King’s Lynn, 28th April 2018 – Meeting Report and Photos

An excellent 25 cars were on track for the Whites and Yellows race for the F1’s. Colin Nairn (280) on pole for the green flag. The sheer number of yellow graders saw a number of them trip over one another. Nigel Harrhy (45) one of the first casualties after being spun around by Richard Woods (268). Karl Roberts (313) and Rob Plant (364) took a trip to the turn 1 fence just as Tim Warwick (307) was sent into a spin by Phoebe Wainman (211).

Nairn and Austin Moore (127) were enjoying a battle for the lead, but this was short lived as Moore was forced into retirement. Chris Farnell (32) now the race leader as the track began to dry with Aaron Cozens (76) in second. James Bailey (135) and Wainman ended in a pile in the fence in turn 3, the 135 machine losing its front inside wheel. Joe Booth (446) and Jack France (216) were enjoying a battle further down the order for 7th place. The lap boards were out for Farnell; and the laps soon ticked by; Cozens not close enough to mount a challenge in the last bend. Booth tried to move by France before the flag, but the challenge was unsuccessful, France holding on to 7th.

Top 3 in the Whites & Yellows race: Chris Farnell, Aaron Cozens and Colin Goodswen

F1 heat 1 drew a 20 car field; including surprise late addition Craig Finnikin now racing under H955. Steve Malkin JNR (308) starting pole position led them off. John Thompson (312) who had repaired a lot of damage from the previous week’s Sheffield was the first casualty; riding the fence in turn 1. Luke Dennis (192) collected a marker tyre, who in turn was then collected by Robert Plant (364). Frankie Wainman (515) made light work of his fellow star graders and was now well in to the top 10 after a handful of laps.

Finnikin put a hit on Mat Newson (16) in to turn 1 taking him in to Neil Scriven (11); the trio colliding and hooking up with one another momentarily. John Dowson (94) and Wainman picked up where they left off from last month’s final and starting battling it out for position. Dennis was again taking an interest in the marker tyres as he duly collected another one just prior to the halfway stage. Malkin still up front, holding to the lead spot as the dust began to rise; Karl Roberts (313) in second, Colin Goodswen (372) in third.

Bradley Harrison (25) and Lee Fairhurst (217) engaged in battle further down the order; whilst last month’s final winner Mark Sargent (326) moved Goodswen aside to steal third position as the lap boards were presented. Malkin now had close company challenging for his lead, with Roberts closing in; Sargent closing in on them both and Wainman was looming in their mirrors behind in fourth. Sargent attacked Roberts to take second in to turn 3, the 313 machine attempted retaliation in to turn 1, but half spun in the process dropping him down the order. In to the last bend and Malkin had enough of a gap to an excellent flag to flag victory; Sargent however lost his second place when Wainman sent him to the fence. Sargent delayed enough to allow Goodswen back on to the podium in third.

Finnikin and Newson came together early on in Heat 1

F1 heat 2 ventured on to a freshly watered track; no one predicting that with all the rain that had been about. 24 cars out and William Fenwick (57) starting on pole position with whites and yellows victor Chris Farnell (32) alongside. Sam Makin (93) the first casualty after a spin in turn 1; the charging pack needing to take avoiding action to not clatter the 93 machine.  The waved yellows called for as a result of some debris on track. Farnell led them off, Austin Moore (127) in second and Aaron Cozens (76) in third.

The restart saw a train of cars sent in to turn 1, Geoff Nicholls (215) coming off worst as he collected the fence Mark Woodhull (335) then went in to a spin. Bobby Griffin (166) piled James Bailey (135) in to Fenwick as a small pile up formed, Stuart Smith (390), the leading star grade charger, just avoids.  At the halfway stage Farnell was holding on to the lead ahead of Moore and now Smith who was up to third. Richard Woods (268) and Phoebe Wainman (211) were enjoying an excellent battle further down the order. Dan Johnson (4) was catching Smith as the laps wound down, only for his outside rear tyre to let go. Smith promptly moved Farnell aside to take over the running and then the victory; Farnell and Moore coming home second and third; a great result for the white graders.

Smith on his way to victory in Heat 2

20 cars returned for the Consolation; Aaron Cozens (76) on pole. Bobby Griffin (166) spins out before green on the exit of turn 3, Chris Makin (93) also a spinner in turn 1. Luke Dennis (192) sent Tim Warwick (307) to the fence in turn 1. Dennis and Joe Booth (446) collided with each other and hooked up in the back straight. After a slow start Dan Johnson (4) was back up with the reds and started to picking them off. Craig Finnikin (H955) sent Mat Newson (16) to the plating in turn 1. Booth and Dennis had rejoined the race and were bumpering each other wide; Booth launching Dennis in turn 1.

