Kings Lynn – September 25th 2010 Meeting Report

Over forty cars made their way to Kings Lynn for the third round of the National Points Shootout, including all twelve Shoot out combatants. Frankie Wainman jnr was leading the chart, but Andy Smith was not far behind and could overcome Frank if he had a typically good shale meeting. Autumn had finally arrived with a cold blustery wind, complete with fast moving clouds and a showery forecast.

As part of their Promotion, Kings Lynn had conducted an advertising campaign in National newspapers and it was evident on arrival that it had worked as people were queueing two hours before the start to get in and the Promotion were in the process of opening the field across the road for Stadium Parking. At the entrance inside, Frankie Wainman jnr had his shale car and was signing free posters for the fans.

The John Baxter Memorial meeting got off to a flying start with the traditional Whites and Yellows Stars of tomorrow which saw eighteen cars take to the track as Frank took his car back to the pits. John Frost (351) led them away with Dick Gladden (445) getting straight in the thick of it, using his bumper to good effect. Veteran Lionel Shaw (362) and newcomer Neil Holcroft (496) tangled together on turn three as Kings Lynn Shale specialist John Lawn (441) gave Adam Slater (214) a thump to get by, sending Slater into a half spin. John Weldon (235) moved ahead as Tim Warwick (307) and John Frost came to grief when racing against each other and became hooked up together with Warwick being left stationary in the turn four armco. John Lawn was making quick progress and looked to be the likely winner when he tangled with Weldon coming out of turn four and was pushed into an infield marker tyre, coming to a momentary halt before moving on but circling the track wide and slow.

Luke Dennis (192) stuck the bumper into Weldon but failed to pass him as Rob Cowley (73) lurked behind. Luke Dennis and John Weldon then tangled heavily with each other, going at speed into the turn three bend and made a hefty impact with the armco, not making the turn but going straight on into the fence as Cowley sailed past. Upfront, Mick Rogers (244) had put a comfortable distance between himself and the rest of the field and took the chequered unimpeded. Unfortunately, John Weldon broke a bone in the collision and had to go to Hospital, best wishes to John for a speedy recovery.

John Baxter Memorial Stars of tomorrow John Weldon 235 and John Frost 351. Photo Colin Casserley

244 – 73 – 416 – 192 – 223 – 101 – 351 – 52 – 214 – 496

Heat one of the meeting proper saw just under twenty cars take to the track with both Tony (91) and Joshua Smith (191) starting at the rear of the field, testing a new Goodyear tyre compound. Straight away it was clear that Frankie Wainman jnr meant business as he thumped into fellow Shootout stock car Matt Newson (16). Upfront Adam Slater was neck and neck with Rob Cowley, while behind Ed Neachell (321) sent Mickey Randall (172) fenceward bound. Wainman was absolutely flying through the field until Neachell send him into the fence, with Wainman riding the armco before getting back in the race and bearing back down on Neachell down the backstraight.

Neil Holcroft (496) from the front was doing his best but those behind meant business and he was soon bumpered aside by blue top Steve Cayzer (380) who set off trying to put distance between himself and the pack. Mark Woodhull (335) shoved Rob Cowley aside and started trying to reel Cayzer in, as Scott Davids (462) tried to reach the rear of Woodhull. From behind, Wainman jnr was on top of Davids and barged past to move himself into third before going on to overcome Woodhull.

Further down the order, Adam Slater sped up going into turn one and gave Craig Finnikin (55) a hefty whack, half spinning himself out on the slippy surface. Woodhull came to grief alongside Paul Hines (259) as Hines hooked up his front end offside with Woodhull’s rear end inside and the two rode down the backstraight armco locked together, sending sparks flying off. Wainman’s purposeful drive continued and he was quickly able to reel in leader Cayzer with a couple of laps to go, taking the lead and the chequered flag in probably one of the best shale races this season for Frankie Wainman jnr to a massive cheering crowd.

Rob Cowley (73), Matt Newson (16) and Adam Slater (214) fight for position. Photo Colin Casserley

