King’s Lynn, 30th April 2016 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

The Big League returned to the Adrian Flux Arena for their second session of 2016, headlining a meeting shared with F2s and National Ministox. Lower grade drivers dominated the first half of the racing – was a surprise final winner on the cards?

Twenty made it on track for the Whites and Yellows opener which included Luke Dennis (192) in a car whose appearance definitely belies its age and novice Chris Worrall (263), from Co. Durham, in the green Newson hire car. Chris, I think, is ex-F2 and the experience showed during his five-lap pre-meeting test. Austin Moore (127) showed promise from the green, taking the lead chased by Colin Nairn (280) and Ant Lee (339). Nige (45) took over third as Nairn eased ahead of Moore with four to run and held on for the win.


Whites and Yellows top 3

Twenty-two for Heat One with big guns Johnson, Speak, Sworder and Wainman (515) at the back of the grid. Nigel Green’s (445) race lasted less than a lap, the Leicestershire man retiring to the infield with severe rear axle damage. Mick Rogers (244) took the lead early on, oblivious to the 4/150/515 battle behind him and ran out a clear winner from Daniel van Spijker (231) and Booth (446).


Star drivers Johnson, Wainman and Sworder battling in Heat 1.

Twenty-two again for Heat Two which saw an impressive flag to flag victory for Austin Moore, underlining the confidence shown in the opening race. Paul Harrison (2) clobbered a marker tyre on the home straight and invited Lund, Dowson, Hines and Elwell to join him. Will Yarrow (22) moved into second despite the attentions of Karl Roberts (313), then Mat Newson (16) arrived on the scene, taking second with three to go but the pink 127 car was smoking, metaphorically and literally.

Did anyone else notice the “Ostle Transport” tanker rumbling down the road outside the stadium at the end of heat two. Whatever happened to Travelling Sam from Kirkby Stephen in Westmoreland? Come to that, whatever happened to Westmoreland?


An impressive Heat win for Austin Moore.

A few big names were relegated to the Consolation, such a Speak, Hines, Lund and Finnikin but yet again we had a non-red top winner. Speaky almost spun on the roller as the sun set in the West and the combination of low sun and rising dust made viewing difficult, but Tom Boyer (28) hit the front, from Nigel Whalley (198) and Nairn. Boyer had the audacity to spin Lund on the home straight as Whalley took the lead, picking his way through the back-markers with care. Over the last five laps, Rob Speak made great inroads into Whalley’s lead but was still a car’s length behind at the flag.


Another Consolation appearance for the Gold Top.

The thirty car Grand Final was led away by Nairn and Moore ahead of a 16-strong contingent of yellow tops, three blues and twelve reds and superstars. Boyer led, from Nairn and Brad Harrison (25), the 280 car annexing the lead after a couple of laps but unable to shake off Boyer. Sworder tore through the pack in what was a very fast race. Nairn went AWOL as FWJ (515) tried to make up lost time, gaining on Speak, squeezing by on the pit bend only to feel the full force of the 318 bumper on the next bend. Harrison (25) now had several car lengths lead over 150 and 94, but a caution for a car on turn four put paid to that.


Brad Harrison was in the lead after the first caution in the Final.

As is the custom at King’s Lynn the track was watered to lay the dust before the restart – the order was 25, from 150, 318, 94 and 515 but the Dowson car was running ragged and pulled onto the centre. Brad maybe pre-empted the green flag a little and who could blame him with that lot on his back bumper.

The wet track caught Speaky out on the pit bend allowing FWJ into third. The Silden superstar then went for Sworder, driving him into the wall on the fourth bend to take the lead, only to be drilled into the pit bend fence by Speak. The gold top also slammed into the fence behind the 515 car as Wainman rode the hit and came out still in front while the 318 car was slowed temporarily. The top men were all taking a wide line around the track as the laps wound down, Newson getting the better of Speak until he was spun on the last lap by the Manchester man and collected Lund while Wainman carried on where he left off last month at KL, taking the flag a clear winner from Sworder and Harrison (2).


Another King’s Lynn Final win for Frankie Wainman Junior, with Mick Sworder and Paul Harrison completing the podium.

Thirty-one for the Grand National with George Elwell (501) on pole. No Speak or Johnson (4) in this one but Nigel Green returned to the track having repaired the damage incurred in his heat. A marker tyre tried to join the race in the early stages, bringing out the yellow flags and it was Boyer who led them away at the restart from Moore and Booth (446).

Boyer still led from 127 with Sworder quickly into the places when another caution was called for, this time for Paul Harrison, stranded on the apex of turns three and four. Aided by the yellow flags FWJ was up to 11th place by the second stoppage and, come the restart, Booth swept into the lead ahead of Davids (462) and Sworder, while Wainman’s progress was hampered by van Spijker bouncing off a marker tyre on the home straight. Another caution at the halfway stage for Boyer saw the remaining runners lined up behind Buster’s water cart again. Buster had no chance of winning the race so pulled off before the start.

Sworder tried to remove Booth on the pit bend after the green flag but half spun, diving onto the infield and then colliding with Newson as he rejoined the track. Booth was way ahead with five to run while FWJ picked off one place after another, taking Sworder with three to run. Rounding the pit bend with two laps left, the 150 car seemed to experience steering problems as he turned right on Wainman, slamming him into the wall with Green piling in behind. FWJ was unmoved, scraping off the wall ahead of 150 and 445 who tangled on the back straight, Sworder crashing heavily into a marker tyre. None of this concerned Booth who went on to record a comfortable win ahead of Davids and Dowson. Wainman finished a hard-fought fourth ahead of Danny (212) and Green (445).

Another excellent session at the Saddlebow Road stadium. The next one is on May 28th, when the F1s are joined by 2L saloons and ministox. Be there if you can but don’t wear anything too good.


FWJ fought his way up to 4th in the Grand National from the lap handicap.

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley


























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