Kings Lynn – April 26th 2009 Meeting Report

Final Winner Simon Panton (288)

Final Winner Simon Panton (288)

Whites and Yellows

Day 2 of Kings Lynn Speedweekend started with the whites and yellows race. Twelve cars came onto track. In the opening stages last nights W&Y winner Graham Wagstaff (330) had a coming together with Richard Bryan (238) on turns 3 and 4 allowing Steve Malkin jnr (308) to make a break. Adam Slater (214) was the first of the chasing yellow graders. As the race settled down, Wagstaff and Russell Cooper (415) spun out and Andy Ford (13) and Mike Kingston (188) tangled on turns 3 and 4, Geoff Nickolls (215) drove into the incident and came out the better. Adam Slater (214) retired to the infield and with 4 laps to go with Steve Malkin jnr having had half a lap lead on Geoff Nickolls, Andy Ford and Steve Jacklin (136).
Result 308 – 215 – 13 – 136 – 188 – 337 – 41 – 238 -330 – 195.

Heat 1

Heat 1 brought out twenty one cars onto a sunny track. Matt Newson (16) and Murray Harrison (97) were the first of the red grades to move though the pack. Dave Willis (337) prevented any further progress of the Harrison car allowing Lee Robinson (107) to gain. Willis and Harrison tangled coming out of turn 2, disabling both cars for vital seconds. Steve Malkin jnr (308) was clear out in 1st place and appeared to lose concentration or judgement and hit full on the maker tyres between turns 1 and 2. This gave the lead to Newson but the Lee Robinson car was closing fast along with Andy Smith (391). Smith bided his time before launching his attack, using the Robinson car to spin out the leader Matt Newson. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) was closing in fast with under 4 laps to go and tucked up inside Robinson to secure 2nd place.
Result 391 – 515 – 107 – 2 – 288 – 84 – 55 – 338 – 195 – 380

Heat 2

Heat 2 also saw twenty one cars take to the hot sunny track. The race did not start well for Garry Townsend (227) who was spinning and getting knocked about a fair bit, before coming to rest up on turn 1 and 2 and needing Yellow flags. Then, bizarrely the top 3 cars of the restart all retired before the next green flag! Russell Cooper (415) was over heating, the front outside wheel hub collapsed on the Andy Ford (13) car, then Mark Woodhull (335) retired to the infield gifting Mick Harris (8) the lead. On the restart Mick pulled well clear of the chasing pack. Stu Smith jnr (390) narrowly avoided the spinning 446 car, and lost places as a result. Within a few laps SSJ was hot on the tail of John Lund (53) who himself was chasing down Mark Gilbank (21). SSJ took 3rd place from Lund, then launched a last bend attack on Gilbank and drag raced to the line just in front of Mark.
Result 8 – 390 – 21 – 53 – 4 – 212 – 242 – 73 – 12 – 105.


21 cars came out for there last chance into the final for the consi. The spring sunshine was replaced by a spring shower making for a very wet and slippy track. 308 took the early lead. Until Mark Tittcombe (398) took the lead and looked quite a ease out in front, As the half way flag came out the top 3 were Mark, Robert Broome (41), Mark Peters (231). Peters powered past Broome and looked to be in place to challenge for the lead. The lap down Steve Jacklin (136) spun out taking the Tittcombe and Peters car with him. This moved Mark Woodhull (335) into 1st place and Peters in 2nd with red tops Paul Hines (259) and Murray Harrison (97) in 3rd and 4th. Harrison launched a last bend attack on Hines which sent both cars to the armco and no advantage was gained as the Harrison car went from 4th to 8th place finish, gifting Tony Smith (91) 3rd spot and Robert Broome 4th place.
Result 335 – 231 – 91 – 41 – 398 – 13 – 337 – 97 – 37 – 16.


The meeting final had twenty seven cars lined up, and the the return of the hot spring sunshine. With no white grades Andy Ford (13) had the perfect start and took the lead The Dave Willis (337) car chasing him down and started applying pressure. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) had the lead of the two Smith brothers. John Lund (53) slammed side on into the armco on the exit of turn two losing vital places and car handling as a result. Dave Willis took the lead from Andy Ford. As the track dried and speeds increased it was Dave Willis, Simon Panton (288), Rob Cowley (73), Chris Brocksopp (338), FWJ, Tom Harris (84), Stu Smith jnr (390) with just 4 laps to go. Panton took the lead from Willis who dropped back down the field once moved off the racing line. FWJ moved into 3rd place with three to go and SSJ into 4th. And the high speed chase was on. Andy Smith (391) was in 7th place behind Willis, the next lap saw Willis and Andy Smith swap places and then swap again with Smith taking the 6th slot at the flag.
Final result 288 – 73 – 515 – 390 – 84 – 391 – 337 – 53 – 107 – 212

Grand National

The last race of the weekend had 28 cars on track with Panton tracking the handicap. Steve Malkin jnr (308) was the early leader with Mark Peters (231) and Robert Broome (41) close behind. The first of the red grades were Lee Robinson (107), Steve Cayzer (380) and Mark Gilbank (21). With the sun shining; and the track the driest it had been all weekend the speeds increased. As the lap boards came out Stu Smith jnr (390) and Frankie Wainman jnr (515) were at battle, SSJ spun while trying to reclaim the place from FWJ who made a rare mistake the next lap on turn 3 and 4. SSJ seeing his chance over-drove in turn 2 and tangled with Carlos Perez (305) removing both from the race. Steve Malkin jnr held on out front for the win with Robinson, Chris Brocksopp (338), Broome and Mark Woodhull (335) close behind.
Result 308 – 107 – 338 – 41 – 335 – 4 – 380 – 515 – 21 – 259


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