New Zealand – Superstock Team Championships 2011: Part 3

The New Zealand Team Champs reporter Paul Tully’s report covering Saturday, the second and final day of racing. Part 3 of 3.

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Team GB in a pre-meeting line up. Photo Paul Tully

Being totally confused by how the points system worked, all I know is that Team GB had to beat Waikato Wanders by more points than the other two teams racing (see; now you’re confused too). The weather had improved on the previous day and some of the dirt was replaced on the track. The crowd (which was twofold on the previous evening) were in buoyant mood, the atmosphere was electric.

After the noisy parade lap, the racing got under way and the first race for the Lions was against the Waikato Wanderers. The whole team were over the previous evening’s disappointment and boy did it show in this race. Mick and Tom Harris were back in their own cars for this one and Mark had to sit this one out. At the drop of the flag Finnikin was right on to the 97H car and rode him up the wall, 94H Kerry Remnant took the lead and Finnikin tucked in behind. As they raced away the car of Warwick Ansty 95H returned the favour, this time on Mick Harris by putting him up the wall on the back straight almost on his side.

Photo Paul Tully

The race was stopped to remove the 00GB car and on the restart Finnikin took the lead while Tom held up Remnant who then spun trying to pass Tom.

Photo Paul Tully

Frankie was in blocking mode and had slowed to wait for an opposing car. The 95H car was not having any of that and hit the back of Wainman which such a bang, it’s a wonder you never heard it back over here. Frankie rode it out well after putting his teeth back in!

Photo Paul Tully

While all this was going on the 96H car had passed Finnikin, Craig then launched a big hit in return and made the 96H car ride the wall and he was back in the lead. There were big hits all over the place from both teams in this race, so much so I was unable to take any further notes and photograph the event, my head was spinning! Craig went on to take the win after a last ditch attempt to stop him, with Wainman and Tom coming in 3rd and 4th.

Unfortunately we did not get enough points to take third overall (something to do with the Rotorua team gaining more points in their race, now I am totally confused). They had to beat the next team to secure 5th overall.

The next team we were up against were Wanganui Warriors, they were down to three cars and we had lost Craig Finnikin’s car due to an engine seizure so Craig went out in Mick’s car. That didn’t last long. At the start of the race Mark Taylor had got away but by the end of lap one Craig had been rolled by 14V Darryl Taylor on turns three and four.

Photo by Paul Tully

We were now down to three cars too. Frankie was doing a cracking job at blocking two of their cars while Mark was making his run for it and managing to miss all that was thrown at him from the Warriors, until about half way when Mark was blocked by the 16V car. He then climbed up and over the car and was away again, an attempt was made to block him again by the 14V car but Wainman intervened just enough to help Mark away again.

Photo Paul Tully

Tom tangled with Ian Barron on the Back straight and Wainman was also having a tussle with Scott Duncan leaving the 001GB car facing the wrong way. Mark was now being hunted down by two of the Warrior cars and they attacked him hard against the wall. Mark somehow managed to free himself and once again was away but was being chased by Darryl Taylor. Then in comes Tom to the rescue and clips the 14V car and spins him out allowing Mark to take the win and confirming the 5th place for Team GB.

Photo Paul Tully

Had these tactics come in to play in the race against Stratford then who knows what silverware we would be bringing home? The lap of honour was greeted with a standing ovation and believe me to witness it brings a shiver down your spine. The overall winners of the teams were Palmerston North Panthers with some of best outstanding, tactical and destroying racing I have ever witnessed.

Photo Paul Tully

The victorious Palmerston North Panthers. Photo Paul Tully

The teams racing is purely what it says on the tin, it is all team work with not only the drivers and their families but behind the scenes too. Special thanks must go to Guy Parker for all the organising of cars, sponsors and fundraising he does (you would not believe how much work he puts in), the car loaners, if we did not have cars we could not race, thank you. To the mechanics who keep the cars going, they are the unsung heroes, some of them are supposed to be on holiday! The promoter Bruce Robertson for allowing us to take part and for making US ALL so very welcome.
And last but not least the Sponsors whom without their help it would not happen at all, so in no particular order may we pass our extreme thanks to the following –

  • Samuel Brigg & Sons
  • J Davidson Scrap Metal
  • Firow Municipal Vehicle Hire
  • NSM Vehicle repairs
  • Neil Stutchbury Motors
  • Richard Baldwin Motorhomes
  • CW Autos
  • 1st Signs
  • Lintern Engineering
  • Flamecrusher
  • Race Tech
  • The Grand Beer cafe

Will we be back for another go in 2012? You bet we will.

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