Sheffield, 10th April 2016 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

Sheffield was the next stop of the BriSCA F1 calendar on Sunday 10th April. The early season boost in car numbers, transferred across to Sheffield with a greater number of cars than ‘usual’. 39 cars in attendance of the 40 expected, all ready to battle out for valuable World Qualifying points.

Heat 1 was called for and 19 cars took to the track, former Mini + V8 Hotstox driver Tom Boyer (28) starting pole position led the field off. Rob Speak (318) was quick to make an impression bundling the star graders into the first turn. Mark Poole (276) was the first casualty of the race with a spin in turn 3, just as Paul Hines (259) was picking off the blues one by one, lunging in on Mal Brown (34) in to turn 1.

Steam engulfed the Nigel Harrhy (45) machine and Harrhy duly retired to the infield. Chris Cowley (37) was sent into a spin down the back straight; Karl Roberts (313) joined him with a trip to the posts. Billy Johnson (169) and Henry Hunter (202) clashed in turn 1, the pair getting some air time with the 202 pointing to the sky. The halfway stage was soon signalled to the leader Boyer, with Daniel van Spijker (H231) in second closing in. James Bailey (135) took himself to the fence in turn 3 as the laps wound down. The race settled in to a rhythm, van Spijker reeling in Boyer, taking over the running with 4 laps to go, van Spijker saw the race out to the flag in front, Boyer clinging onto second too.

Result: 231 28 318 212 216 2 16 34 259 94


Boyer surrenders the Heat 1 lead to Daniel van Spijker

Heat 2 saw the remaining 20 cars take to the track, Mark Adkins (24) doing the honour of leading the field off at the green. Richard Bryan (238) was quick to lose out with a spin as Bobby Griffin (166) and Karl Hawkins (175) hooked up on one another down the back straight. Adkins was holding the lead spot through to the halfway stage. Local driver Mark Gilbank (21) was making in roads up the order with Frankie Wainman JNR (515) close for company. Gilbank shunted Eliot Smith (293) wide in to turn 3; just as Wainman was on the inside of Gilbank, with not enough room for three abreast, Gilbank and Wainman were knocked off line. Wainman collected the inner marker tyre and went up and over on his roof before flipping back onto his wheels. Waved yellows were naturally called for.

Joe Booth (446) led off the restart, after moving under Adkins prior to the yellows, the 24 car was holding second and James Morris (463) sat in third. Further down the order, Mark Woodhull (335) missed the start and dropped further back. The lap boards were soon presented to Booth just as Russell Cooper (415) became entangled in the turn 3 wires, courtesy of Gilbank. Smith collected the back straight fence as the laps wound down, Booth taking a clear win in front of Morris in second and a good result for Thomas Stephenson (75) in third.

Result: 446 463 75 4 55 21 220 22 445 337


Stephenson and Cooper battling in a dusty-looking Heat 2.

The consolation fielded 20 cars; Frankie Wainman JNR (515) having to work quickly in the pits to repair his machine in just one race. Chris Cowley (37) was the first casualty with a spin collecting Mark Woodhull (335) and Billy Johnson (169) in turn. Bobby Griffin (166) and Mark Poole (276) collected one another in to the turn 1 fence; just as Bradley Harrison (25) and James Bailey (135) tripping over each in the home straight.

The halfway stage was signalled to Richard Bryan (238) ahead of Karl Hawkins (175) in second. Paul Hines (259) lunged in on Eliot Smith (293) into turn 1 to no avail, Hines attempted again in to the third bend, more successfully as Smith brushed the wires. Hawkins had closed in on Bryan and he duly made an attempt for the lead in to turn 1. Bryan dropped back down the order, promoting Nigel Green (445) into second and Wainman to third, remaining that way to the flag, the only further change saw long time race leader Bryan lunged on from John Dowson (94), the 238 machine collecting the Turn 1 fence; in the process ending his race.

Result: 175 445 515 37 259 94 202 338 166 555


Frankie Wainman Junior back out on track after borrowing a wing from Nigel Harrhy

The Feature Final grid with 26 cars on track, Thomas Stephenson (75) leading the field off; James Morris (463) was quickly in the fence as the star graders made life hard for one another. John Dowson (94) and Will Yarrow (22) ended up together in the turn 3 fence. Chris Brocksopp (338) and Tom Boyer (28) tripped over each other on the home straight. Bobby Griffin (166) was the early race leader, with Frankie Wainman Jnr Junior (555) in second and Joe Booth (446) third. Danny Wainman (212) put Mat Newson (16) out to the fence in turn 1, joined shortly after by Daniel van Spijker (231) as the red graders continued to fight it out.

Halfway stage now, Paul Harrison (2) snookered Nigel Green (445) in to Boyer in turn 3. Danny Wainman had to pull off to the centre in a cloud of smoke. The 555 machine was spun around on the exit to turn 2 and a quick pile up followed, with Jack France (216) coming off worse, ploughing the back straight fence before being jacked by Henry Hunter (202).

Wainman quickly recovered, with Mal Brown (34) getting spun around as well in the disorder. The waved yellows were called for. Griffin was leading the restart with Booth second and Mark Gilbank (21) in third. The lap boards ticking by, Gilbank moved by Booth in to turn 1 to take second, Craig Finnikin (55) also bumpering Booth wide in turn 3 to take third. The top three didn’t change any further to the flag. Further down the order, Rob Speak (318) took 8th from Wainman Jnr Junior; the 555 car taking a trip to the turn 1 wires in the process. Griffin taking a great debut F1 Final win.

Result: 166 21 55 446 4 445 259 318 37 22 16 515


After losing out through bad luck in previous weeks, Bobby Griffin finally got his first final win of 2016

The last race of the day and 25 cars ventured back out for the Grand National; Bobby Griffin (166) taking the obligatory lap victory. Tom Boyer (28), starting pole position, took the green flag. The yellow graders making a mess of the start tripped up each other, Eliot Smith (293) suffering most bouncing off the inner marker tyres. Once again the star graders and superstars lunged in on one another turn after turn.

It was soon halfway and the race settled down; Boyer was clear out front. Griffin and John Dowson (94) hooked up in turn 1, the rest of the field needing to take swift avoiding action. Waved yellows were called, Boyer still holding on in the lead, Daniel Van Spijker (231) in second and James Morris (463) third.

After the green flag, Morris was quickly disposed of a with a trip to the turn 1 fence; whilst Frankie Wainman (515) lost ground and dropped down the order. Nigel Green (445) lunged in on Joe Booth (446) for third in the closing stages, as Frankie Wainman Jnr Junior (555) and Billy Johnson (169) clashed in the final bend; the 169 riding up and over the 555 machine. Boyer took a flag to flag win, ahead of van Spijker in second and Green third, to round off a great day for the lower graders – the whites and yellows claiming all victories.

Result: 28 231 445 318 446 335 34 4 2 175 259 37


Grand National winner: Tom Boyer

Words: Keith Organ
Photos: Colin Casserley

























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