King’s Lynn, 23rd May 2015 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

Nineteen cars gridded for the White & Yellows race, led away by Martin Spiers (451) and Chris Farnell (32). Billy Tom (316) spun but quickly moved out of the way and Farnell took over the lead position, while Eliot Smith (293) moved into second with some deft bumperwork. Dean Whitwell (195) returned to racing in this heat but pulled out early on, while Smith was spun by Malkin (208) but recovered still in second place. Farnell threw the car around in fine style to claim his first victory by over half a lap, with Smith second and Karl Roberts in third.


Chris Farnell took the first win of the night, in the Whites & Yellows race.

Farnell and Mark Gray (24) led away Heat One proper, with the 32 car taking the top spot until he pulled on to the centre, rejoining at the back. Gray led but Mick Sworder was carving his way through the pack, shoving all the yellow tops aside in one go. Farnell retired with a flat front tyre and Sworder took the lead at the half-way stage as the 24 car went wide, a lead he was not to lose.


After winning Heat 1, Sworder threw down the gauntlet for the World Final.

Heat Two was delayed slightly to allow Frankie Wainman Junior (515) and World Champion Craig Finnikin (55) to make the grid – Wainman had broken down en-route and Finnikin went to the rescue. The race began with Richard Earl (285) spinning on the first bend and getting swept into the fence, then clobbered by Geoff Nicholls (215) which brought out the caution.

Ian Noden (306) led from the restart as Speak (318) and Wainman (515) made good progress from the back. Noden opened up a lead of several car lengths over the pack on a drying track. Wainman fell foul of Dave Willis (337) on the fourth turn, losing several places, while Speak reeled Noden in bit by bit, forcing the Rugby man wide on the pit bend with two to run.


Rob Speak nudges Ian Noden wide in Heat 2.

Seventeen cars for the Consolation including superstars 55, 212 and 515. Finnikin never even crossed the start line, pulling off on the rolling lap, and it was left to Spiers to lead the field through the early laps. Farnell secured second place, with the Wainman brothers battling between themselves. Spiers lost the lead to Farnell at the half way stage, but fought back.

Farnell led, 451 and 422 disputed second and third with FWJ up to fourth. 515 moved to second but couldn’t find a way past the 32 car, Farnell throwing the car sideways on the turns, Wainman not wanting to risk taking himself out in an attempt to pass. With three to go, Farnell made his first mistake, drifting wide on the third and fourth bends and allowing the 515 car up the inside. Farnell half spun on the pit bend, delaying Danny Wainman (212), his second mistake. Next time around Danny fired the 32 car hard into the pit bend armco to claim third, whilst big brother Frankie took the flag ahead of Nigel Green (445).


Danny Wainman being delayed by previous leader, Farnell.

Mick Sworder had made his intentions for the Final clear over the tannoy after his heat win and did not disappoint the 150 followers. The track had been well-watered, resulting in many cars sliding wide and bouncing off the wall or spinning out of contention in the early laps. Spiers (451) pulled out a useful lead, flying around as the track dried, but it was Sworder making the most progress.

In a very fast and now dusty race, the Evesham man was a joy to watch as he kept the hammer down, negotiating back markers with confidence and stretching his lead to half a lap at one stage. Alas, the healthy lead came to nought as the caution flags flew for a tangle, shortly before Spiers spun on the road bend. Spiers led the restart with a cushion of three back markers between him and second placed Noden but then we had Sworder, Speak and FWJ.

Some quick track watering before the restart saw Sworder charge the fence hard as the green flag flew but he kept his foot to the floor to take second. Speak hit problems, 212 potted Newson into FWJ to gain two places and with four to go the white top was still there at the front, but began to drift wide on the turns allowing Sworder to close dramatically, then with just one lap to run, Spiers spun, handing the win to the red top, with Speak second and Noden an excellent third, withstanding a last ditch attempt by FWJ to unseat him. Spiers finished tenth, scant reward for such a fantastic night’s work.


Final Top Three.

Twenty-eight cars for the Grand National and again 451 set the pace. Smith (293) climbed right over the top of Willis on the pit bend, ripping off the 337 wing and bringing out the caution. Speak retired during the break and come the restart, Lee Fairhurst (217) was the man on the move, but at the half way point car 451 was still in the premier position.

FWJ repaid Sworder for an earlier confrontation but Spiers hopes of a win were dashed as he spun into a bunch of parked cars. With five to run, PJ Lemons (444) spun on the home straight and was left to face the on-coming cars, not a pleasant situation for the Sheffield man, bringing out the caution again.

Chris Brocksopp (338) was shown as the leader at the restart with 217 second, the Bolton man taking the lead on the first bend, then losing it back to 338, before going back to the front as Brocksopp again drifted wide. Having done all the hard work, Fairhurst spun coming off the fourth bend handing top spot to Mark Gilbank (21), with 212 second and Sworder third from the lap handicap, FWJ tangling with 338 on the last lap battling for third, dropping to ninth by the flag.


Damage for Dave Willis (337) brought out the yellow flags in the Grand National.

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley




















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