Northampton – July 19th 2009 Meeting Report

Weather: downpours and Sunshine! Take your pick.
Format: two heats, consolation, final and GN.

Photo Paul Tully.

Photo Paul Tully.

Heat 1
Twenty-four cars came out onto the damp tarmac for the first heat that included Dutch visitors Gerrt Zwerver (h19), Louw Wobbes (h22),Theo Van Lier (h57) and Peter Van Den Bosch (h482).
Liam Brown (90) took the early lead and led the race well into the second half before Mat Newson (16) took the lead with just a few laps remaining. Mat Newson was the leading red grade from the off, swiftly moving though the Blues and Yellows. Ed Neachell (321) sent BriSCA F1 newcomer Lyndon Burnley (80) into the Armco at around the half way stage to move himself into fifth place.
Yellow Flags with restart order being 90 – 347 – 302 – 321 – 16 – 212 – 21 – 259 – 2 – h22. The sun was still out and dried the track apart from very small puddles on the inside of the turns.
A flurry of attacks followed the restart; with Newson attacking Neachell, Neachell returning the attack and then attacked Jim Bamford (302) as well. Steve Hopkins (347) pressured Liam Brown and took the lead, only for Mat Newson to dive up the inside on the next lap to take the lead himself.
Mark Gilbank (21) began hassling the rear of the 212 car going into one with Daniel exiting turn two in front of the 21 car. Gilbank was carrying too much speed and slammed the 212 car hard into the Armco as the turn came into the back straight. Gilbank retired from the race with damage sustained but Dainel Wainman was able to continue despite having what looked like major handling problems.
Result 16 – 347 – 90 – 259 – 2 – 321 – h22 – 302 – 11 – 4 – 212 – 327 – 464 – 80
Heat 2
Heat two immediately followed with thirty-one cars coming out. Overhead an ominous big-black-cloud had positioned itself above the dry track.
Dave Schaap (h007), Jessie De Bruin (h399) and Gary Castell (h247) were the visiting Dutch cars. Also of note was the return of Tony Smith (91) to Northampton.
Dave Plumbley (393) spun going into the first turn causing a bit of pile up that included 462 – 447 – 467 – 217. Jessie De Bruin (h399) found himself race leader but it was short lived thanks to an attack from Joff Gibson (249) who took the lead. While that was taking place and for the next few laps, John Lund (53) and Stuart Smith (390) were engaging in battle; from contact with each others back bumpers to side-by-side racing.
Dave Schaap (h007) was making steady progress towards the front until Andy Smith (391) muscled past around the half way point. As the closing stages were being reached Rob Cowley (73) moved second place Spencer Taylor (498) and a nearby Andy Smith (391) wasted no time in passing Taylor, chasing down and passing Cowley. After a few attempted attacks on the race leader 249, Andy casually remained behind, before getting up Joff’s inside on the last bend to win the drag race to the line.
Result 391 – 249 – 515 – 73 – h007 – 390 – 498 – 53 – h399 – 37 – 434 – 197 – 447 – 462

The rain greeted the eighteen cars that came out for their last chance of making it into the final.
Lyndon Burnley (80) took the early lead thanks to Dave Plumbley (393) spinning out on the exit of turn four. Mark Gilbank (21) was the man on the move who had reached third place by lap three, and took the lead two laps later. Meanwhile, Dave Willis (337) attacked and passed Geert-Jan Keijzer (h6) moving himself into second place. This was short lived as Keijzer returned the attack sending Willis to the Armco and dropping two places.
Tom Harris attacked Anthony Davis (327); Davis successfully defended his position getting back onto the racing line which worked for the benefit of Gary Castell (h247) who had been making steady progress towards the front and now used the rattled 84 car to his advantage to get in front and into the top five.
Harris (84) settled before returning his attack on Castell in turns one and two, moving into third place where he began chasing down second place Keijzer.
Willis and Joe Booth (446) were having a great stockcar race against each other during the second half of the race, with the young Booth moving the more experienced Willis aside.
Harris took second place from Keijzer without too much of a problem but was unable to reach race leader Gilbank before the flag.
Result 21 – 84 – h6 – 12 – h247 – h482 – 446 – 337 – 411 – 467
Twenty-six cars made the line up for the meeting Final the Internations Cup.
Liam Brown (80) took the early lead, while Neachell and Cowley battled it out; sending Luke Davidson (464) to the Armco and rear of the field.
Second place Joff Gibson moved up and swiftly took the lead from Brown.
Yellows flags for an unsighted incident involving 321 – 259 – 515 among others with 321 suffering major front end damage.
Restart order 249 – 90 – 498 – 11 – h399 – h007 – 84 – 212 – 16 – 390
Harris was straight onto attacking Schaap as Daniel Wainman was attacking Harris. Harris and Schaap got themselves hooked up, went clattering into the Armco which then gave Stuart Smith the gap he needed to move in front of both cars.
Frankie Wainman Jnr put in a crafty, well timed hit dispatching 84 – 21 – 16 with a single blow going into turn three.
Up front, Stuart Smith launched his attack and passed the 11 car of third place Neil Scriven before quickly passing Taylor to get into second place. Then Stuart was attacking leader Gibson and taking the inside line past him.
Before Gibson could launch is own counter attack he had the more important task of defending his position from Andy Smith. In the closing laps Paul Harrison (2) pushed Spencer Taylor wide and into the path of FWJ who was momentarily unable to pass the 498 car.
Result 390 – 249 – 391 – 2 – 4 -515 – h007 – 498 – 53 – 434
Grand National.
Stuart Smith took the lap handicap on a wet / damp track for the last race of the weekend.
Jim Bamford (302) took the early lead as Timmy Farrell (467) made the charge towards the front, successfully attacking and passing Neil Scriven (11) and then Joff Gibson (249); and being rewarded with second place four laps in.
Paul Hines (259) was on the move this race, breaking into the top five before half way was reached. Just behind, Frankie Wainman Jnr was also storming towards the front; attacking, winning the place and unsettling the 249 car. Once out wide, 249 was kept out wide and passed by 37 – h399 – 217 – 434 and 84. Up front Luke Davidson had taken second place from Farrell who was now being attacked by Hines as he attempted to keep ahead of FWJ. Hines passed Farrell and was then in turn passed by FWJ, before FWJ made his way on to take the lead from Davidson. As the laps counted down Hines got into second place and Stuart Smith was knocking on the door of getting into the top ten.
Result 515 – 259 – 464 – 434 – 37 – h247 – h399 – 16 – 390 – 53


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