Northampton, 18th October 2015 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

The 2015 Shoot Out moved to the South Midlands mecca known as Northampton Stadium for Round 8 of what is becoming an increasingly closely fought series, with several drivers still in with a chance of overall victory and actions by some drivers giving rise to suspicions of team racing. All very interesting.

Heat One was led away by Frankie Wainman Junior Jnr (555) and Craig Aston (440) on a greasy track following overnight rain. Austin Moore (127) took over the top spot as Rob Speak (318) dropped to the back, while SO contenders Smith, Newson and Sworder made good progress, Smith taking the lead chased by Newson. The Norwich man closed the gap as the laps wound down, making his move on the very last bend, punting Smith wide to take the win, while Sworder, having gone second, inexplicably slowed on the line to let Smith have the runner-up spot.


Early leader, Austin Moore, in Heat 1.

Twenty-four for Heat Two with the Harrison Racing-built cars of Bromiley (14) and Allen (499) to the fore, while a tangle on the pit bend claimed cars 24, 287, 141 and SO contender Paul Harrison (2). Bromiley led as series leader Fairhurst strove to redress the points balance over rival Smith, but a caution wiped out the lead the 14 car had made.

Allen took over shortly before the yellow flags flew again, this time to assist Murray Jones (196) who was t-boned heavily on the pit bend by a fast-moving Frankie Wainman Junior (515). The restart saw the Wainman brothers involved in their own private battle while Johnson (4) slipped into fourth place by the flag behind 499, 14 and 422. Fairhurst made fifth while Tom Harris (84), after some fast opening laps, dropped down the field to finish eighth.


The cause of one of the Heat 2 cautions.

Rob Cowley (73) carried on his winning ways in the twenty-five car Consolation, taking the flag from Steward (512) and Scriven (11) with James Rygor (78) an impressive fourth.

The Final, sponsored by Stock Car Magazine, was yellow-flagged early on to remove the stranded Sean Willis (287) and at the restart, Harris and Fairhurst seemed to have a bit of a disagreement, circulating the track taking turns at trying to fence each other, before the 217 car popped Harris’s front tyre. Could this be the defining moment in the Shoot Out series?

While all eyes were on this battle, Allen had taken the lead with Mick Sworder up to second when a second caution was thrown. When racing re-commenced, Speak traded paint with Sworder, both cars hooking up and letting Scriven (12) and Newson by but the 16 pilot’s luck was up to its usual standard, popping a tyre with four to run. Allen chalked up a heat and final double with Scriven second and Speak third, doing his points total no harm at all, while Fairhurst finished outside of the top twelve.


Final winner Dave Allen

Thirty-one cars contested the Grand National and Fairhurst did what he had to do, aided no doubt by an early caution. Neil Scriven (12) won the race with the 217 car second, Sworder third and FWJ fourth ahead of Speak.

When the BriSCA bean counters had done their stuff, Fairhurst emerged still as series leader on 252, with Smith just five points behind on 247. Speak was now third with 243. This Shoot Out is turning into one of the closest contests ever – will the King’s Lynn shale continue the trend? Stay tuned, dear readers, for the next low-down on the show down!


Will it be the 217 car that ends the season with a silver roof?

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley

















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