Kings Lynn – September 18th 2011 Meeting Report

Shootout round three was held at Kings Lynn with over thirty BriSCA F1 stock cars arriving to test their skills. The night before, the f2 world final had been held on the Saddlebow shale in wet conditions but some rigorous track preparation meant the surface had not suffered. Both new f2 world champion Mark Simpson (racing under 371) and saloon driver Steve Newman 311 completed their five introductory laps pre-meeting. Both Newman and Simpson settled in well and looked composed in Matt Newson’s 16 hire cars. It was also the first viewing of Paul Harrison’s 2 shale car complete with gold roof.

Saloon driver Steve Newman 311. Photo Paul Tully

f2 World Champion Mark Simpson 371. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA f2 World champion Mark Simpson 871 alongside F1 World Champion Paul Harrison 2. Photo Colin Casserley

Seventeen cars came out for the first F1 stock car event of the day, the whites and yellows race which included Dutch visitor and Emmen Master of Shale Koen Maris H61, out for a bit of practice. An energetically entertaining race ensued with multiple lead changes between Nigel Whalley, John Weldon 235 and Russell Cooper 415. Nigel Whalley became the first yellow to break clear after thumping into Mick Rogers 244. Tim Farrell 467 and Nigel Harrhy 45 were fighting for the same piece of track until Harrhy span into the armco. Koen Maris thumped into Farrell with Farrell spinning and getting caught on Koen’s bumper with John Lawn 441 being held up behind.

BriSCA F1 driver Tim Farrell 467 spins in front of Koen Maris H61. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock car driver John Lawn 441 spins with Steve Newman 311. Photo Paul Tully

Steve Newman 311 span Lawn as Harrhy was spun to the infield by Cooper before Cooper moved on to pressurise leader Luke Dennis 192. John Weldon 235 was following close behind and relegated Dennis to third before moving onto take the lead for himself. A great battle for the lead between the three lower graders ensued.

BriSCA F1 stock car lower graders Whalley 198, Weldon 235 and Cooper 415 battle it out. Photo Colin Casserley

Nigel Whalley barged by Cooper and Weldon for the lead but it was shortlived, with Whalley looking to miss a gear letting Cooper back through to take the flag. Whalley now had Mick Rogers on his tail with Whalley being turned by Rogers on the last bend allowing most of the rest of the field through to the chequered.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Nigel Whalley 198 gets turned sideways by Mick Rogers 244. Photo Paul Tully

Five shootout protagonists rolled out for the first official heat of a two thirds format. Luke Dennis and Tim Warwick 307 led the field off with Frankie Wainman jnr 515 being the first shootout driver to force his way forwards after Craig Finnikin 55 slid down the backstraight at the green. Tom Harris 84 punted Paul Harrison 2 as Dan Johnson 4 dropped to the back of the field. The yellows were soon shown for a stranded Russell Cooper up against the armco at the bottom of the backstraight. The field was bunched right up as Dennis re-led the field away while second placed Tim Warwick 307 was taken to the infield after Steve Makin snr 208 drove into his side. The shootout drivers were right up the order with Harris thumping Wainman jnr aside before chasing after Craig Finnikin.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Murray Harrison 97 heads the field. Photo Colin Casserley

Murray Harrison 97 had moved himself into the lead but found himself under pressure from Tom Harris at the halfway point until Harris clipped the turn three marker tyre allowing Finnikin within striking distance. Tom Harris lamped Murray Harrison and as the trio of Finnikin, Harris and Harrison jostled, World Champion Paul Harrison 2 powered towards them, slamming into Finnikin with the trio of Finnikin, Harris and Murray tangling hard and clattering into the fence on the pitgate turn while Paul slid passed on his way to a confident, well received victory.

BriSCA F1 World Champion Paul Harrison 2. Photo Paul Tully

Heat two saw John Weldon fly into the lead with f2 world champion Mark Simpson and saloon driver Steve Newman starting at the rear of the field. Colin Nairn 280 tangled with Steve Anderson 120 with Nairn heading down the backstraight sideways on. Nigel Whalley had moved comfortably into second but soon had Stu Smith jnr 390 heading towards him at speed. Ryan Harrison 197 was in no mood to mess around, barging forcefully passed the grouped up lower graders in one swoop before moving onto assault Wainman jnr.

Weldon retired to the infield with Whalley taking up the running before Smith jnr relegated him into second. Mark Simpson 371 was holding his own, driving composedly around the shaleway as Paul Harrison’s progress slowed when he momentarily lost pace up the homestraight, before getting back into battle.

