Skegness – April 22nd 2011 Meeting Report

After talks of sun cream and heat strokes on the journey to Marsh Lane, we were surprised to be greeted with bracing sea winds, adding a chill to the otherwise perfect day.

Mickey Randell 172 back on track after repairing his car in under a week. Photo Colin Casserley

Having had a walk around the pits and catching the last couple of rounds of practise, notable absences included Andy and Stuart Smith(1/390), Dan Johnson (4), Craig Finnikin (55) and John Lund (53), not taking to the tarmac, perhaps in favour of the 4 meetings on shale to follow.

Tom Harris 84 went well all day. Photo Colin Casserley

Matt Newson 16 second in his heat. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 1 went by almost uneventfully, fast racing but little contact saw Neil Turner (126) take home the first win of the day with a flag to flag victory over Matt Newson (16) who was gaining rapidly in closing laps. Meanwhile, back in the pack, Mick Sworder (150) maintained his ever flamboyant driving style, throwing the car into the corners and smoking the tyres down the straights for 7th and guaranteed his place in the final. (Top 8 to qualify from the heats).

Skegness Heat winner Neil Turner 126. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 1 flag to flag winner Neil Turner. Photo Paul Tully

Heat 2 saw the power of a red roof train forging a path through the unsuspecting field, the likes of British Champion Paul Hines (259), Tom Harris (84), and Lee Fairhurst (217) pushed and shoved their way through the tightly packed field, all the way up to second place, but couldn’t quite make the ground up on runaway Colin Goodswen (372) who made his trip around The Wash worth the journey, taking home the heat win.

Colin Goodswen 372 leading Robert Broome 41 and Sean Willis 287. Photo Colin Casserley

Danny Wainman 212 at Skegness. Photo Colin Casserley

The Consolation race saw 16 drivers racing for 12 places in the Grand Final, with the ones to watch looking to be Danny Wainman (212), Ryan Harrison (197) and Chis Cowley (37). But with Cowley and Harrison holding each other and Danny up early on, it was left to the blue roof drivers to make tracks for the front. James Neachell (322) clocked up another victory continuing his good early season form, chased home by the young Josh Smith (191) and Chris Bonner (105), who is now into his tenth year in the sport.

Ryan Harrison 197 and Chris Cowley 37 squeeze Simon Panton 288. Photo Paul Tully

Simon Panton 288 again in the middle. Photo Paul Tully

Ryan Harrison 197 at Skegness. Photo Colin Casserley

Consolation winner James Neachell 322. Photo Paul Tully

The Final saw Chris Cowley (37) adding to the on-going wing debate, by running without one, as well as the first waved yellow of the night for the Formula 1s, and only a lap in, as Ed and James Neachell tangled coming out of turn 4, shooting James onto the infield and leaving Ed dangerously across the home straight.

Neil Turner (126) led away for the restart, and it wasn’t until lap 17 the next caution was called, as Tom Harris (84) took the opportunity of the close field to load up three cars, including the helpless Luke Davidson (464), and shove them wide at the end of the back straight. And coming out of turn 4 Bonner (105) mounted Danny Wainman (212). This caution also saw Sworder (150) out with a punctured outside rear, and Paul Hines retire to the infield with bumper damage, having hit the stranded Bonner and Wainman cars.

Luke Davidson 464. Photo Paul Tully

Positions at the restart for the 3 lap sprint were 464-84-126-16-515-2 with Neil Turner (126) residing a lap down. As the cars pulled away Davidson (464) made himself a fair sized lead. The remaining laps ran without much folly, with Luke Davidson (464) collecting the chequered flag, only to be docked two places by the Steward for jumping the restart.

Final winner Tom Harris 84. Photo Paul Tully

The Skegness Final top three. Photo Paul Tully

With the alteration to the results it was Final winner Tom Harris (84) who took the lap handicap, and led the Grand National race away in a dilatory fashion, before accelerating away and lapping with incredible pace. Meanwhile it was Matt Newson (16) and Frankie Wainman Junior (515) making moves within the field as the Union Flag was dropped for half way.

At the back Tom Harris (84) had started overtaking cars left and right and made his way into the realms of double points, lunging into the bends and powering out. But all credit goes to Matt Newson (16) who rounded off his evening by taking the flag after placing second in both his heat and the Final.

Grand National winner Matt Newson 16. Photo Paul Tully

Heat 1 Result: 126-16-464-2-321-515-150-51-105-172
Heat 2 Result: 372-84-259-217-11-12-41-60-37-288
Consi Result: 322-191-105-429-172-212-197-393-161-37-300-288
Final Result: 84-16-464-515-2-393-51-11-197-12-161-60
G.N Result: 16-217-515-2-126-12-84-212-11-51

Ben Lymn

Photo Extra

John Weldon 235 and Gareth Wildman 429 come to grief. Photo Paul Tully

Ian Venables 60 runs into trouble. Photo Paul Tully

Neil Scriven 11 tangles with Simon Panton 288. Photo Paul Tully

Danny Wainman 212. Photo Paul Tully

Dylan Williams Maynard 51 comes to grief with John Weldon 235. Photo Colin Casserley

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