Kings Lynn – May 26th 2012 Meeting Report

Camiel de Decker H62. Photo Colin Casserley

Ed Tesselaar H348. Photo Colin Casserley

James Morris 463 charging up the order. Photo Colin Casserley

The lively Whites and Yellows race was the entertaining starting point for the Kings Lynn speedweekend. Martyn Walton 243 set off from pole and set about extending a healthy lead while on the front of the yellows, Adam Slater 214 initially drove around James Morris 463 before Morris took command of second. Les Spencer 98 fancied his chances hoofing Steve Anderson 120 aside, while Dave Willis 337 went a bit too wide, clipping the armco down the backstraight as Chris Clare 394 got stuck into Ed Tesselaar H348.

Dave Riley 422 heads Dave Willis 337. Photo Colin Casserley

Mike Williamson 111 and Dave Riley 422. Photo Paul Tully

Russell Cooper 415 alongside Paul Redfern 252. Photo Paul Tully

Slater’s progression to the front came to a sharp halt when novice Lewis Aspen 404 span himself out on the backstraight and Slater had nowhere to go. It was something of a baptism of fire for Aspen who always seemed to be in the thick of it in the orange Craig Aston 440 machine. James Morris was steadily reeling in Walton, claiming the lead and the flag for himself. Slater was unable to get near enough to Walton in the latter stages and had to be content with third.

James Morris 463. Photo Paul Tully

Heat 1 saw Martyn Walton again initially head the field, followed by fellow white grader Billy Johnson 169. Dan Laughlin’s 420 chances ended with a trip into the infield marker tyres. Mick Sworder 150 also got straight into action sending blue grade Chris Bonner 105 flying out to crump into the fence.

Mick Sworder 150. Photo Paul Tully

Camiel de Decker H62. Photo Paul Tully

Camiel de Decker H62 manouevered into first much to the Dutch spectator’s delight and was well out in front but Sworder was not in the mood to settle for second, charging down on Decker with five to go. Sworder clashed metal with lap down Colin Goodswen 372 allowing Mat Newson 16 to edge ever nearer but he was not close enough to make an impression before the flag fell.

Mick Sworder 150. Photo Colin Casserley

Star graders line up for heat 2. Photo Paul Tully

Heat 2 saw Ed Tesselaar H348 tear off into the lead as the only other white top was novice Lewis Aspen 404 who sensibly started at the rear. Murray Harrison 97 clipped an infield marker tyre on the first bend, spinning himself out and collecting Marco Falkena H151 as well as Dan Johnson 4 before sorting themselves out.

Murray Harrison 97. Photo Paul Tully

In no mood to mess about, Ryan Harrison 197 took Paul Spooner 104 to the fence on the scoreboard turn before spinning unaided to the infield on the backstraight.

Marco Falkena H151. Photo Colin Casserley

Colin Goodswen 372 and Josh Smith 191 come to grief. Photo Paul Tully

Neil Shenton 35 superceded Tesselaar at the front as behind, Ed Neachell 321 was having a great run and up with Dave Willis 337, sticking the bumper in before charging off ahead. Frankie Wainman jnr 515 was gaining on lap down Murray Harrison until Harrison accelerated and fired Ed Neachell into the fence in a fair hit.

Dave Willis 337 turned sideways. Photo Paul Tully

Willis and Harrison were battling for track position with neither being willing to give way, with Willis being turned sideways and Wainman jnr and Paul Harrison 2 piling in as Harrison sheepishly limping away. Upfront Shenton kept it smooth and steady to take the win followed home by Tesselaar.

Dave Willis 337 ends up sideways as Framkie Wainman jnr 515 and Paul Harrison 2 pile in. Photo Colin Casserley

The Consolation saw a flurry of activity in the first few laps with the yellows coming out after an altercation whereby an unsighted Tony Smith 91 had ripped off his nerf after colliding with Neil Holcroft 496. Adam Slater led the restart away but his lead had been severely curtailed and from third place, Murray Harrison soon swept into the lead.

