Scunthorpe – September 11th 2010 Meeting Report

As the curtains closed for possibly the final time on the third Scunthorpe venue; the usual entertaining meeting took place, drawing forty one cars to the small shaleway for the first 2011 WCQR and Shoot out round number two. With the news filtering through that Goodyears had signed a three year deal with BriSCA F1 stock cars, hopefully some stability will enter the sport and drivers will finallly be able to get the best out of their tyres.

With five minutes to the start time, there was still a queue to get in so we were treated to an Andy Smith (1) lap of honour for winning three World Finals on the bounce and a parade lap for all twelve Shoot Out contestants who had made the journey to the Scunthorpe shaleway. After the first mini races (the ideal accompaniment to BriSCA F1 stock cars) it started to rain; lightly at first, but getting steadily heavier. It soon turned to a deluge and spectators turned to the two mini-grandstands for shelter.

BriSCA F1s of Rob Jacklin (137) Tony Smith (91) and Colin Nairn (280). Photo Paul Tully

Heat one saw twenty cars take to the field with the previous week’s first time World Final entrant Nigel Whalley (198) having transponder issues and pulling to the infield leaving nineteen BriSCA F1 stock cars to take the green. Thanks to the rain, the track was a slippy, sliddy, muddy skating rink and it would be a battle to keep a car pointing the right way.

BriSCA F1 stock cars at Scunthorpe. Photo Colin Casserley

Richard Bryan (238) set off into the lead as Craig Finnikin (55) was the first of the five Shoot out drivers to pull clear. It was a sluggish race as the cars had to try and quickly creep round to avoid pirouetting into the wet sludge. Second place John Weldon (235) was doing well until he spun himself out of contention for the lead, dropping down the field. The yellows then came out for Adam Slater (214) who had lost a wheel on the outskirts of the turn four infield. Restart order: 238, 415, 2, 235, 335, 55, 321, 53, 137, 280, 463, 105, 91, 462

BriSCA F1 stock cars pile in at Scunthorpe. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock car Paul Harrison 2 takes the lead from Richard Bryan 238. Photo Paul Tully

This bunched the cars up together, and at the restart Russell Cooper (415) span and Paul Harrison (2) was on top of Bryan and pushed past to take the lead. John Lund (53) and Craig Finnikin (55) found themselves in third and second respectively with Lund being unable to make the pass due to the conditions. Mark Woodhull (335) had broken his rear panard rod, probably in his restart collision with Russell Cooper (415) but it was not stopping him from racing. Leader Harrison, contending well with the conditions sent lapdown Scott Davids (462) into the armco as second place Finnikin tried to close the gap. Harrison then came up behind Davids again as he had extricated himself from the outer sludge and got back in the race. However, there were not enough laps left for second place Finnikin to get on the rear of Harrison, who had driven a composed race as had James Morris who had spun on the first lap and effectively started his race as a Superstar at the rear of the field.
2 – 55 – 463 – 53 – 335 – 105 – 280 – 238 – 235 – 91

BriSCA F1 stock car Daniel Wainman (212) connects with a marker tyre. Photo Paul Tully

The rain had ceased for the second heat and although the track was still slick, a racing line had begun to appear. Twenty one cars came out, including Nigel Whalley. Stu Smith jnr (390) came onto track but left again before they closed the pitgate leaving twenty cars to take the green. Neil Shenton (35) had problems at the start and dropped to the rear of the field as Luke Dennis (192) initially took the lead but spun himself down the order on turn one. The yellow graders took the opportunity, with Les Spencer (98) firing Andy Ford (13) and himself into the turn three armco, allowing Lee Smith (76) to take up the lead. A massive scuffle occurred on turns one and two as the following blues vied for the lead themselves, with Josh Smith (191) pushing past Chris Brocksopp (338) who pushed back to take the lead. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) got turned in the melee but got straight back in.

Wainman jnr bumpered Tom Harris (84) and Andy Ford (13) et al in one fell swoop and carried on his charge, thumping Mark Gilbank (21) aside, causing him to spin out halfway down the backstraight. Fellow Shoot out competitor Andy Smith (1) overcame Brocksopp and was well clear at the half way point and cruising through the field with masterful control. Wainman jnr went wide in a bid to avoid any contact from Dan Johnson (4), but Johnson just caught his back end, allowing Johnson to take the inside line. Matt Newson gave Paul Hines (259) a push with Hines going wide into the sludge, and slowing right down on the last lap.
1 – 97 – 16 – 4 – 259 – 515 – 215 – 446 – 191 – 84 – 35

BriSCA F1 stock cars Andy Smith (1) and Joe Booth (446). Photo Paul Tully

The grader made a welcome appearance before the nineteen car Consolation as fence repairs were carried out. Russell Cooper (415) sped into the lead while Adam Slater spun on turn one with the yellow flags coming out, before the red for a full restart, possibly for a jumped start as there were no other obvious signs of trouble. At the restart, Cooper burst back into the lead while Stu Smith jnr meant business from the off, laying into Scott Davids. Garry Fox (48) motored up into second as Michael Scriven (12) found himself sticking out from the pitgate armco.

