Kings Lynn – October 30th 2010 Meeting Report

The penultimate shoot out round drew forty cars to the Saddlebow shaleway in front of a packed house for the traditional Carnival Halloween meeting and saw Andy Smith (1) extend his lead over Frankie Wainman jnr (515) by just seven points, leaving it all to play for at the double point Shoot out finale at Coventry. It also saw the debut of yet another ex-f2 driver moving over to the big league. Dave Riley (422) in the ex-Joshua Smith (191) car completed his first ever five laps pre-meeting, and soon got to grips with the power of a BriSCA F1 stock car and not long after started in the Whites and Yellows Championship race with sixteen cars taking to the track.

BriSCA F1 stock car Dave Riley 422 soon got to grips with his new car. Photo Colin Casserley

At the green, Richard Bryan (238) tore into the lead while Tim Warwick (307) got stuck into Luke Dennis (192) to move into second. John Frost (351) took in a spin on turn two with Adam Slater (214) being right behind, clattering into him and putting himself out of contention. John Lawn (441) was making his way along with Dave Willis (337) towards the front, with purpose but were unable to reel in the leaders within ten laps. Tim Warwick went for a last bender on leader Bryan, and was near, but not near enough to make contact, and sent himself sailing towards the armco. As Warwick skirted the armco he came out of turn four just ahead of third place Willis and got caught up on Willis’s front bumper, twisting round and being pushed sideways over the line to keep his second place.
238 – 307 – 337 – 441 – 330 – 415 – 422 – 192 – 351 – 496

BriSCA F1 stock car Whites and Yellows top three of 238, 307 and 337. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat one followed with just under twenty cars filing out onto track including Danny Ford (138) in his second appearance of the season. Dick Gladden (445) and Graeme Robson (267) from the front row exhanged places for the lead on the first lap with Robson taking the lead. At the rear of the field, the five Shootout drivers launched into action with Tom Harris (84) shoving his way through and Craig Finnikin (55) being the first to break clear. Adam Slater (214) and Tony Smith (91) went wide on turn two allowing the rest of the field by as they dropped to the rear. James Morris (463) went into turn one at high speed sending Finnikin into a spin and back down the order. Mark Woodhull (335) and Paul Harrison (2) fought with each other for several laps before Harrison broke away. Finnikin, on seeing Morris ahead put in a big lunge to connect with Tony Smith, who in turn collided firmly with the side of Morris, sending him out wide as Finnikin sauntered by. Just up ahead, Tom Harris sent Danny Wainman (212) wide, and Finnikin immediately capitalized, passing Wainman to move up the order. Mark Woodhull (335) was well in the mix, dishing out the bumper and fighting valiently for position with the Shootout drivers Dan Johnson and Tom Harris. Paul Harrison who had stolen away earlier, had Johnson on his tail and when Johnson went in with the bumper, Harrison spun out. This forced Dan Johnson to move wide to avoid and allowed both Finnikin and Harris to slip through on the inside.

BriSCA F1s Tom Harris 84 and Craig Finnikin 55 do battle. Photo Chris Clark

Harris slammed into Finnikin as behind, Johnson went in on Woodhull. Finnikin and Harris continued battle, exchanging hits and places with Harris coming out on top. A flurry of activity saw Wainman barge past the warring Johnson and Woodhull but Woodhull was straight back into Johnson sending him into Wainman. Wainman on dropping down the order laid into Woodhull on the last bend with Woodhull going out wide and snagging Gladden who was riding round the armco. Upfront Steve Cayzer (380) took the chequered flag but most eyes had been further back, following the battle for the lower places.
380 – 244 – 11 – 267 – 84 – 55 – 212 – 335 – 2 – 4

BriSCA F1 stock car Heat winner Steve Cayzer 380. Photo Chris Clark

The rest of the Shootout drivers came out for heat two with the three main protagonists all being grouped together. At the green, Neil Holcroft (496) failed to get away and needed a push start from Dave Wills (337) so the field came round again for another rolling lap. At the off, Andy Smith (1) immediately set his marker down, spinning Frankie Wainman jnr (515) sending him skittling down the backstraight armco sideways to the Smith fans joy.