Adam Slater 214 relinquishes the lead to Murray Harrison 97. Photo Colin Casserley

Frankie Wainman jnr was not having an auspicious start, and slowed heavily for a punctured offside rear but kept trundling on round the track. After spending a number of laps on Ryan Harrison’s 197 rear, Craig Finnikin 55 gave Harrison a tap to commandeer second place behind Murray who went on to take the flag.

Ryan Harrison 197 alongside Craig Finnikin 55. Photo Paul Tully

Wainman jnr’s attempt to carry on came to naught when he was forced to retire begging the question, when was the last time Frankie did not qualify for a World Qualifying Round Final? Or any Final come to that (excluding the 2012 all in format at Belle Vue which caused a stir).

Frankie Wainman jnr 515 trying to keep going with a flat tyre. Photo Colin Casserley

Final time soon came around with solo white grader Ed Tesselaar leading them away as behind, cars charged into action throwing themselves at the track. Chris Clare and Paul Spooner clattered the turn two fence with Camiel de Decker joining them before the reds piled in and Tesselaar’s lead disappeared.

Mat Newson 16 and Paul Harrison 2. Photo Paul Tully

Craig Finnikin 55 and Tom Harris 84 put on a great show. Photo Colin Casserley

The cars stretched 3/4s of the way round the track at the restart with James Morris snatching the lead and charging ahead while superstars Tom Harris 84 and Craig Finnikin 55 enjoyed a great tustle, with the duo enthusiastically swapping places until Harris got a bit of headway and shot off. James Morris had fallen by the wayside allowing Adam Slater to take up the running before soon finding himself under pressure from Ryan Harrrison. Ed Neachell looked to have used up all his tyres and soon dropped back down the order. Ryan Harrison moved through to the front and was extending his lead but was soon on the receiving end of the mechanical fault flag for a broken back bumper strut which had claimed other victims.

Jan Roelof Wijbenga H228. Photo Paul Tully

Finnikin was back up with Harris renewing old acquaintances, with the duo trading steel and entertaining the crowd. Adam Slater was keeping it tidy behind Ryan Harrison but the battling Harris and Finnikin were looming nearer. Finnikin overtook Slater, with Slater going out wide allowing Harris to slide by at the same time. Ryan went on to take the flag by some length, parked up against the armco smoking his tyres in celebration only for his joy to turn to misery as he had been excluded from the race, giving Craig Finnikin another fine Norfolk win with yellow grader Adam Slater having a great run to take third.

the offending piece of bumper on Ryan Harrison's 197 car. Photo Colin Casserley

The last race of the night saw Louw Wobbes H22 pull off before the start with a piston or ring issue. Dave Willis and Russell Cooper 415 had a coming together exiting turn four with Willis facing oncoming traffic against the armco for the rest of the race. Mark Poole’s 276 bad luck continued as he skimmed round the armco on two subsequent laps. Billy Johnson was heading the field as Mike Williamson 111 got stuck into Luke Dennis 192 once again. Climbing rapidly up the field, Paul Hines 259 took over at the head of the field and set off at speed.

Paul Hines 259 climbing up the order taking second from Neil Shenton 35. Photo Colin Casserley

Billy Johnson 169 goes up over the side of Dan Johnson 4. Photo Colin Casserley

Billy Johnson went over the side of Dan Johnson with Dan not being too happy and bore down on Billy hitting him twice to spin him out. Final winner Craig Finnikin had picked up a puncture was slowly traversing the outside of the track, hoping for five extra points but had no choice but to retire.

Adam Slater 214 alongside Mat Newson 16. Photo Paul Tully

The main talking point came when Tom Harris dumped Frankie Wainman jnr into the parked cars of Lewis Aspin 404 and Jan Roelof Wijbenga H228 after the flag but before the red. Expectations were high to see whether Wainman jnr would return the favour the following day.

Paul Hines 259 on his way to the chequered flag. Photo Paul Tully

Frankie Wainman jnr 515 dumped into two parked cars. Photo Colin Casserley

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