Kings Lynn – April 25th 2009 Meeting Report

Final winner Frankie Wainman jnr (515)

Final winner Frankie Wainman jnr (515)

Whites and Yellows

Russell Cooper (415) set the pace in the Whites and Yellows (Stars of Tomorrow) race with Graham Wagstaff (330) sticking the bumper into Tim Warwick (307) on the first bend. After some tussling Graham took the lead and never looked back. Steve Malkin jnr (308) then took Tim Warwick to the homestraight fence and when Tim got going again he then spun into Adam Slater (214) on turn one leaving Dave Willis (337) with nowhere to go except into Tim’s side.
Result 330 – 415 – 13 – 41 – 188 – 225 – 308 – 337 – 238 – NOF

Heat 1

Richard Bryan (238) as sole white top led the twenty cars away with Mick Harris (8) spinning on turn one and Steve Cayzer (380) being the first red top in amongst the blues. Yellows came out for cars on turn one including Colin Nairn (280). Andy Ford (13) led at the restart with Richard Bryan and Dave Willis (337) in 2nd and 3rd respectively. At the half way point Richard Bryan half spun on turn one taking Steve Cayzer (380) out with him. Murray Harrison (97) and Dan Johnson (4) were jostling for position when John Lawn (441) got involved and ended up clattering the armco going into turn 3. Andy Smith (391) however, was making swift progress through the field and with a few laps to go was pressurising Andy Ford; taking the lead from him with a couple to go. On the last bend Andy Ford had a go back but had to settle for second place.
Result 391 – 13 – 55 – 337 – 2 – 107 – 97 – 4 – 242 – 212

Heat 2

Heat 2 saw twenty two cars including Stu Smith jnr (390), Frankie Wainman jnr (515), Carlos Perez (305), John Lund (53) and Tom Harris (84). In the opening stages of the race SSJ and FWJ were locked in battle; coming together exiting turn four which saw FWJ drive over the bonnet of SSJ. John Lund used this tangle to place himself right in the thick of the action between SSJ and FWJ. Lund held his racing line and refused to be moved despite continued attempts from FWJ. Meanwhile white top Steve Malkin jnr (308) was leading the field with Tom Harris (84) hot on his heels. The Malkin car moved though the back markers with ease and held off attacks from Harris; this enabled the SSJ car to reduce the gap. When Tom Harris eventually did move Steve Malkin jnr, SSJ was quick to steal the advantage; using his speed to take the lead on the last bend.
Frankie Wainman jnr launched his own last bend attack on Malkin jnr currently in 3rd, but the spinning Malkin car, took FWJ with it. The train of high speed red tops collected the Malkin jnr car and thanks to John Lund and Mark Gilbank (21) both pushing on his car, Steve Malkin jnr was 3rd over the finish line.
Result 390 – 84 – 308 – 53 – 21 – 515 – 446 – 335 – 225 – 105


As the twilight became darkness twenty one cars made the grid for their last chance to secure a place in the meeting final. Cars included Steve Cayzer (380), Paul Hines (259), Michael Scriven (12), Matt Newson (16) and John Lawn (441) sporting a shark fin instead of an aerofoil. The opening laps saw the whites and yellows taking themselves out of the race and any chance of qualifying. Blue grade Mick Harris (8) lead the field quite comfortably; with a nice gap between himself and Simon Panton (288) in 2nd place. Matt Newson and Steve Cayzer were the first of the red grades to make up the top five spots.
As Mick began to manoeuvre through the back markers Graham Wagstaff (330) over-steered into turn 1, made contact with a marker tyre, rolled and was clipped by Mick. In the resulting yellows, Matt Newson pulled off with car problems. Mick kept the lead and took the win after fending off an attack from the Steve Cayzer car. Meanwhile Simon Panton, Chris Brocksopp (338), John Lawn and Michael Scriven were all having an fantastic battle behind the leaders.
Result 8 – 380 – 288 – 441 – 12 – 338 – 259 – 188 – 215 – 305


Under a floodlit track the full thirty qualified cars took their place for the final. Steve Malkin jnr (308) being the only white grader. Very early into to the race Dave Nickolls (242) spun down the back straight being collected and hit by more than one bumper before coming to rest between 3 and 4. With the resulting yellows, Andy Ford (13) was leading with Steve Malkin jnr (308) in 2nd. Frankie Wainman jnr, Andy Smith (391), Stu Smith jnr, John Lund (53) and Murray Harrison (97) were all sitting behind Dave Willis (337) in 4th and Tom Harris (84) in 3rd place.
On the restart Andy Smith launched an attack onto the back bumper of the FWJ car. The end result was the Smith car moving himself out wide and dropping places as the FWJ car powered away. Lund took full advantage of Andy losing out and powered up the places. As the lap boards were out Andy was closing fast on Stu Smith jnr, getting in front on turns 3 and 4. SSJ launched an attack onto Andy’s car coming out of Turn 4 sending Andy’s car in on Mark Woodhull (335) along the home straight taking both Smiths and Mark out of contention. FWJ extended his lead from 2nd place Lund to take the win.
Result 515 – 53 – 21 – 84 – 13 – 4 – 2 – 380 – 97 – 105

Grand National

Thirty four cars came out for the last race of the night on a fast track with Frankie Wainman jnr taking the lap handicap. White top Russell Cooper (415) took the early lead, before blue grade Jim Bamford (302) got the jump. In a controlled fast race Tom Harris (84) and John Lund (53) were the two star drivers racing for the win. Lund launched an attack on the Harris car to take the lead but it was not long before Tom Harris regained the lead and a rear inside flat tyre took away any chance of Lund taking the lead again but did not prevent him from taking 2nd place with a tyre that exploded on the last lap.
Result 84 – 53 – 55 – 302 – 338 – 390 – 242 – 380 – 2 – 515.


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