Kings Lynn – May 29th 2010 Meeting Report

Despite an unimpressive weather forecast putting people off, Kings Lynn provided some excellent stockcar action which included the legend that is John Lund showing the doubters that he still has what it takes when he wants to. Forty-three cars made the trip; with the added bonus of the first viewing of Mat Newson’s (16) brand new tubular shale car brought along for scrutineering due to the scrutineer not being present at the June Coventry meeting. It was also the scene for the first set of new Goodyear tyre testing in light of the European Union REACH regulation. Murray Harrison was down as the sole tyre tester and consequently was removed from all the results and received average points.

Photo Colin Casserley

Whites & Yellows Race

The Whites and Yellows Stars of Tomorrow was the first race up with eleven cars taking part. John Lawn was present using the same wing that he had had crushed at the last Kings Lynn meeting. This happened in an incident with Kevin Shinn where Lawn rolled, and had since spent much time bashing it back into shape. It also had a small tribute to late sprint car driver Jesse ‘the Rocket’ Hockett, tragically killed in a workshop accident while preparing to go racing in Indiana.
Latecomer Lionel Shaw (362) was the sole white top at the front with Paul Redfearn (252) and John Weldon (235) both starting at the rear. Shaw led them away with Steve Malkin jnr (308) moving into second. Dave Willis (337) bumpered Geoff Nickolls (215) who in turn thumped Malkin jnr. Last month’s Stars of Tomorrow winner John Lawn (441) was again making his way swiftly to the front while Kevin Shinn (121) and Graham Wagstaff (330) tangled and came to grief on turn one with Robert Broome (41) joining them. John Lawn was making his way towards Willis with purpose; with Malkin jnr being on the outside as they went down the backstraight and Lawn made no mistake as he gained the place with a well aimed hit. As the laps rolled down the cars became more spaced out and Lawn swept to victory with the only non-finisher being Wagstaff who ended his race pulled off in the turn four armco.

441 – 362 – 337 – 308 – 235 – 280 – 252 – 41 – 215 – 121

Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 1

Twenty cars came out for the first of two heats with Geoff Nickolls leading them away, while further back Joe Booth (446) got straight into the action laying straight into Mark Woodhull (335) as the green flag was shown. Steve Malkin jnr sent the quick yellow grader Mick Rogers (244) fenceward bound as John Lawn made his way into second place while behind, the Reds and Blues jostled for position. Tom Harris (84) connected with tyre tester Murray Harrison (97) as Paul Hines (259) tackled Craig Finnikin (55). Frankie Wainman jnr (515) was closing on Andy Smith (1) as he tussled with Tom Harris who was just ahead and not prepared to relinquish his position. Smith suceeded in passing Harris and Wainman jnr was then straight into Harris using his bumper to good effect sending Harris out wide but Harris got himself immediately straight back into the race. The atmosphere rose as soon as Wainman neared Smith, with Wainman bumpering Smith but being unable to make the pass. This did not deter Wainman as he went in for another hit and sent Smith into Kevin Shinn. However, Smith rode the hit and sped off leaving Wainman to drop behind Hines. Wainman immediately stuck the bumper into Hines but ended having to momentarily pull off onto the turn two infield and pull back onto the track to continue racing. As the laps wound down, Kevin Shinn came in for some stick, as firstly Dan Johnson (4) bumpered him aside and then Wainman followed suit. Nickolls crossed the line, followed by Lawn and Willis making a yellow grade top three as further down the order, Simon Panton (288) had a last bend tustle with Finnikin with Finnikin making it to the line first.

