Kings Lynn – September 18th 2009 World Final Warm-Up Meeting Report

On one of the nicest days of the year over sixty Formula 1 Stockcar’s filled the pits at Kings Lynn for the Friday Night ‘World Final Warm up meeting’. A fantastic number of Dutch Cars had made the trip over from both the Field / Dirt racers and the Tar racing classes.

Overseas Race

The first race of the evening was a stand alone event, open to all overseas drivers not in the World Final. Fifteen Cars took to the track; Evert van den Berg (H12) and Marco Kandt (H67) got things under way with contact in the opening turn on the opening lap while Gerrit Zwerver (H19) got away to a good start and led the field. This lead did not last for long with the H19 car spinning exiting turn four and being collected by the following car of Gert Elzinga (H393), along with Louw Wobbes (H22) making contact, and the blue car of Feite Visser (H23). A varied assortment of racing lines were being tried by the Dutch field. Bouwe Arjan Hiddinga ( H17) appeared to be settling into his race only to get spun by H23 with H22 again having a car thrown in front of him. Martijn Oudhuis (H477) also spun exiting turn four. As the half way point was reached Fred Hink (H35) attacked and moved H12 going round turns one and two. H12 unsettled by this was then T-Boned over on turns three and four with Louw Wobbes again being the car behind that run into a problem. John van’t Veer (H16) was leading the race with H35 powering his was towards the front. With one lap to go, H35 was in third place with the lap down car of Pieter Dogger (H12) in front. H16 took the win unchallenged with H67 coming home in second place and H35 passing the lap down H12 on the inside to take third place.

Result H16 – H67 – H35 – H12 – H393 – H51 – H17 – H151 – H12 – H64

H16 John Van 't Veer. Photo Colin Casserley.

H16 John Van 't Veer. Photo Colin Casserley.

Heat One

Twenty cars formed the grid for the first race proper of the evening with Tim Warwick (307) being the solo white grader. Marco Kandt ( H67) was in with the Blue graders with drivers Richard Talsma (H64), Mark Woudenberg (H84), Bouwe Arjan Hiddinga (H17) and Fred Hink (H35) all starting together in the red grade along with Joe Booth (446). The newly bumpered and nerfed 515 car of Frankie Wainman was behind along with local Matt Newson (16); and the two 217 cars of Lee Fairhurst (217) and Ron Kroonder (H217) were at the very rear.

UK217 Lee Fairhurst alongside H217 Ron Kroonder. Photo Colin Casserley.

UK217 Lee Fairhurst alongside H217 Ron Kroonder. Photo Colin Casserley.

On the opening turn H67 was forced out wide as the remainder of the blue grades closed in; H67 finding himself rejoining the race at the very rear. The four red graded overseas drivers forming a train down the back straight. Matt Newson got on their rear along the home straight and fired H64 and H84 into turn one. Frankie Wainman was using the inside line to great effect and was soon side-by-side with Ed Neachell (321). FWJ braked later going into turn one taking the place from him. Matt Newson followed FWJ’s line and picked the pocket of Neachell by getting ahead.

Up front, race leader Warwick was coming under pressure from Les Spencer (98). Spencer attacked the inside line round the turns but the always sideways Warwick was able to come out of the turns in front of the 98 car. Disaster then stuck the 515 car as all power was lost going into turn one and the 515 car was forced to retire from the race – this was later confirmed to be a blown Diff. With the battle for the lead going on, Steve Cayzer (380) moved himself into position, fired the 308 car of Steve Malkin jnr into the rear of Spencer who in turn was fired into Warwick who was sent wide, losing the lead. Les Spencer was the new race leader with Cayzer in second place and Malkin behind.

Cayzer was on the back bumper of Les Spencer before taking the lead. Simon Panton (288) had worked his way to third place and applied pressure to Spencer taking the inside line and taking second place exiting turn four. Joe Booth made his way forwards and sent the 307 car of Warwick into the Armco going into turn one. Booth gained on Newson with the cars going side-by-side down the back straight. With the lap boards being shown steam could be seen escaping the engine area of Newson’s car.

Second place Panton attacked Steve Cayzer going into turn one sending the 380 car off wide while Simon Panton took the lead. Les Spencer was now on the back bumper of Cayzer going down the back straight, launching his own attack going into turn three. The 98 car T-boned 380, who was then pushed into the already spun car of Steve Jacklin (136). Malkin also got a touch on the rear of the 98 car. This combined attack along with the stationary 136 car saw the 380 car roll onto to it’s roof onto the bonnet of the 136 car. Red and chequered Flags came out and the race was halted straight away.