BriSCA F1 stock car Andy Smith 1 spins Frankie Wainman jnr 515 round. Photo Colin Casserley

Paul Hines (259) got straight into John Lund (53) with Smith lurking just behind as Lund got a bit out of shape. Wainman jnr was straight back into the race and thumped Lund going into turn one as Matt Newson (16) was the first Shootout driver to show. It looked like FWJ was in the mood for a fight as he laid into Hines, sending him for a hard taste of the pitgate fence as Smith dealt with Scott Davids (462) down the other end. Smith’s progress was then slightly slowed up the homestraight by Holcroft pulling to the infield to retire. Lund was back up on FWJ as he valiently tried to close the gap on his nemesis Smith. Newcomer Dave Riley ended up on the turn four infield but got himself sorted out and back in the race. Dave Willis aimed his bumper at Rob Jacklin (137) as Smith dealt Chris Brocksopp (338) a smack which Brocksopp returned but was unable to gain his place back.

BriSCA F1 stock car Andy Smith deals with Chris Brocksopp 338. Photo Chris Clark

Richard Bryan (238) took in a spin on turn four leaving him exposed as cars coming out of the bendclattered into him before the yellows were shown with four laps to go. Restart order: 337, 288, 307, 97, 1, 446, 338, 515, 53, 12, 259, 434, 16, 462, 422, 105 with Lund being forced to pull off just before the green. Wainman jnr laid into Brocksopp as Murray Harrison (97) and Andy Smith swiftly passed Simon Panton (288) and set about reeling in leader Willis who had seen his wayward lead severely curtailed by the yellow flags. Harrison launched himself at Willis with the two coming out of the pitgate bend together and Harrison tangling with the front end of Willis, letting Smith sneak through into the lead and onto take the chequered flag.
1 – 337 – 515 – 288 – 446 – 16 – 338 – 12 – 105 – 462

Consolation time saw Shootout drivers Paul Hines and John Lund alongside the mostly White grade field. Richard Bryan tore into the lead once more while Rob Jacklin spun on turn two taking out Tim Warwick at the same time. In the charge to the front, Adam Slater (214) went sideways round turn three and was helped back into shape by the Blue top cars all around him. Bumper merchant James Morris (463) bumped into an infield marker tyre before getting himself back into the race down the back straight. Hines got straight into Lund following his mechanics big effort to get him back on track, straightening out his front axle and replacing his broken back shocker. Hines moved up the field as did John Lawn (441) who quickly overtook Dick Gladden (445) and was soon up on second place Graham Wagstaff (330). Further back, Hines thumped Adam Slater into Ivan Pritchard (434) but not quite hard enough as Pritchard still came out ahead. Adam Slater sped up to gain on Hines and repaid the compliment, giving him a return blow but soon came to grief, colliding with the infield marker tyres. Hines was still chasing Pritchard as Dave Riley retired, pulling into the turn two armco. Hines continued to make his way up the field at a fast pace until Danny Ford (138) turned him to the side up the homestraight. Hines on getting himself sorted carried quickly on, and was soon back up with Pritchard and Wagstaff when Ford piled them all in on turn one and sped past. John Lawn had successfully reeled in leader Bryan and dealt him a hit on the last bend to take the lead and the win.
441 – 238 – 415 – 138 – 434 – 53 – 259 – 463 – 91 – 351

BriSCA F1 stock car Richard Bryan 238 passed by John Lawn 441 on the last bend. Photo Colin Casserley

Just under thirty cars came out for the final with Richard Bryan and Graeme Robson (267) taking up the front row. At the green, the whites piled into turn one and got acquainted with the turn one fence as Steve Cayzer (380), Danny Ford (138) and Simon Panton joined them there. At the back of the field, there was a flurry of activity as Tom Harris passed Andy Smith and Dan Johnson (4) thumped Frankie Wainman jnr (515). Richard Bryan span to the backstraight infield as Craig Finnikin thumped John Lund but the pair on going wide allowed Andy Smith to slide by umimpeded. Frankie Wainman jnr then smacked Finnikin wide, with Finnikin scuffing round the armco before getting back into action. Johnson, Lund and Finnikin traded blows coming out of the turn three abreast as Wainman jnr now got stuck into Matt Newson. Finnikin, on breaking free continued his aggressive drive sending Newson out into Pritchard as not long after, Johnson took advantage, cutting passed Newson up the inside. Tom Harris span right round on turn two as Smith shoved Morris aside with Michael Scriven (12) who was lurking just behind, gave Smith a thump himself.