215 – 441 – 337 – 335 – 97 – 1 – 259 – 84 – 55 – 288 – 4

Heat 2

Initially twenty-four cars took to the field with Shinn who had already been in heat one, coming out before heading pitwards before the start leaving twenty-three cars to take the green. Lionel Shaw was again the lone White grader at the front with newcomer John Weldon (235) opting to start at the back in only his second meeting and being one of the few novices to display the black cross on the back of his car. Shaw led them off with Broome making his way into second and Ryan Harrison being the first blue as Tony Smith dropped to the rear of the field. Wagstaff, obviously meaning business, waded into a group of cars on turn one with his bumper as further back, Tony Smith attacked Steve Cayzer (380). Chris Brocksopp (338) dealt with Ian Venables (60) and was shortly after passed by James Neachell (322) and swiftly harrassed by the following Andy Ford (13). Mat Newson (16), having passed Daniel Wainman (212) then found himself on the rear of Stu Smith jnr (390), initially giving him a fairly light touch which Stu competely ignored. John Lund (53) found himself forced out wide and off the racing line on turn three by Newson and gave a swift riposte, sending Newson hard into the armco of turn one, negating his chances of qualifying from his heat.
With only a few laps left, the yellow flags came out for Newson on the scoreboard bend as John Frost (351) and Joshua Smith (191) who were stationary in the turn three fence took the opportunity to make their way to the infield. Both Lund and Stu Smith’s OSR tyres were heavily marked with Newson’s red paint. It looked like it could possibly be an unfortunate occurance for leader Nigel Whalley (198) who had been well out in front at this point. The order being ~ 198 322 13 12 338 53 212 21 390 73 48 41 380 235 91
As the cars lined up for the restart it started to lightly rain; and as the green dropped, second place Neachell half spun on turn one taking Michael Scriven (12) out with him, and giving Whalley the break he deserved and allowing Andy Ford (13) to slip through into second place. Whalley overtook backmarker Robert Broome (41) who was soon also overcome by Ford. Mark Gilbank (21) was gaining on Lund as the track got slippier as the rain continued. Lund himself had caught up with Brocksopp and tried several times to pass him but Brocksopp held his ground and Lund had to settle for fourth. Garry Fox (48) tangled with Rob Cowley (73) for position on the last bend but they got hooked up and Fox, for the second Kings Lynn meeting in a row ended up pushing someone else over the finish line before him.

198 – 13 – 338 – 53 – 21 – 212 – 390 – 380 – 73 – 48

Photo Colin Casserley


The consolation soon came around with Lionel Shaw who had pulled off in heat two, leading them away. The blue tops all piled in together on three and four, relegating Mick Harris (8) to the rear of the group as blue leader Ryan Harrison (197) got himself sideways coming out of four. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) was immediately off through the field making good progress towards the front. Steve Malkin jnr was straight on Shaw with Mick Rogers (244) just behind. Harrison and Joe Booth (446) tangled together on turn one as Wainman sent Michael Scriven in to join them. Rogers passed Malkin jnr as Scott Davids (462) lurked no great distance behind. The yellow flags were shown as Booth was stranded on the middle of turn two and John Weldon (235) was sideways onto the armco on turn three. Restart order ~ 244 308 462 41 515 322 8 4 91 16 362 280 12 197
As they lined up and Booth made his way to the infield, the floodlights came on. As the green was shown, Malkin lunged for Rogers but could not quite connect and was probably feeling the pressure from third place Davids who was bearing down on him. Mick Harris (8) bumpered Neachell with Dan Johnson also getting involved. Mat Newson and Tony Smith tangled as Wainman moved into second behind Davids who had taken the lead. Johnson put a big hit on Rogers as Neachell attacked Malkin jnr. Not long after, Malkin half spun on the homestraight and in getting himself collected back together, ran into Michael Scriven who was speeding up the homestraight. Wainman was quickly closing down Davids and was soon going to be within striking distance. Davids started going wide into the bends, in an attempt to avoid the hit but it was not long before Wainman bumpered him aside to take the lead. Harris passed Neachell who slowed down as Newson got close behind Johnson. Malkin jnr looked to either have steering problems or a flat as he went to the infield and somehow wedged himself between two marker tyres opposite the pit gate. Mick Rogers, Dan Johnson and Mat Newson had a great battle between themselves as they vied for position with Newson bumpering Johnson but being initially unable to get passed. Wainman crossed the finishing line to a great reception as on the last bend Newson sent Johnson out wide and into the wet shale where he was unable to get enough purchase to drag race Newson to the line.