Cozens was your leader but some mechanical woes saw him half spins and collect the turn 1 wall; the 76 machine was then collected by John Thompson (312). The waved yellows were called for. On the restart the top three were: 4 446 H955; Finnikin quickly passing Booth. Team mates James Morris (463) nudged Newson wide in turn 3; Ian Noden (306) was next to come under attack from 463 which resulted in a trip to the fence. The lap boards were out and Morris was now battling with Dennis which delayed him long enough that when Paul Hines (259) last bend attacked Newson, the 16 machine run into 192 and 463; dropping Morris down the places.

Consolation winner: Dan Johnson

32 cars grid for the F1 Final, Heat winner Steve Malkin (308) on pole. Danny Wainman (212) lost all power at the start which proved a difficult object for the rest of the reds to negotiate. John Dowson (94) was spun around by Mark Woodhull (335) in turn 1, both were then collected by the surrounding red graders. The sheer number of yellow graders on track meant something was sure to happen, and sure enough a small group tripped over each other and came to rest in a collection in the turn 3 fence. Frankie Wainman (515) nudged Dan Johnson (4) out wide in to turn 3, Johnson then reciprocated in to the next bend, the delay allowed Stuart Smith (390) to make up some of the time from earlier and was right with them. Wainman went out wide allowing Smith underneath him and to get the break with Johnson.

The number 4 machine then did the almost exact same thing as Wainman the lap before and the 4 car attacked the fence allowing Smith to pass by. Fairhurst now also in close company; Fairhurst lunged in on Smith in to turn 1, Smith sent in to a half spin, was sent round with help from Fairhurst and Johnson.  Waved yellows were called for as James Morris (463) was left stranded in turn 3; Austin Moore (127) in first; with Bobby Griffin (166) in second and Ian Noden (306) next.

The restart; Chris Cowley (37) attacked Mat Newson (16); just as Griffin took over the lead; but Moore wasn’t finished and quickly regained control. Further back, Johnson bumpered Luke Dennis (192) wide in turn 3 before moving on to Newson at the halfway stage. Griffin retired leaving Moore in front, just as Johnson continued his progress moving Noden offline. Bradley Harrison (25) was then sent into a spin by Billy Johnson (169).  Further waved yellows were called for; giving the opportunity to keep the rising dust down with some watering; the top four on the restart: 127 4 16 515. Wainman wasted no time and helped Johnson and Newson to the fence; whilst Moore lost out and tripped over Mark Gilbank (21) and Craig Finnikin (H955), Moore left stranded in the home straight; Noden and Jack France (216) also left in a heap in turn 1. Another set of yellow flags needed; the top four now looked like: 4 515 16 955. Wainman again wasted no opportunity and sent Johnson wide in to turn 1on the green flag.

The pair side by side down the back straight in to turn 3, Wainman held it out wide to the plating so Johnson had to back out. Wainman now with a few car lengths gap; Johnson clattered the turn 1 fence once again in a shower of sparks, Newson also running into Johnson. Back in to turn 3 Newson goes wide and skates around the plating, as does Johnson. Second to fourth altogether; Johnson lunges in on Newson in to turn 1, delaying Newson enough to let Finnikin through to second and Johnson dropping in to third; and that’s how they finished. Another excellent F1 final.

Another King’s Lynn final win for Frankie Wainman Junior

27 cars for the last race of the night; Frankie Wainman (515) taking the lap handicap at the front as final winner.  Chris Farnell (32) on pole led them off; Colin Goodswen (372) spins before green; Steve Malkin (308), Sam Makin (93) and Farnell all collided in turn 1; Cowley also in trouble collecting the plating and a small pile up forming in the bend also. Waved yellows; the top three on the restart was: 166 45 192. Craig Finnikin (H955) put a hit on Mat Newson (16) in turn 1 whilst Stuart Smith (390) clashed with Karl Roberts (313) in the back straight.

Finnikin was really motoring up the order and took Nigel Harrhy (45) out wide in turn 3; Harrhy spun and was collected by Frankie Wainman JNR (555) and Paul Hines (259). 555 left stranded another set of waved yellows were called after only just 5 laps done. 166 still the leader, Luke Dennis (192) second and Finnikin third. Joe Booth (446) sent the 515 and 16 machines out wide in turn 3; Wainman then putting 16 to the fence the next bend. Halfway signalled and Finnikin now the leader; Wainman suffering some issues with steering retired to the turn 1 fence. In to the closing stages Mark Sargent was putting pressure on Lee Fairhurst (217); moving by in turn 3. Finnikin taking the win.

The now Netherlands-registered driver Craig Finnikin won the last race of the night

Another excellent night of Stock Car action. The next meeting at King’s Lynn is Saturday 19th May at 5:30pm.

Words: Keith Organ
Photos: Colin Casserley

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