515 – 462 – 380 – 16 – 55 – 12 – 214 – 91 – 172 – 280

Heat two quickly followed, with twenty one cars coming out with Tim Warwick (307) and Luke Dennis making up the front row. BSCDA Treasurer Craig Haworth (52) in the Josh Smith car made his second appearance of the night and made up the front row of Yellow graders alongside John Lawn. Initially, Warwick zipped into the lead but Dennis soon caught back up and the two were racing side by side as Shootout competitor Tom Harris (84) gave Paul Harrison (2) a hefty slap as leader Warwick went into a spin collecting Dennis on the way. A fast Andy Smith (1) thumped into Tom Harris before setting his sights on Paul Harrison, bumpering him, then nerfing him aside. Up ahead John Lawn gave John Frost a nudge to move himself into the lead and set about creating a gap between himself and the rest of the field. At this point, Craig Haworth became stranded on the exit of turn four in a precarious position and the red lights momentarily flashed on before the yellows came into play, causing Andy Smith to slow right down as he saw the red lights. John Frost retired from the action and as he pulled onto the infield, he connected with the arms of the watertank that were hanging down.
Restart order: 441, 446, 223, 244, 338, 137, 307, 1, 2, 84, 4, 48……
At the off, Chris Brocksopp (338) spun coming out of turn four and ended facing the wrong way as the rest of the field tore into action themselves, getting in a big tangle as they came out of the bend. All cars were confronted with a track obstacle which they tried valiently to avoid with limiited success, leading to a collection of cars on turn one. Andy Smith was involved for once and received a lot of front end damage and a surprisingly big back straight cheer went up as he went out. It appears that Andy Smith is now too successful for some fans and the British with their love for an underdog were willing Frankie Wainman jnr on in the chase for the Silver roof.

To avoid the incident, Tom Harris had chosen the outside line in comparison to Andy Smith’s inside line and came out of the incident relatively unscathed while Smith’s race was well over and there would be a rush to get it repaired in time for the Consolation. Restart order: 441, 446, 223, 244, 84, 4, 2, 137, 105, 464
At the green, Joe Booth (446) was right on Lawn, but Lawn successfully pulled ahead, out of harm’s away. Dan Johnson (4) got straight into Tom Harris, pushing past and sending him into the armco. Harris quickly recovered and went in on Johnson, trying to pin him up against the turn four armco. Paul Harrison’s own race came to an end when he pulled off and Lawn had created a nice, little clear lead and had a backmarker positioned between him and Booth.

Dan Johnson was taking no prisoners and was soon up on second place Booth. He reeled in Booth, giving him a hefty hit, sending him out into the armco where he remained until the end with Johnson almost connected with him on the very next lap as he sailed passed. John Lund (53) using his new style shale wing from the World Final, battled with Geoff Nickolls (215) but due to the slick conditions was not able to pass. John Lawn drove onto take the win, with Johnson having been unable to reel the wayward leader in.

BriSCA F1 Heat winner John Lawn 441. Photo Colin Casserley

441 – 4 – 84 – 244 – 215 – 53 – 105 – 338 – 464 – 137

Eighteen cars came out for the Consolation with the gates being held a while longer for World Champion Andy Smith who came onto track but was not initially ready to race. This led to conflict on the terraces as the gates are not held for all drivers but in light of the Gears and Tears Promotion, new and old fans expect to see the main protagonists on track. Twelve cars were to qualify from the race but the Shootout drivers needed the points and so went for it. Rob Cowley manoeuvred himself into the lead and set about putting great distance behind him and the following F1 stock car fighters. Paul Hines started by thumping into Paul Harrison catching Ed Neachell who was just ahead of them.

Andy Smith got straight into action as well, bumpering Paul Hines before giving him a tap on the nerf to pass. Hines continued showing more aggression in his quest for shootout points when he fired Ed Neachell into the stationary Tim Warwick on turn three. The Yellows were then shown for the incident, curtailing Cowley’s lead drastically but it was potentially good news for Woodhull as he had spun through 360 degrees earlier on in the race. Restart order: 73, 137, 416, 223, 446, 172. 1, 2, 259, 212, 335, 48, 464, 52
At the green, Danny Wainman (212) got straight into the thick of it, firing Paul Hines into Paul Harrison, sending them both wide but not far enough ahead to connect with Andy Smith. Mickey Randall and Rob Jacklin (137) tangled as Smith got hooked up himself and slowed, dropping down the order. Mark Woodhull pulled off to the infield as Joe Booth began pressuring Dave Muckian (416), eventually getting close enough to stick the bumper in and pass.

Harrison and Hines were racing together side by side momentarily with young Danny still close behind until Wainman put a hit in on Hines to bypass him. Joe Booth who had been emitting a slight trail of smoke for a few laps slowed up a little as Hines gave him a slight touch to get by. Ahead of this, Harrison was neck and neck with plucky yellow grade Muckian up the homestraight until Muckian ended dropping down the order after making contact with the armco. Third place Danny Wainman was motoring towards Paul Harrison but not quickly enough to get a good hit in on the last bend. Rob Cowley had managed to successfully pull away from the field and keep clear of danger, going on to take a fine, untroubled win.

