Kings Lynn – May 23rd 2009 Meeting Report

The last bend battle of Heat 2 at Kings Lynn

The last bend battle of Heat 2 at Kings Lynn

On a glorious evening with clear skies, warm weather and saloons as support the scene was set for a good night’s racing. Just over thirty cars made the journey for National Series round 10 at Norfolk Arena and there was plenty of on track action to follow.

First on track for the F1s was a Whites and Yellows Championship race; separate to the meeting format. Eleven cars made it onto the track including long distance traveller Nigel Whalley (198). At the off Dave Willis (337) stuck the bumper in on James Clement (158) while Steve Malkin jnr (308) and Mark Tittcomb (398) were busy swapping places with Malkin jnr coming out on top. Graeme Robson (267) and Richard Bryan (238) both spun out while Joe Booth (446) and Nigel Whalley (198) looked quick and soon got themselves to the front. Near the end Malkin jnr and Tittcomb tangled on turn four allowing the following cars past.
198 – 446 – 337 – 195 – 398 – 267 – 308 – 231  nof

Heat one followed with Murray Harrison (97) starting at the back. Steve Malkin jnr (308) led them away with Garry Townsend (223) pulling off almost straight away. The first red to show was Mat Newson (16). Craig Finnikin (55) put in a huge hit on turn 1 with Tom Harris (84), Mat Newson (16) and Scott Davids (462) all going into the armco; with Finnikin himself going in as well. The incident left Finnikin and Newson stranded; only for James Clement (158) to then drive into them in error. Scott Davids (462) managed to get going slowly again, got up to speed only to plough back into the stranded cars he had just left, damaging his own front end. The yellows then came out for Mat Newson (16) as he seemed winded by the incident. Frankie Wainman jnr (515), Mark Peters (231), Murray Harrison (97) and Graeme Robson (267) tangled together on the homestraight on the restart while Steve Malkin jnr (308) led the field away. Joe Booth (446) muscled past lapped Craig Finnikin (55) and Tom Harris (84) and then Mark Gilbank (21) went past Malkin jnr with Malkin jnr having an unsuccessful go at getting his place back from Gilbank.
Leader Joe Booth (446) and Harris were jostling at the front with four laps to go. Tom Harris tried to nip up the inside coming out of turn 2 but ended up being driven into the infield marker tyres as they both fought for the same piece of track. Gilbank who had been gaining fast then lost a radiator hose so sensibly slowed right down, took a wide line and stayed out of trouble to finish further down the field.
On the last lap Steve Cayzer (380) pounced and wellied Steve Malkin jnr (308) into Paul Hines (259) sending Malkin jnr scuttling round the Armco with Cayzer gaining the place from Hines.
446 – 4 – 380 – 259 – 12 – 308 – 338 – 398 – 105 – 21

Heat 2 saw Richard Bryan (238) take the lead, with Mark Tittcomb (398) second; and Dave Willis (337) and Nigel Whalley (198) battling amongst themselves. Bryan was soon surpassed for the lead by Willis with Danny Wainman (212) being the first red to make his way through the field in the early stages. Dean Whitwell (195) had clear problems so was going slow, trying to hug the Armco. Whalley himself pulled up against the Armco coming out of turn 4 while yellows came out for the stranded Tittcomb car on turn 1. Dave Willis (337) led them away while Steve Cayzer (380) hit Wainman into Paul Hines (259) but Hines held on. Paul Harrison (2) was making his way towards the front with purpose and moved past Chris Bonner (105) and Mark Peters (231). Craig Finnikin (55) spun on turn 1 and 2 creating a huge cloud of tyre smoke and obscuring the top bends. John Lawn (441) was gaining on a leading Willis and tried to get past him but Willis held his line. Paul Harrison was now also breathing down their necks so all three were in contention for the lead. With a lap to go, Lawn then went for Willis on turn 4, missed and sent himself scrabbling round the Armco while Harrison sped past to take second place, relegating Lawn to third.
On the last bend  Lawn went for Harrison while Harrison in turn went for Willis. Harrison pushed Willis wide while Lawn then nudged Harrison keeping him wide for a drag race to the line with Harrison just getting the better of Lawn.
2 – 441 – 337 – 105 – 259 – 231 – 4 – 12 – 212 – 55.