BriSCA F1 stock car World Champion Paul Harrison 2 alongside Mark Simpson 371. Photo Colin Casserley

Wainman jnr was back up with Ryan Harrison moving on to take third before reeling in second place Nigel Whalley. Paul Harrison was tracking Ryan Harrison, sailing passed with Ryan pushing Paul wide in return, culminating in Paul sending Ryan fencewards in the dying stages. The hard charging, flag taking Stu Smith jnr found himself docked two places for jumping the start giving the victory to Frankie Wainman jnr with Nigel Whalley picking up second. Shootout combatant Matt Newson 16 had pulled off early on and did not appear for the rest of the evening, suggestive of engine issues.

The final heat saw Tim Warwick 307 head the field while Craig Finnikin gave Dan Johnson a taste of the bumper. As Nigel Harrhy 45 dropped down the order, Paul Hines 259 knocked him wide to pass, swiftly followed by an on fire Stu Smith jnr following suit soon after. Dan Johnson was vying for track position with Stu Smith jnr with the two racing side by side until Dan clipped the armco.

BriSCA F1 stock car drivers Mark Woodhull 335 and Murray Harrison 97 at the start of heat 3. Photo Paul Tully

Johnson dropped back but fired into Ryan Harrison sending him out to connect with Harrhy, sending Harrhy into the armco. On the next lap Harrison returned the favour to Johnson with Johnson narrowly squeezing by Harrhy but Harrison connected with the stationary lower grader.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Nigel Harrhy 45 loses his rear bumper. Photo Colin Casserley

The yellows were shown for Harrhy whose rear bumper had fallen off in the scrum. Mark Woodhull 335 led the restart away with third placed Hines sticking the bumper into second placed Warwick while Smith jnr thumped into fourth place Mick Rogers before charging forwards to attack Hines for position. Steve Newman 311 smacked into the fence quite hard necessitating the yellow flags just as Smith jnr and Finnikin vied for position. Woodhull led the field away again, but with Stu Smith jnr on his rear bumper it was not long before Smith jnr moved in for the kill, taking the lead and onto the victory.

Nineteen cars made it out for the Final with Nigel Whalley taking over from early pace setter John Weldon. The shootout six minus Matt Newson and Stu Smith jnr who had both loaded up got straight into action, tearing into the first bend with Dan Johnson and Ryan Harrison clamouring to be the first to break clear. Mark Woodhull 335 was purposefully moving through the field and challenging Whalley for the lead with Whalley not being prepared to settle for second and hoofing Woodhull in return.

BriSCA F1 stock car drivers Nigel Whalley 198 and Mark Woodhull 335 battle for position. Photo Paul Tully

This allowed the superstars to close the gap and Paul Hines 259, the lone star grader soon captured the lead for himself with Ryan Harrison nerfing Whalley aside to move ever closer to the front. Dan Johnson gave Woodhull the benefit of his bumper but Woodhull fought back with the duo tearing round alongside each other with Woodhull taking advantage of Johnson’s momentary wobble.

Tom Harris closed the gap and fired Johnson out into Woodhull with Johnson getting back up and thumping Harris back. Craig Finnikin caught the turn three marker tyre which seems to catch everyone out at Kings Lynn, losing control round the bend with Tim Farrell 467 ploughing head on into the armco. Johnson was flying up the field alongside Tom Harris and got on the back of Ryan Harrison sending him flying into the fence. The yellows came out for Chris Bonner 105 who had lost a wheel and an incident at the other end involving luckless Colin Nairn.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Paul Hines 259 on his way to another shale Final victory. Photo Paul Tully

Paul Hines steadily led the field for the rolling lap but had the battling lap down Harris and Johnson on his tail. At the green Hines was off like a rocket with Johnson thumping into Harris allowing BriSCA World Champ Paul Harrison to sweep through into second. Harris and Johnson continued scrapping til the flag with Harris not willing to relinquish any points to one of his rivals. Fellow shootout-ist Frankie Wainman jnr dealt Mark Woodhull a clout for his place as the laps rolled down. Out ahead Paul Hines was well clear and swooped to take the flag for his second shale final in less than a month.

The Grand National saw thirteen cars take to the track but lack of car numbers did not mean no action with half the field composing of shootout competitors and sole star grader Paul Hines taking up his lap handicap position in front of lone white top driver John Weldon 235. Nigel Whalley 198 moved into first while at the rear the shootout drivers squabbled amongst themselves. Ryan Harrison was straight into action charging up the field and moving passed Mark Woodhull to take third before moving onto John Weldon to take second. Craig Finnikin was not far behind, giving Woodhull another punt for his trouble before racing on to catch up with Ryan, giving him a taste of his bumper and letting the lurking Woodhull back through. Woodhull’s race with the shootout boys finished when he span to the infield after he had sent Finnikin to the fence. Frankie Wainman jnr shoved by Ryan Harrison to take second for himself and set off in pursuit of leader Whalley. Paul Harrison tustled with Ryan Harrison culminating in him pushing Ryan out wide to take third. The long distance traveller, yellow grader Nigel Whalley went on to take the flag and the victory in fine style from Wainman jnr.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Nigel Whalley 198. Photo Colin Casserley

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