73 – 2 – 212 – 259 – 446 – 48 – 416 – 1 – 223 – 52 – -464 – nof

The racing had been above average, so when the cars trooped on track for the Final, expectations were high. Twenty seven cars came out, including all twelve of the Shootout drivers. At the off, the blues got themselves in a complete tangle with one unfortunate riding the wall of death up the armco, due to Garry Fox (48) spinning out. Andy Smith continued his ‘bad night’, colliding with a marker tyre before getting back in the race, but with his superior horsepower, it was unlikely to hold him back for long. Garry Townsend (223) and Mick Rogers thumped hard into the fence when jostling for the lead, letting Norfolk based Lawn through. Matt Newson’s unsuccessful night continued, when he was forced to retire to the infield not long after the start. Andy Smith thumped Paul Hines to connect with Frankie Wainman jnr and was far from happy at the yellow flags, with Smith reving his engine up alongside where he thought he should be in the restart order.
Restart order: 441, 244, 446, 462, 4, 2, 515, 212, 259, 1, 84, 12, 215, 55, 53, 105, 464, 223

Mick Rogers (244) bypasses BSCDA Treasurer Craig Haworth (52). Photo Colin Casserley

At the off, Michael Scriven (12) got straight into Tom Harris while Paul Harrison slammed Dan Johnson into Scott Davids. Ahead, John Lawn was sailing away, attempting to create space while Harrison moved himself up into second. Danny Wainman was tailing brother Frankie, until Frankie got it wrong coming out of four, going wide letting Danny take the place and allowing Harris and Finnikin within reach to pass as Dan Johnson’s race came to an end and he retired to the infield. The bumpers were flying in thick and fast with Frankie sticking it into Finnikin but not being able to pass. Tom Harris on dropping back gave Michael Scriven a shove into Frankie Wainman with Wainman going out wide and Harris and Scriven going on and vying for position.

Paul Harrison had successfully reeled in John Lawn and gave him a good hit on turns one and two but Lawn held him off. Harrison then gave Lawn a bigger thump on the next bend sending him wide and allowing Harrison through to take the lead. John Lawn unfortunately had the remaining Shooutout contestants hot on his heels with only John Lund being further back and Luke Davidson being at the rear. Danny Wainman kept pace with Andy Smith for a fair few laps but with his superior machinery Smith eventually began to pull away as the crowd willed Danny on to get into Smith.

Paul Hines was gaining on Paul Harrison and it looked like Hines would be going in for one on the last bend but he was still slightly too far back for a decent attempt letting Paul Harrison go on unimpeded to take his first Final win since 2007. Craig Finnikin on the other hand, went in with a big last bend lunge on Andy Smith with Finnikin barely making contact and Smith being prepared, going wide round the bend and onto take the last podium place.
2 – 259 – 1 – 55 – 84 – 212 – 515 – 441 – 12 – 446

Final winner Paul Harrison (2). Photo Colin Casserley

Seventeen cars came out for the last race of the night with white grader John Frost being the sole lower grader. The Reds consisted of the twelve shootout drivers, joined by lone red top Scott Davids. Michael Scriven was off like a shot at the green, as Matt Newson got straight into action, bumpering Andy Smith before pushing Frankie Wainman aside. Tom Harris ran out of track on the homestraight, connecting with an infield marker tyre while Dan Johnson and Andy Smith tustled and swapped positions. John Frost ended his race in the turn one armco while Matt Newson’s night of bad luck continued when he was forced to retire yet again. The driver’s all continued knocking lumps out of each other with Dan Johnson punting Mark Woodhull into a turn one marker tyre and into a flying roll with the yellows coming out with Woodhull landing on all four wheels, immediately firing it up and retiring to the infield. Restart order: 105, 12, 55, 259, 462, 4, 1, 515, 212, 53, 338, 2, 464, 84

Frankie Wainman jnr 515, Andy Smith 1 and Matt Newson 16. Photo Colin Casserley

Dan Johnson must have missed a gear as he was slow to get away at the start, holding up Andy Smith who was on his back bumper. Johnson then roared into action, laying into Danny Wainman before moving onto Frankie Wainman jnr. In return, Frankie used brother Danny as a cue ball to send Johnson down the order on turn two. Finnikin was up on leader Chris Bonner before sending lap down Danny Wainman up the turn four fence in his dash towards the chequered flag, taking a deserved victory and some well deserved points for his hard racing. The yellow flags had bunched the field up nicely and Paul Harrison had taken full advantage to get himself in the bonus points from his lap handicap. Tom Harris had also done well but was unfortunately removed from the results for pulling out of line during the caution.
55 – 259 – 1 – 105 – 12 – 515 – 53 – 338 – 2 – 4

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