the final and, with the track remaining dry, F1 fans had some hope of an increase in the intensity of the action on track. Shevill and Whittle (183) contested the lead but Shevill soon departed and then the race halted, with yellow flags required for 37 Chris Cowley and 231 Daniel van Spijker, who had planted themselves in the turn two fence.

Whittle led the restart from Henry Hunter (202), with 390 Stuart Jnr best placed of the superstars in eighth. The 390 car made its way into third place showing plenty of speed but, as the race approached halfway, Whittle and Hunter still enjoyed a comfortable gap between them and the dangerous front bumper of the 390 car.

Salvation then arrived for Stuart Jnr in the shape of the number 2 car of Paul Harrison. Perhaps sensing that the race was not overly exciting, Paul got together with Danny Wainman (212) and local favourite Mark Sargent (326); tangled in turn one and then put the car on its roof in turn two.


Paul Harrison wasn’t quite as lucky as his son, Bradley; ending up on his roof.

Stuart Jnr was now a close third on the restart and made his way past Hunter and Whittle for an easy run to the flag. Hunter grabbed second from Whittle, who also lost a further place to 217 Lee Fairhurst – who had somehow rediscovered Saturday’s magic formula and looked to be the fastest car on track.

Despite the pace of the 217 car, Henry Hunter proved difficult to close down, Fairhurst did get close enough to take a last bend dive at the 202 car but Hunter rode the hit to retain second place, an exceptional result for a driver who has only competed in half a dozen meetings.


Novice Henry Hunter continues to impress.

With the sun still roasting the crowd, twenty hot and tired drivers made it out on track for the Grand National, including a wingless Paul Harrison, who deserved some reward for making the effort when it would have been much easier to load up. Colin Goodswen once again led from flag to flag, and once again he was shadowed for most of the race by Whittle (183).

Lee Fairhurst did eventually make his way into second but never threatened Goodswen. Whittle held third until the last lap when he was bundled aside by an aggressive Newson (16), with the two drivers sharing a little bit more contact after the flag. Not a lot to keep fans interested at the front of the field but those looking elsewhere enjoyed a little spat between Danny Wainman (212) and National Points Champion, Rob Speak (318).

Traditionally when things get aggressive, Speak comes out on top but on this occasion having instigated the aggression in turn two, Speak found himself well and truly dumped in the fence on turn four. The 318 car returned to the pits on the back of a tractor; in need of a considerable amount of welding at the front end to get it back in a state of readiness for next week’s hostilities.


Rob Speak and Danny Wainman battled hard in the Grand National, with Speak coming off worst.

Words: Damian Noblett
Photos: Colin Casserley

































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