King’s Lynn, 24th September 2016 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

42 F1s descended on the Adrian Flux Arena for the third round of the 2016 Shootout series. Going into this round, Nigel Green topped the points table on 116, with Frankie Wainman Junior on 112 and Paul Harrison on 111. Keith Palmer (formerly 401 and 105, now 405) was out in the Warwick (307) car pre-meeting doing his five laps – it is around 20 years since he last raced.

The customary Whites and Yellows race kicked off the F1 action, and was led away by Jake Hall (511) and Aaron Cozens (76). The field included William Fenwick (57) all the way down from Hartlepool. Cozens went around at the green, leaving Hall to take the early lead, from Cooper (415) and Bamford (43). Cooper went up the inside of Hall for the lead about half way through the race and Spooner (104) moved into third with 5 laps to run. Russell Cooper took a comfortable win, ahead of Hall and Spooner.


Russell Cooper took the first win of the evening in the Whites & Yellows event.

20 cars emerged for Heat 1, which was led away by Pete Allin (331) and Fenwick. The Shootout contenders were 84, 217, 4, 220, 150 and 212. 57 hit the front at the drop of the green, with Bamford taking second. Frankie Wainman Jnr Junior (555) and Ben Riley (422) ended up in the turn 2 plating while John Lund (53) slammed into the 84 car of Tom Harris, taking him into the wall on turn 3. Harris was forced to retire from the race with a flat rear tyre.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of King’s Lynn’, Mick Sworder, was rapidly making his way through the pack. Back at the front, it was still Fenwick from 104 and 215. Whites & Yellows winner 415 clobbered a marker tyre on the entrance to turn 2, delaying Sworder and nearly sending John Lund airborne. A caution was called for to move the marker tyre.

Spooner soon took the top spot after the restart, with Shootout hopefuls 150 and 4 in 4th and 5th respectively. The 104 car built up a healthy lead but Sworder was on a charge. The 150 machine took up the lead as the lap boards came out, leaving fellow SO drivers 220, 212 and 4 to battle for third spot. Wainman (212) emerged victorious from that battle and took second spot from 104 on the last lap. Spooner finished third and Will Hunter beat Johnson to fourth on the line.


Mick Sworder racked up another win at King’s Lynn in Heat 1

Only five Shootout hopefuls for Heat 2, as Craig Finnikin has been MIA for a number of weeks. A complete restart was necessary after a poor start from the lower graders left 511 stuck against the fence just in front of the starter’s rostrum.

Colin Nairn (280) went into the lead and Rob Speak (318) and Frankie Wainman Junior (1) were making good progress before coming together with Joe Booth (446) and spinning onto the middle. The new World Champ was able to continue but the 318 car was forced to retire with a flat tyre.

Nairn was still out front, with Yarrow (22) and Hines (259) behind him, and the #1 car desperately trying to make up the time he’d lost. Noden spun and was collected by Nigel Green (445) and Mat Newson (16).
Nairn got into trouble, allowing Paul Hines to inherit the lead, ahead of Yarrow and John Dowson (94). Hines remained in control as the laps wound down. Paul Harrison (2) had made it up to second before the flag, collecting the most Shootout points. Frankie Wainman Junior managed to recover to sixth and was the only other SO finisher.


Heat 2 winner, Paul Hines

The Consolation was led away by 511 and 415, with 511 taking the immediate lead. This race had more than its fair share of Shootout contenders, with 84, 318, 16 and 445 hoping to make it through to the meeting final.

Cooper successfully challenged for the lead, while Speak was the highest of the SO in the early stages. The 415 car slammed the back straight plating, allowing 511 back to the front. Speak was soon up into the top three and, as the lap boards came out, was challenging 511 for the lead. 511 slid wide and collected the stationary 57 car. Speaky took up the front running, from 84 and 16. Yellow flags were needed to rescue the early leader from the bend.

With 3 to go, at the restart Rob Speak showed he was completely in control. Newson slid past Harris on the final bend and took second on the line. The 84 car settled for third, with 445 in fourth.


Problems in their heats forced Shootout hopefuls Speak, Newson and Green into the Consolation.

The meeting Final gridded 29 cars, with Palmer (405) and Richard Dickerson (443) leading the field away. 84 went for a spin in turn 1, courtesy of the 150 bumper and there were early problems for 212, 53 and 220 as well. 43 was out front from 443 and 415. #1 clipped the front of 150, sending Sworder into a spin at the end of the back straight. Mark Woodhull came to a stop on the back straight and Mark Gray on turn 2. The caution was called for to move the stranded cars.

The leaders at the restart were 43, 443, 415, with John Dowson lurking in fourth. At the green the 94 was soon up to third, then second. Johnson was forced wide and lost several places before collecting the spinning 16 car on turns 3/4. It was now Dowson out front, with Bamford second.

It was still Dowson out front by half distance, but Speak was in second and closing. Wainman (1) was behind him in third, with Green fourth. Speak took up the front running just before the lap boards came out, with Dowson hanging on to second for another lap before surrendering it to Wainman. The 94 car was docked 2 places for jumping the restart, allowing Paul Harrison to take third.


Rob Speak makes his move on Dowson for the lead in the meeting final.

Twenty-two cars lined up for the Grand National with Rob Speak taking the lap handicap in front of lone white top Dickerson. No Mick Sworder or Lee Fairhurst in this one so we were down to nine SO contenders for the last race of the night.

John Dowson wasted no time and was soon up to third, clearly desperate to make up for his disappointment in the final. 224, 166 and 22 came together on the inside of turn 2 and Dowson made his move for the top spot. Dan Johnson was the highest of the shootout drivers at this point, with Harris and Harrison not far behind. A spin for 443 just before half race distance caught out 25, 2 and 16, allowing #1 to gain several positions. The race order was 94, 422, 2, 84 and 293.

443 and 293 came together at the end of the home straight, causing Smith to rollover and bringing out the red flags. Three laps to run at the restart, 94 remained in control but the bumper came in from 84 on 4 for second. Johnson was left to defend from #1. Wainman was a nose ahead of Johnson with 2 to go. Harris was too far back to do anything about Dowson, who took the win ahead of Harris and Wainman (1). Speak managed tenth from the lap handicap.

Paul Harrison and Frankie Wainman Junior were tied at the top of the Shootout points table by the end of the meeting with 150 points each.


Red flags were needed in the Grand National after Eliot Smith ended up on his side.

Words: Rhosanna Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley

















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