Skegness 12/13th July – weekend report and photo gallery


A trio of World Champions at Skegness.

The Skegness July weekender saw a massive crowd at the East Coast outpost, with the F1s joining F2s and Saloon Stoxn on the bill.

The first heat on the Saturday saw a victory for long distance traveller Daniel van Spijker, all the way from the Netherlands.

Heat 2 was the Under25s Championship, once again organised by Dave Leonard, and featuring a healthy prize fund. Lee Fairhurst led until the closing stages, when he was denied victory by a flat tyre. This left Tom Harris in the frame to add another title to his already impressive collection.

Fairhurst made up for it with stunning drives to take a Consolation and Final double, with Harris back in the winner’s circle in the Grand National.


After a puncture robbed him of the Under25 Championship, Lee Fairhurst took the Consolation and the Final.

37 F1 Stock Cars survived from Saturday to do battle at a hot and humid Skegness Stadium but the tropical temperatures were accompanied by some traditional east coast heavy rain showers which made for challenging track conditions for most of the afternoon. The F1 drivers were always going to have their work cut out to match monster fields of F2 and Saloon Stock Cars but most races had a modicum of action and entertainment.

19 for Heat one on a very wet track. Michael Steward 512 used the spare Danny Wainman car to good effect and built a healthy lead but as with many recent tarmac races the World Champion Tom Harris was a class apart from the rest and after a short delay scrapping with Rob Speak 318 he carved his way through the field. Yellow flags to rescue 237 Ollie Ives from turn 2 bunched the field, and on the restart Harris rapidly moved from fifth to first before halfway. The last few laps featured an entertaining skirmish between H231 Daniel Van Spyker and 94 John Dowson with the Dutchman showing he has learned a great deal from his regular trips to the UK getting the better of the North Easts number one driver and securing a sixth place finish.


Russell Cooper on opposite lock.

16 for Heat two on a very wet track did not sound the best recipe for action but while 326 Simon Sargent led 515 Wainman Jnr, 388 Paul Ford, and 16 Matt Newson smacked each other around for several laps, they were then joined by 217 Lee Fairhurst who also seemed to be in a playful mood and more bumper action continued up to halfway. 217 spanked Newson and overhauled Sargent, Wainman 515 made his way into second and hassled Fairhurst all the way to the flag but mistimed a big lunge in turn two leaving Fairhurst to collect the trophy.

Ian Noden 306 and 268 Richard Woods in the 229 Derek Brown car had their first race of the day in the consolation on a greasy track. This was an easy and rather fortunate win for Danny Wainman 212 who made his way through the field with ease but was still a few car lengths adrift of 166 Bobby Griffen on the last lap. However F2 star Griffen got a little carried away at the prospect of his first F1 trophy and used way too much throttle exiting turn four resulting in a half spin and scuttle along the Armco past the starter which allowed Wainman to nip through for the win.


Danny Wainman’s winning margin.

24 for the final on a dry track. 512 took the lead while Harris and Speak muscled their way through the pack. The drivers seemed to enjoy the dry track especially Danny 212 who was aggressive with anyone within range, while Chris Cowley 37 gave Will Hunter 220 a close up view of the fence. At halfway Steward was still leading from Van Spyker and Griffen 166. Harris had shaken off Speak and was now in fourth but with no yellow flags he still had a fair bit to do to close down the leaders. Having lost touch with the number 1 car Speak found another playmate keeping the huge crowd entertained scrapping with Fairhurst 217.


Mike Kingston falls foul of the infield markers.

Harris took the lead from Steward 512 on the penultimate lap with Steward hanging on to an excellent second place. While Hunter used the last lap too remind Chris Cowley he is no pushover despatching the 37 car to the fence in turn 4.

22 for the Grand National. With Harris on the final winners handicap Wainman Jnr 515 saw the chance of a win. The 515 car had too work hard early on to push his way past Fairhurst and Davidson 464 but he soon pulled away and was in fourth place by halfway. H231 Daniel Van Spyker lead from 512 but Wainman reached second with two to go and on the last lap a typical Wainman last bend charge despatched Van Spyker to the Armco leaving 515 to collect the flag and hugs from the trophy girls.

Words: Damian Noblett
Photos: Colin Casserley
































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