King’s Lynn – June 29th 2013 Meeting Report II

Due to a slight “administrative error” at HQ, we ended up with two reports for this meeting. This is the second one.

Paul Hines on his way to victory in the meeting final.

Paul Hines on his way to victory in the meeting final.

Forty F1 cars turned out at the Norfolk Arena for a last practice session on the Saddlebow Road shale before the revered World Final in September. The BriSCA Big League were supporting a major weekend for the 2L Saloons; incorporating their British Championship and the Steve Newman Memorial. Many F1s sported yellow bumpers in memory of the much-missed saloon driver.

Only eleven cars made it on track for the Whites and Yellows race, which was won in commanding style by Tim Warwick (307), but with a spirited drive by Carl Swift (245) netting second place ahead of Geoff Nicholls (215).

Karl Mosley gets airborne.

Karl Mosley gets airborne.


Twenty rolled onto the track for Heat One, including Netherlands visitor Henk-Jan Ronitz (H240). Aaron Cozens (76) was the early leader until he tangled with Joe Thompson (386), handing the lead to regular F2 pilot Colin Eardley (58), having another outing in a Newson hire car.

Mat Newson (16) himself was delayed mid-race when an ambitious move by Frankie Wainman Junior (515) on the home straight went awry as a marker tyre intervened. While FWJ retired to the infield, Newson restarted way down the field. Carl Swift took over the lead spot, keeping his cool as the laps wound down to record his first win ahead of a hard-charging Paul Harrison (2).

Whites and Yellows winner, Tim Warwick, led the early laps of Heat Two before Graeme Robson (267) took over. He was himself soon passed by Paul Spooner (104). Warwick and EdNeachell (321) had a coming together on the home straight, with both cars charging the fence. The collision ripped a back wheel off the 307 car, bringing out the caution.

Flying Ryan in the Boeing 197

Flying Ryan in the Boeing 197

At the restart, all eyes were on Flying Ryan as the Boeing 197 car scythed through the field, hotly pursued by Mark Gilbank (21). The Rotherham Rocket squeezed up the inside of Harrison going down the back straight, but Ryan was ready, chopping Gilbank into a marker tyre. The 197 car came off the worst, retiring to the infield, destined not to race again that evening. Tom Harris (84) annexed the lead and held it to the flag.

Sixteen hopefuls lined up for the Consolation, with the early pace set by Garry Townsend (223). Neachell was moving through the field rapidly but got involved with Steve Fisher (256). Meanwhile, Scott Davids (462) overhauled Townsend for the lead. FWJ and Dan Johnson (4) battled both each other and the backmarkers to claim second and third respectively, with Neachell recovering to a respectful fourth.

No doubt with the events of last year’s Saloons British Championship in mind, Buster Chapman spent a lot of time removing excess shale from against the fence, temporarily putting a halt to the fast-paced racing. Once this task was complete, twenty-seven cars roared onto the track and gridded for the Final.

Lee Fairhurst finds the King's Lynn wall

Lee Fairhurst finds the King’s Lynn wall

After an early caution thrown for Colin Nairn (280), John Dowson Junior (94) put his car into overdrive and took the lead before Mick Sworder (150) drilled Lee Fairhurst (1), Nicholls and FWJ into the pit bend wall, bringing out the yellows once again.

At the restart, Paul Hines (259) took command of the field. Shale was flying and Sworder, Gilbank and Johnson traded both paint and places throughout the remainder of the race but there was no denying the Hinckley driver, who crossed the line as a clear winner. Maybe he has double-glazed goggles to keep the dust out?


An early caution was called for in the twenty-one car Grand National as Tony Smith (91) required help after clashing with 245. Davids took the lead at the restart and looked a likely winner but backmarkers delayed his progress. Instead, Harris was ready to make up for his non-finish in the Final by taking his second win of the night. Obviously, the advice he received from Billy Newman on his Heat Two victory lap paid dividends.

The Norfolk Arena provided another great night of racing action, leaving drivers and fans alike impatient for King’s Lynn’s next event, the beloved World Championship.


Words: Rhosanna Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley

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