Result 288 – 308 16 – 446 – H217 – 34 – 321 – H35 – H64 – 307

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Heat Two

Twenty Cars again made the grid for the third race of the evening with Russell Cooper (415) being the solo white grader. Malcom Ngatai (NZ1) took position within the yellow graders while Weird Gietema (H76), Gary Castell (H247) and Marco Falkena (H151) were with the red grades and silver roofed Durk Greidanus (H29) started alongside gold roofed Andy Smith (391) at the very rear.

Dave Willis (337) took an early spin exiting turn two thanks to Richard Bryan (238) as further back, Mark Gilbank (21) also spun. Malcolm Ngatai wasted no time in attacking race leader Cooper, while at the rear, Dutch Points Champion H29 was oversteering around the turns and lucky not to hit one of the many infield marker tyres. Craig Finnikin (55) took up battle with Andy Smith, attacking the 391 car going into turn one.

Malcolm Ngatai had taken the lead from Cooper who was himself now under attack by third place Ryan Harrison (197). Andy Smith looked very much at ease and under control as he worked his thought the field being closely followed by Finnikin. Ryan Harrison (197) had begun to encounter the first of the back markers with Richard Bryan proving difficult to pass. Adam Slater (214) had moved himself into fifth spot and as he launched his own attack on fourth placed Cooper, Chris Bonner (105) gave the rear of the 214 car a helping push that sent both cars wide and gave Bonner the inside line and third place.

With the lap boards out Malcolm Ngatai was still leading second placed Ryan Harrison had a lucky near miss from the spinning Marco Falkena (H51) on turns three and four. While behind, Slater and Cooper were in fierce battle with each other. With three laps to go Harrison got up the inside of Ngatai to take the lead and race win. Ngatai attempted to counter attack Harrison but was unable to make contact, going into the last turns Bonner went attack Ngatai but Ngatai was able to hold Bonner off to take second place.

Result 197 – NZ1 – 105 – 214 – 415 – 391 – H477 – H76 – 55 – 12

Heat Three

Twenty-four cars took to the track, that included; World Finalists in the shape of white grader Ricky Wilson (502); Dale Ewers (NZ2) and Jessie de Bruin (H399) in amongst the blues and Axel Nijs (H32) in with the reds and at the very rear of the field Brett Tobin (Aus15).
H19 got away to a poor start spinning and being collected by the following pack. John Lawn (441) launched an early attack onto the rear of Ricky Wilson who in turn connected with the race leader Graeme Robson (267) with John Lawn moving on to take the lead. H19 and Dave Nickolls (242) had a tussle along the back straight seeing both cars veer off onto the infield on the approach to turn three. H399 launched a huge attack onto the rear of H267 going into turn one. Within just a handful of laps Stuart Smith (390) had broken into the top ten places with a car car that looked to be perfectly set up.

Second placed Wilson was coming under attack from Tony Smith (91), Tony Smith getting up the inside to take second. Wilson fought back but was again forced wide around the turns, this time being kept out wide and passed by Jim Bamford (302), Stuart Smith (390), Tom Harris (84) and Daniel Wainman (212). Second place Tony Smith had been challenged and passed by Geoff Nickolls (215) with the 91 car coming to a rest against the Armco on turn three.

With the lap boards being shown Stuart Smith moved into second place with lap down H19 and Arie Kandt (H267 ) between him and race leader Lawn. Stuart wasted no time moving H19 wide round turn four then passing H267 along the home straight and began to purposefully chase down the leader. Stuart took the inside line passing Lawn and then went onto to take the win unchallenged.

Result 390 – 441 – 215 – 84 – 212 – 302 – 502 – H22 – H61 – NZ2


A monster grid of thirty-two cars went for their last chance of getting into the meeting final. And the inevitable first turn pile up saw Gert Elzinga (H393), Steve Jackin (136), Steve Cayzer (380), Bouwe Arjan Hiddinga (H17) and Marco Kandt (H67) all ‘pile-up’ but rejoin the race. Mark Gilbank had a coming together with Axel Nijs (H32), with Scott Davids (462) running into the rear of them. Graham Robson (267) was the early leader with Neil Scriven (11) in second place.

FWJ with Craig Finnikin in tow were powering their way though the field. Neil Scriven then spun on turns three and four gifting second place to Dave Willis (337) who reeled in race leader 267, applying pressure then getting up the inside of 267 round turns three and four to take the lead at the half way point of the race. Willis was quickly onto the rear of the back markers that were in a four car train. Going into turn one, Willis dispatched with Mark Woudenberg (H84) and Gary Castell (H247) and powered on. FWJ was now in second place and closing down on race leader Willis.