Heat 3 initially saw Steve Malkin jnr (308) take the lead but Dave Willis (337) meant business and was soon in the thick of it. He sped past Richard Bryan (238) on the outside before leathering Joe Booth (446) who never came out of the turn 1 armco for the rest of the race. Meanwhile Tom Harris (84) past Scott Davids (462) whille Rob Cowley (73) got it a bit sideways between 1 and 2 holding up Mark Gilbank (21) with a cluster of cars soon all fighting to get round the bend. Simon Panton (288) got hooked up with Frankie Wainman jnr (515) on the homestraight and looked to be about to go over at one point before managing to get all four wheels on the ground and pull off depositing a lot of oil on the infield. At the halfway stage while Dave Willis (337) still led from Murray Harrison (97) by a decent gap, Tom Harris (84) slowed up and parked in the turn 4 armco. Paul Harrison (2) was also gaining on second place Murray Harrison (97) but gremlins struck and he then also had to pull off onto the infield. Frankie Wainman jnr despite his earlier coming together with Panton was making steady progress through the field taking third from Nigel Whalley (198).

337 – 97 – 515 – 198 – 13 – 21 – 212 – 303 – 73 – 195.

In the final, lone white top Richard Bryan (238) led the field away with the bumpers going in thick and fast behind. Nigel Whalley (198) attacked Mark Peters (231) while Steve Cayzer (380) attacked Rob Cowley (73). Garry Townsend (223) ended his race in the Armco whilst Joe Booth (446) spun out. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) attacked Paul Hines (259) while Dave Willis (337) spun and got collected on the home straight forcing him to pull off. Richard Bryan (238) and Craig Finnikin (55) tangled on the backstraight forcing both to the infield on turn 3. Mark Gilbank (21) chased Dan Johnson (4) while FWJ was in hot pursuit of Tom Harris (84) with Harris managing to keep ahead. Come the halfway mark, FWJ stepped up a gear overtaking Harris easily. Mark Peters (231) who had been leading comfortably since near the start somehow managed to spin himself out on turn 1 allowing Murray Harrison (97) to take the lead. Jim Bamford (302) pulled off along with Gilbank; and Nigel Whalley (198) ended his race sitting in the Armco on the roadside bend.
With 5 laps to go the order was 97 – 515 – 2 with all being comfortably spread out. Slowly but surely FWJ reeled Harrison in and with two laps to go  was on the Harrison car. On the last bend Harrison went slightly wide and FWJ just gave him a nudge to push him out further, allowing him to nip through and take the win. FWJ said afterwards that he just kept going but didn’t want to put Murray in the parked car. Out of the twenty two cars that started the race only ten survived to the end with just over half the field retiring.
515 – 97 – 2 – 4 – 105 – 338 – 73 – 12 – 13 – 446.

Last race of the night again saw Richard Bryan (238) lead them away with Chris Brocksopp (338) and Garry Townsend (223) spinning themselves onto the infield. Andy Ford (13) took the lead with Murray Harrison (97) close by. Scott Davids (462) and Tom Harris (84) were competing with Harris coming off best. Craig Finnikin (55) hit Davids putting him in turns 3 and 4. For most of the meeting Davids engine had been slightly smoking and this time, Davids pulled off with  even more smoke coming from his engine. Mark Gilbank (21) was staying with Frankie Wainman jnr (515) who didn’t take the lap handicap. As clearly quoted in Stoxworld, FWJ does not believe there is any point in taking the handicap while the new starting system is in effect. Murray Harrison (97) was gaining on Andy Ford (13) but with Ford going more sideways into the bend he kept just ahead of Harrison’s bumper. However, on the last bend Harrison successfully spun Ford out gifting second to Harris and once Ford got himself sorted and across the line he was in the lower places.
97 – 84 – 55 – 515 – 21 – 259 – 105 – 2 – 13 – 12.
Grade awards
White – Steve Malkin jnr (308), Yellow – Andy Ford (13), Blue – Murray Harrison (97), Red – Paul Hines (259) and Superstar – Paul Harrison (2).


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