King’s Lynn – June 29th 2013 Meeting Report

An all-important last race at Kings Lynn before the F1 World Final in September took place on the 29th June, the F1`s taking second billing with the Saloon Stox British Championship at the Steve Newman tribute weekend at the Norfolk Arena on a warm and dry evening.


First up was the regular Whites and Yellow race with a grid of 11 cars on the usual superbly prepared Lynn shale. Early leader was 307 Tim Warwick who made an impressive start and held on well with 215 Geoff Nicholls in pursuit and 245 Carl Swift not far behind. Warwick held on to the lead and was still leading with 2 to go but Nicholls was closing in with Swift very close behind. Swift made an impressive move on Nicholls, sending the 215 car into a half spin but with one lap to go Warwick held on for a popular crowd win with Swift right on the 307 bumper at the chequered. The 307 car was tractored off afterwards with a flat tyre so another lap would have probably seen results altered from 307 from 245 with Nicholls recovering to third from the spin.

Result 307 245 215 104 280 231 76 386 183


Heat One saw a grid of 20 cars with new comer 183 Steve Whittle starting at the back with the Novice cross on back of the car. Early leader was 76 Aaron Cozens with 372 Colin Goodswen and 532 Daz Kitson taking each other out on the pit bend. On lap 5 , 16 Matt Newson and 515 Frankie Wainman hooked up on the main straight with Waimman heading for the infield and a marker tyre and eventual retirement, Newson recovering from a half spin to continue racing and at halfway it was 91 Tony Smith leading from 58 Colin Eadley and 245 Swift. With 5 to go Smith had dropped out with Swift leading from 303 Carl Mosley pursued by star men 212 Danny Wainman, 2 Paul Harrison and 191 Josh Smith. Carl Mosley was then spun out with a little bit of help from 212 and at the finish it was Swift from Harrison and Josh Smith.

Result 245 2 191 94 212 463 H240 16 183 58.

Three laps to go, and Karl Mosley exits second place.

Three laps to go, and Karl Mosley exits second place.

Heat Two for a field of only 17 cars proved the adage it`s not numbers but action that counts. On the green flag 462 Scott Davids span on the first bend with 4 Dan Johnson and 321 Ed Neachell hooking up together, Johnson then retiring and the first yellow came out on lap 2 for an infield tyre on the track. On the re-start it was 307 Warwick from 104 Paul Spooner, 267 Graeme Robson and shale man 446 Joe Booth. Ryan Harrison 197 soon bumpered Booth fencewards before Warwick and Neachell on lap 7 hooked each other up and headed fencewards in front of Mr Starter, the yellows coming out as Warwick had managed to lose the back wheel and half shaft in the process.

Mixed fortunes - After winning the opening White & Yellow race, Tim Warwick suffered severe rear axle damage in the next race.

Mixed fortunes – After winning the opening White & Yellow race, Tim Warwick suffered severe rear axle damage in the next race.

At the re-start Spooner led from 197 Harrison and 21 Mark Gilbank but by halfway it was 197 from 21, Spooner third and Tom Harris fourth. For the next 3 /4 laps the crowd saw 197 Harrison taking the usual sideways on into the bends route that Harrison prefers with Gilbank attempting a move up the inside, the inevitable happening with Ryan squeezing Gilbank into an infield marker on turn 3, Gilbank eventually recovering but Harrison then retiring for the evening with a badly damaged engine.

84 Tom Harris then took up the lead for an easy victory ahead of 1 Lee Fairhurst from a well- deserved third place to Spooner.

Result 84 1 104 150 446 97 259 21 335 215

Two cars, four roof colours..... Tom Harris, National Points and European Champion, and Lee Fairhurst, World and British Champion.

Two cars, four roof colours….. Tom Harris, National Points and European Champion, and Lee Fairhurst, World and British Champion.

The consolation brought out the star men yet to qualify of 321 4 515 and 462. At the start 303 Mosley span out re-joining at the back of the grid and by halfway it was 223 Garry Townsend leading from a very quick 462 Scott Davids with 515 Wainman third. A loose marker tyre on turn 3 led to the drivers taking a wider line than normal with the Townsend car heading into the fence. With 2 laps to go the yellows were out for the stranded Townsend car and at the re-start it was 462 Davids from 515 Wainman , 4 Dan Johnson and Neachell fourth these places remaining until the end

Result 462 515 4 321 12 306 76 267 280 386.


The final saw a full grid bar the 446 Booth car which had loaded up with engine problems and the early leaders were 58 Colin Eaedley from 94 John Dowson and 215 Nicholls. Early retirements were 97 Murray Harrison and 84 Harris ending their race on the in –field. By lap six the yellows were out for the stranded 280 Colin Nairn car on turn 1 by which point 259 Paul Hines was in second place, the placings being 94 Dowson from 259 Hines, 215 Nichollls, 463 James Morris. 1 Lee Fairhurst and 150 Mick Sworder. By the first bend on the re-start all had changed completely, Dowson and Hines getting away but a train of following cars putting the Fairhurst and Nicholls cars into the first bend fence very hard with the yellows coming out again for the two cars to be recovered. At the re-start 259 Hines was leading from Dowson, 4 Dan Johnson and 150 Mick Sworder 4th. By halfway Hines had kept the lead but Gilbank was now in second place from Sworder and 2 Paul Harrison. The positions remained similar to the end with Paul Hines taking a very popular victory in the `self built` shale car which though taken time appears to be now on the pace, Paul also giving his usual gusto performance on the winners mike afterwards!!

Result 259 21 150 4 2 212 335 94 463 515

Final winner Paul Hines, with Mick Sworder and James Neachell.

Final winner Paul Hines, with Mick Sworder and James Neachell.

The Grand National was a two horse race from early on with a 462 Scott Davids who had looked very quick all night taking some wide lines into and out of the Lynn bends from a closing and fast moving 84 Tom Harris. It looked as if Davids may have held on for the win but with the laps closing Davids was held up on turns 3/4 by H240 and Harris seized his chance and powered home to the chequered flag.

Results 84 462 1 515 212 H240 94 104 191 372.









Words: Andy Armer
Photos: Colin Casserley

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