BriSCA F1s Andy Smith 1, James Morris 463 and Michael Scriven 12. Photo Colin Casserley

Harris on getting back in the race, laid into blue top Joe Booth (446) as Morris caught up with Scriven but before he could act, Chris Brocksopp attacked him with his bumper. Andy Smith was racing up the order and was soon on the speedy shale driver Mick Rogers (244) while Wainman jnr was back up on Morris, passing him to make his way up the field himself. Smith had the lap down Booth and Harris between him and local leader Lawn and as the laps ran down, Lawn sailed across the finish line to take a welcome victory unimpeded by the superior Smith machinery. Afterwards, Lawn said he did not think the car was good enough to win but it was, having come on in the last few laps.
441 – 1 – 244 – 515 – 463 – 4 – 55 – 335 – 16 – 2

BriSCA F1 stock car Consolation and Final winner John Lawn 441. Photo Chris Clark

The last F1 stock car race of the night, the Grand National saw just under thirty cars file onto the track with Lawn taking his lap handicap starting behing the Shootout drivers. Dan Johnson attacked Paul Harrison straight away to make his way upfield as Andy Smith shot passed Frankie Wainman jnr. Mark Woodhull bumpered Wainman jnr and as the two continued to scuffle, they tangled down the backstraight riding the armco, sending sparks flying. Johnson continued his way forwards, laying into Craig Finnikin as Danny Wainman (212) showed brother Frankie how he should be dealing with nearest rival Andy Smith by slamming into him, sending him to the armco to great cheers. The Shootout drivers exchanged places and bumper hits with Finnikin sending Adam Slater into Andy Smith, who had returned to the race despite being heavily lapped. Paul Hines shoved John Lund as Tom Harris and Mark Woodhull who had been stamping his own authority on the proceedings all night got slightly ensnared. Harris on getting free, let Harrison passed as Danny Wainman got stuck into Mark Woodhull himself. Finnikin passed Andy Smith as Adam Slater was left stationary on the exit of turn four and Richard Bryan was in the same position going into turn three. Hines repeated his Consolation trick, hammering Ivan Pritchard aside as ahead, Johnson was on top of Matt Newson as lap down Smith bypassed Finnikin and began to pull away at a tremendous rate. Paul Harrison came to grief alongside Danny Ford, when the two fell over each other and took a tangled trip to the turn three fence where they remained until the end.

BriSCA F1 stock cars Paul Harrison 2 and Danny Ford 138. Photo Colin Casserley

John Lawn had been keeping out of trouble and keeping going for his five bonus points until Chris Brocksopp, Graeme Robson and Dave Waterhouse (101) tangled, blocking the track going into turn four just as he approached. Somehow, Lawn managed to find a tiny gap between a sideways Brocksopp and the hooked up white tops, squeezing through to continue his race. In his quest for valuable Shootout points Tom Harris gave Hines a thump sending him out into Pritchard as Harris moved on. Upfront, Steve Cayzer had made his way to the front again and extended his lead, comfortably taking the chequered flag.
380 – 4 – 16 – 55 – 462 – 337 – 55 – 192 – 84 – 259

All eyes now turn to the BriSCA National Points Shootout Finale at Coventry with everything being still to play for in the race for the coveted Silver roof with Andy Smith (1) being seventeen points ahead of his nearest rival Frankie Wainman jnr (515).

BriSCA F1s main Shootout contenders Andy Smith 1 and Frankie Wainman jnr 515. Photo Colin Casserley

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