Stu Smith jnr 390 cuts past tangled Michael Scriven 12 and Andy Ford 13. Photo Paul Tully

Stu Smith jnr cut through the field with aggressive purpose and it was not long before he was behind Russell Cooper. Cooper sensibly decided discretion is the better part of valour and moved wide, letting him pass with Cooper connecting with the backstraight armco, getting himself all out of shape in the process.

BriSCA F1 stock car Russelll Cooper (415) gets it out of shape. Photo Paul Tully

Smith jnr came behind lap down Nigel Whalley, sending him armco bound and by the time Whalley sorted himself out Smith was coming by again. Whalley made to come out behind him and unfortunately drove straight into Andy Ford (13) who happened to be coming past at the time. The yellows were then shown for Andy Ford who had ended his race on the infield.

Restart order: 462, 338, 21, 212, 35, 390, 321, 214, 48, 415, 464
At the restart, Scott Davids was off like a shot into the distance, with Daniel Wainman moving up behind him. Neil Shenton moved wide for Stu Smith jnr but that did not stop Stu giving Shenton a small nerfing on the way passed. Shenton went onto spin on turn three as Adam Slater connected with the armco on turn one with some force, sending a huge crescent of outside watery sludge skywards and into the crowd. Smith jnr raced hard to get near Daniel Wainman but there were not enough laps to reel him in.
462 – 212 – 390 – 48 – 464 – 321 – 415 – 35 – 338

BriSCA F1 stock car Adam Slater 214 at Scunthorpe. Photo Colin Casserley

BriSCA F1 stock car Paul Hines 259 in action. Photo Paul Tully

Twenty eight drivers came out for the final with Michael Scriven being the only shoot out driver not to qualify. Heat winner Paul Harrison spun down on three while Consolation bumper merchant Stu Smith jnr collided with a turn two marker tyre putting him out of the race. Joe Booth (446) waded into Richard Bryan (238) as Craig Finnikin was the first Shoot out driver to show and had John Lund trying to squeeze by, without wading in. Wainman jnr passed Paul Hines down the backstraight as Finnikin in trying to keep a tight line, clipped a turn one marker tyre sending it slightly out onto the racing line. Fellow Shootout competitor Tom Harris also in need of points, was forced to retire and pulled woefully onto the infield. Blue grader Mark Woodhull in fighting his way to the front sent lower grader Cooper wide as Andy Smith bypassed Finnikin and began to pull away.

BriSCA F1 stock car Shoot out leader Frankie Wainman jnr 515. Photo Colin Casserley

Paul Hines was back up with Wainman jnr and threw the bumper in with them both tearing down the backstraight side by side with Hines determined not to let Frank by. Russell Cooper cut from the outside to the infield in front of second place Mark Woodhull, letting Finnikin near to his bumper. Out front, James Morris (463) had driven away at the start and not looked back, managing to avoid all the chaos he went onto take a composed win, Andy Smith also had a quick drive to get clear of the field but had been unable to get near to Morris.
463 – 1 – 55 – 259 – 515 – 335 – 321 – 16 – 4 – 53

Possibly the last ever BriSCA F1 stock car race to take place at Scunthorpe saw twenty five F1s take to the track under the night sky. Final winner James Morris (463) was absent and so missed out on his potential five finishing bonus points. Richard Bryan and Luke Dennis were the only white graders present with Bryan leading them away and Mark Poole (276) giving Dennis the benefit of his bumper. Andy Smith laid into Dan Johnson as Luke Davidson (464) got bumped down the order. Paul Hines, taking up where he left off in the final, sent Paul Harrison crashing into John Lund.

BriSCA F1 stock cars Paul Hines (259) and Tom Harris (84). Photo Colin Casserley

Hines was not stopping there and pushed aggressively past bumper merchant Craig Finnikin while Matt Newson (16) and Johnson fought it out. Finnikin fought back as soon as he caught back up with Hines, before setting his sights on Richard Bryan and going in, but slowing right down not long after. Hines got himself out of shape in the melee as the fight for the front continued and the bumpers flew in thick and fast amongst the Shootout drivers. Stu Smith jnr from within his solo Superstar grade had bullied his way through the field, taking no prisoners, leaving the Shootout drivers behind as the final chequered flag fell on possibly the last ever F1 stock car meeting at the Eddie Wright raceway.
390 – 4 – 84 – 259 – 515 – 16 – 462 – 53 – 2

Winner of the last(?) BriSCA F1 stock car race at Scunthorpe Stu Smith jnr (390). Photo Colin Casserley

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