King’s Lynn, 21st October 2017 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

41 cars journeyed to the Norfolk Adrian Flux arena for the venue’s final F1 meeting of the 2017 season. Many eyes would be on the shootout contenders as the contest enters into the deciding, closing stages. Could anyone mount a challenge to slow down the Stuart Smith (390) points train?

The night began with the customary race for the white and yellow grade drivers, which drew a grid of 24 competitors, numbers swelled by our Dutch friends who were granted the opportunity to race too. Martin Spiers (451) started from pole and led the field around. The expected first turn melee followed the green flag, catching out most of the field. Dave Willis (337) was left stranded as a result of the collisions, unable to restart; Willis formed a chicane to negotiate.

The Dutch drivers bringing their own style of competitive carnage. The race settled down; Jack France (216) the leader with Mark Sargent (326) in close pursuit; unfortunately Sargent’s lead challenge was short lived after climbing up and tangling with Martin Chadwick (74), leaving France out front. Aside from nearly losing the rear in turn 1, France took the win relatively untroubled, virtually flag to flag.

Result: 216, 338, 45, H14, 74, H30, H179, 415, 267, 451, 483, 293

Jack France took the chequered flag in the Whites & Yellows ahead of Chris Brocksopp and Nigel Harry

Heat 1 saw 21 cars take to the track with Romke Kroondijk (H30) taking pole position.  Nigel Green (445) got an early break away from the other shootout stars climbing the order each lap. Stephen North (80), Will Yarrow (22) and Ben Hurdman (207) tripped over one another in turn 1 just before the half stage, shortly before Kroondijk, Frankie Wainman JNR JNR (555) and Bradley Harrison (25) did the same on the back straight.

Martin Chadwick (74) was your leader but in to the second half of the race the lead Chadwick had over second place Green was diminishing; Green was getting quicker as the dust rose and the track dried. Attention shifted to Neil Scriven (11) and Ben Riley (422) as they battled it out for fourth and fifth position entering the lap boards.  The last lap was signalled and into turn 1 Chadwick made a mistake, drifting out far too wide; this allowed Green to slip under the 74 machine to take the win, with Chadwick holding on to second.

Result: 445, 74, 338, 11, 422, 217, 259, 175, 169, 25, 555, H179

Nigel Green took the lead on the final lap

Heat 2 field 20 cars, with Martin Spiers (451) taking the mantle of leading the field off. Stefan van Rossum (H604) was an early casualty taking a spin in turn 1. Frankie Wainman (515) was the first shootout driver that suffered incident nearly spinning also, but the rest quickly hit trouble, Stuart Smith JNR (390) had luck on his side and snuck through avoiding the problems.

Spiers was still your leader at the half way point and the race settled down allowing Craig Finnikin (55) to catch up to Stuart Smith (390), the “Flying Finn” slowly reeled in Smith, which saw Smith lose third place to Finnikin eventually, after being punted wide in turn 3. Mark Sargent (326) was mounting a challenge on Spiers in the closing stages, but unfortunately the pair hooked up taking; both out of the running allowing Finnikin to snatch the lead and the win.

Result: 55, 390, 21, 515, 335, 212, 220, 166, 463, 415, 12, 267

The Shootout points leader had to settle for second in his heat

The consolation race saw 23 cars take part, Mat Newson (16) the sole shootout driver, Romke Kroondijk (H30) led the field off at the green. Richard Woods (268) and Willem Zwerver (H295) were early casualties, spinning out before reaching the green. Jack France (216) took up the early running with Aaron Cozens (76) in close contention in second place. Yoren Winands (H575) and Kroondijk collided in to the turn 3 fencing, resulting in the H30 machine riding up the wall, almost looking like a roll over.

The halfway stage was signalled and Cozens had worked his way by France to take over the lead, the 76 car staying out front to the chequered flag and taking a fine win. Much of the remainder of the race was run of the mill with only Mat Newson (16) providing the last incident of note, moving France aside to take second place at the lap boards.

Result: 76, 16, 216, 326, H152, 12, 555, 207, 22, H179, H575, 267

Consolation winner, Aaron Cozens

The feature final race of the night had a grid of 32 cars, a short spell of rain certainly would make the opening laps interesting with no less than two rollovers. The first saw visiting Sjaak Kentie (H179) take a tumble in turn 3 after riding up the wall, prompting the red flags. The restart saw all but Kentie take the green flag, the race resumed, but not for long as Bobby Griffin (166) rolled in turn 1 in front of the fast charging red grade. The red flags were needed once more.

The race started with Martin Chadwick (74) in front, Danny Wainman (212) was caught up in the early race charging and took a ride around the turn 3 fencing. The halfway stage and the shootout drivers were squabbling amongst either other, playing right in to the hands of the series leader Stuart Smith (390), Frankie Wainman JNR (515) put Craig Finnikin (55) out to the plating; as Mark Sargent (326) took over the lead. Will Hunter (220) took exception to Gert Jan Klok (H152) and launched him in turn 3.

The laps wound down and Smith was catching Sargent, gradually reeling in the 326 machine each lap; eventually sneaking on the inside in turn 1 as Sargent made a slight mistake. Nigel Green (445) made up some ground on second place and attempted a Lunge on 326, only just missing; but Sargent retired from the race, gifting Green second and promoting Finnikin to third and the top three remained the same until the chequered flag; Greens engine appeared to spectacularly expire in a flash flame after passing the flag.

Result: 390, 445, 55, 326, 515, 422, 338, 74, 21, 555, 169, 25

Stuart Smith Junior takes another King’s Lynn Final win

The Grand National tempted the biggest field of the day out with 34 cars; again a light rain shower might affect play. The field was led off by Wayne Marshall (483) with Stuart Smith (390) just in front in the lap handicap spot. Bradley Harrison (25) took a trip to the fence before the flag as a pile up began to form on the exit of turn 4; prompting a waved yellows.

Jack France (216) led off the restart, further back Lee Fairhurst (217) got spun around on the green flag. Another pile up began to form in turn 1 as Nigel Green (445) collected a tyre. The red flags were bought out for flames flickering under one of the cars caught out by the pile up. Frankie Wainman (515) led the field off on the restart, Mat Newson (16) in second and Marshall in third. Marshall got caught up with Chris Brocksopp (338) in a tangle in turn 1 which then, once again, created chaos catching out a number of cars and a small pile up formed again prompting the yellow flags.

Wainman led the field off once more ahead of Newson and Smith in third. The laps wound down and Wainman just edged out in front enough to maintain a small advantage, however Newson lost out when he was forced to retire in a cloud of smoke, Finnikin was now in third, just too far back in his last bend attack and narrowly missed contact.

Result: 515, 390, 55, 21, 212, H152, 11, 175, 216, 555, 338, 267

FWJ took the last win of the night, but the 390 driver racked up more Shootout points

Words: Keith Organ
Photos: Colin Casserley and Dave Bastock

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