515 – 462 – 8 – 244 – 16 – 4 – 197 – 41 – 322 – 12


The Final saw the full thirty qualifiers take to the field, with the yellows leading the field away. John Lawn, Mick Rogers and Dave Willis was the order for the first few laps as the yellows initially broke clear of the pursuing blues and reds. Andy Ford spun out as Rob Cowley (73) and Steve Cayzer (380) ended in the turn two armco together while Ryan Harrison found himself on the rear of Dave Willis and pushed him the length of the homestraight. Andy Smith (1) got it a bit out of shape coming out of three and four and looked to be going slower than usual as he continued round the track. Leader Lawn’s lead was curtailed when lap down Steve Cayzer took him out of the race, sending Lawn into a half spin where he went out wide and dropped back down the order.
Andy Ford and Mark Gilbank tangled on turn two as Garry Fox (48) went hard head on into the turn four armco. Mat Newson bumpered Stu Smith jnr on the entrance to turn one, sending him forcefully into Mick Rogers and not long after, an unsighted Nigel Whalley connected hard with Smith but both managed to get going again. Mark Gilbank had muscled his way to the front in the chaos and looked to be getting into his groove as Tom Harris thumped Newson who in turn thumped Lund. Newson spun out on turn one, got himself together and pulled back onto the track just in front of leader Gilbank.
Meanwhile behind, Wainman passed Andy Smith only for Smith to go in with the bumper on the next bend. Paul Hines had stayed out of major trouble and had moved to second as Gilbank laid about lap down Newson. Wainman had got the better of Smith in the tustle but now Smith was quickly re-gaining on Wainman. Further up the order Murray Harrison (97) felt John Lund’s bumper, quickly follwed by Tom Harris bumpering Harrison, sending him down the order. Wainman was still ahead of Andy Smith but they were now gaining on backmarker Stu Smith jnr and Wainman look destined to be caught between two Smiths. Upfront, Lund had moved into third as Simon Panton (288) led with Tom Harris sandwiched in the middle. Andy Smith was on Wainman and looked poised to make an attack but when he went for Wainman, he only suceeded in slowing himself, allowing Frank to make his way clear. Upfront, Lund was continuing his mission to the front as Simon Panton (288) dropped a cylinder for the last four laps and had no option but to pull aside and let Lund through to take the win to rapturous applause.

53 – 84 – 288 – 97 – 55 – 335 – 515 – 4 – 1 – 388 – 21

Photo Colin Casserley

Photo Colin Casserley

Grand National

Twenty-eight cars made it onto track for the last race of the night, the Grand National. John Lund took his lap handicap and started just in front of the yellow grades as no white grades were present. Malkin jnr stuck hard to the back of Lund, following him closely as Dave Willis made it into second. Simon Panton spun out and was collected by the following blues and reds. Andy Ford laid into Malkin jnr with his bumper and Scott Davids laid about Murray Harrison sending him into John Frost. Andy Smith was cutting his way through the pack as Frankie Wainman thumped Joe Booth. Murray Harrison spun onto the infield going into turn three, connecting with one of the marker tyres sending it out onto the racing line. This caused a narrowing and it wasn’t long before Steve Malkin jnr got tangled with John Lund and were soon accompanied by Mick Rogers and Dan Johnson and all stayed in the armco on turn three until the yellow flags were shown. Several cars piled into the armco with them but the majority succeeded in extricating themselves. Joshua Smith (191) connected heavily with Dave Willis and it was at this point the yellow flags were shown.
Restart order ~ 16 1 198 515 21 462 13 446 390 212 338 12
Most of the field had at this point retired to the infield with car damage including Lund who had a wobbly OSR. This meant he did not get his final winner five points for finishing. Nor was his GN Goodyear tyre testing conclusive as he had completed little of the race before he went out. At the restart, Andy Smith cruised on to victory after laying into Mat Newson on turn one.

1 – 21 – 390 – 212 – 446 – 12 – 198 – 462 – 13 – 515

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