Northampton, 17th September 2017 – Meeting Report and Photos

An all stock car World Masters with F1, F2 and V8 Hot Stox to bring the world final weekend to a close this year, with 47 F1 cars in attendance including a smattering of Dutch and New Zealand entries.

Twenty-two lined up for Heat One led away by Steve Malkin Junior (308), in a different car this week. The change of car made no difference as he romped away from the field, headed by Neil Scriven (11), leading until just after half-way when he ground to a halt against the turn four fence. Scriven took over, looking to have the race in the bag until two to go when he slowed for oil on the track. Brother Michael (12) arrived on the scene much too fast, collided with Neil and hooked up with the 11 car allowing Lee Fairhurst (217) into the top spot.

The Scrivens colliding in Heat 1

Neil recovered for second with Frankie Wainman Junior third. F2 man Mickey Branston (442) notched up a ninth place finish at his first attempt, using a Newsonstock.Twenty-four for Heat Two, with much changing of tyres (it rained) during a delay for inner fence repairs. Shane Geary (478) was on pole and led the opening laps  until Jan Kuin (H699) and Paul Carter (300) clashed wheels entering turn three, sending the 300 car nose first into the plating and bringing out a caution, while Luke Davidson (464) retired with his aerofoil over the front screen of his borrowed 84 car.

Harry Steward (126), lying second behind Geary, lost out as the cars buffered up at the restart, allowing Michael Steward (512) through, the blue top taking a short-lived lead until Drew Lammas (543) whacked him wide on the pit bend. Mat Newson (16) moved into second but couldn’t make any impression on 543 who took the flag for a convincing win. Steward out-dragged new gold top Nigel Green (445) to the line for third.

Luke Davidson (464) was forced to retire in Heat 2

Stuart Shevill Junior (518) made his first appearance of the day in the 25 car consolation after a lot of work in the pits. Aaron Leach (70) led as Kelvin Hassell (13) charged the fence hard on turn three and Davies (325), Geary and Jackson (101) tangled on the home straight bringing out the yellow flags. Hassell retired at the restart, Leach leading from Elwell (501) and Steward but it was Davidson, wing now firmly attached, who took over on the final lap to take the flag. Simon Joblin (NZ1) and Kerry Remnant (NZ19) were a joy to watch, throwing their cars around like they were on shale, with NZ champion Joblin taking a good sixth place after failing to remove Elwell.

A full thirty car field for the World Masters final with Joblin again attracting the attention further down the grid as bumpers clashed. Martin Spiers (451) led, or was it Leach, from Dean Whitwell (195) until Scriven (11) took over, looking to retain his title?

This is where the race got a bit confusing with cars coming and going until a caution for Junior Wainman, Cowley (73) and Branston on the pit bend brought the field to a halt. With 13 cars taking advantage of the centre green parking facilities the remaining runners took the green flag for the second half of the race, Leach led as far as the start line when Green took over but another caution for 501/512 gave hope to second placed Fairhurst. Lee stayed with Green, applied the bumper on turn one but Green shrugged it off, leading down the back straight and heading off into the sunset to start his tenure as world champion in the best possible way, with Fairhurst second ahead of Riley and Wainman (212).

A memorable weekend for Nigel Green

The biggest field of cars (33) for the Grand National finally saw a win for Leach from Scriven and Elwell while Green, taking the lap handicap, decided to teach Jan Kuin a lesson, apparently fencing the Dutch dirt superstar (I missed it!) early on. A great shame as Jan had been a real trier all weekend in his shale car and had escaped any major damage until then.  Come back soon Jan.

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Ant Jenkins

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