Willis had to move back marker H17, slowing the 337 car and giving FWJ those vital seconds he needed to close the gap even more. Once within striking distance FWJ began his attack on Willis; first going into turn one and then again in turn two forcing Willis wide. FWJ gunned it exiting the turn coming out in front of Willis. Willis then gave chase down the back straight and went for the attack going into the last turns. Willis hit FWJ on the last lap to retake the lead but lap down H17 then stuck the bumper into Willis, causing the 515 car to go into Steve Cayzer (380) and roll onto it’s roof with the red flags coming out. Going back a lap meant Willis secured the win; but unfortunately on having to replace a wheel due to a flat tyre, meant that he failed the post race weighing and was removed from the result.

Result H12 – 21 – 498 – 98 – 238 – 260 – 217 – H51 – 462 – H267


Just under thirty cars formed the grid for the meeting final under full floodlighting. Russell Cooper (415) spun on the opening lap and Tim Warwick (307) took the first lap lead, racing side-by-side with Ricky Wilson (502) down the home straight. Going into turn one on the second lap, Ryan Harrison (197) fired into the two white graders, sending all three cars off wide towards the Armco and opening up the inside line. John Lawn (441) didn’t waste this gift and took the lead where he remained for the following laps to take the win.
Koen Maris (H61), Richard Talsma (H64) and Jim Bamford (302) were all involved with an incident exiting turn two that saw the Talsma car of H64 ending up perched on top of the Armco.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Waved Yellows came out with the restart order being 441 – 197 – 215 – 415 – 98 – NZ1 – 288 – 34 – 105 – NZ2
With the race again under way, Malcolm Ngatai (NZ1) and Les Spencer (98) had a coming together exiting turn four which saw the 98 car drop well out the top 10 placings and then retire from the race in a shower of sparks. Andy Smith (391) meanwhile was again working his way though the field like a hot knife though butter. Lawn was keeping it steady out front, working his way though the back markers without too many problems.

With four laps to go Andy Smith took second place from Geoff Nickolls (215), and Lawn had back marker Fred Hink (H35) in front. Lawn bided his time, making the pass on the inside. Andy Smith was in second place with nothing between himself and Lawn going into the last lap. Smith closed within striking distance around turns one and two, setting Lawn up for a hit going into three. Smith made an attack but Lawn knowing it was coming, valiantly held on to take the flag.

Result 441 – 391 – 215 – 21 – 288 – 197 – 84 – H217 – 55 – 105

Final Winner John Lawn 441. Photo Colin Casserley.

Final Winner John Lawn 441. Photo Colin Casserley.

Grand National

The last race of this Friday night world final build up saw thirty-six cars gridded. Russell Cooper (415) got away to perfect start to take the lead. While behind the bumpers were flying in all over the place!
Waved Yellows came out with the restart order being  415 – (Lap Down H35) –H267 – 231 – (L.D H84) – (L.D 214) – 462 – (L.D H67) – (L.D H64) – (L.D H393) – 55 – 21 – 515 – 446 – 391 – 16.

Cooper again got away to a good start while behind him FWJ moved Mark Gilbank wide. Craig Finnikin (55) attacked and passed lap down Adam Slater (214) with Slater returning the attack going into turn one but being unable to move the 55 car. Cooper extended his lead out front while second place H267 spun in turns one and two, gifting second place to Mark Peters (231) who was quickly being hassled and passed by Scott Davids (462). While this had been going on, Andy Smith had passed FWJ and was looking to be breaking into the top three placings. Peters offered no resistance, allowing both Smith and FWJ past. While behind, a train of fast red grades had formed including 55 – 16 – 21 – 446.

As Smith battled for second place, Davids made contact with FWJ exiting turn two almost steering the 515 car into the marker tyres with FWJ almost dropping out of the top ten as a result. Waved Yellows came out with Cooper being forced to retire from the restart / race with an overheating engine. Restart order 391 – 55 – 16 – 446 – 21 – 231 – 288 – 515 – 12 – H22 – H29 – H12 – H31 – 462

Matt Newson and Finnikin were straight into battle on the restart, Newson getting on Craig Finnikin’s back bumper going into turn four sending the 55 car rattling along the armco of the home straight. Joe Booth (446) kept Finnikin out wide round turns one and two, with Gilbank planting a nice hit onto the rear of Booth. Finnikin got back onto the inside, keepin both Booth and Gilbank out wide. With the laps counting down Andy Smith was away out front going onto to take the win unchallenged.

Result 391 – 515 – 16 – 55 – 12 – 288 – 212 – H22 – H29 – H12

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