King’s Lynn, 20th October 2018 – Meeting Report and Photos

A stocktoberfest of racing on the super-smooth Saddlebow Road shaleway with not only Shoot Out rounds for F1 and F2 cars on the bill but also the always entertaining National Ministox. On top of that we had “The Return of the King” and my thanks to John Lund for allowing me to get a Lord of the Rings reference in. It was like old times seeing John and the Green Machine back on track and he quickly showed he was on the pace despite nearly two years away.

The Return of the King

This time of year is known as the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – in our case it is one of twists and yellow flag fullness as the Shoot Out series came alive again with a cracking meeting, opening with the traditional White, yellow and Dutch race. A trio of Netherlands drivers forsook the Emmen/Lelystad weekend to make the trip across the North Sea: Jelle Tesselaar (H410), Dennis Sintebin (H214) and Wybe de Vries (H618), with Dennis picking up a good third place behind Joe Nickolls (242) and winner Mick Rogers (244).

Mick Rogers taking the win in the Whites & Yellows race

Twenty-five for heat one including shoot out contenders 16, 217, 220, 259 and 515 and a certain Mr. Lund but it was Rogers who again took command, looking for two wins on the trot. Wainman made good progress, dived inside Lund on turn three and spun out, losing several places but a caution for Sintebin, stuck on turn two, gave him a second chance and he took it with both hands!

Rogers led the restart with Will Hunter (220) in second and Newson third but the 244 car would be hard to catch. Hunter’s challenge, like his back tyre, went flat as 244, 16 and 515 all closed up with two to run. FWJ passed Newson but looked too far back for a last bender on Rogers, or was he? Keeping the power down deep into the final turn, Wainman punted the 244 car towards the plating, slipping by for the win with Newson in second and a recovered Rogers in third.

Frankie Wainman Junior grabbed vital Shootout points in Heat 1

Richard Woods (268) led the early laps in the 25 car heat two from a very smoky Sam Jacklin (137) with Neil Scothern (152) lurking in the background. Tom Harris (84), seventh in the SO points, set off at a pace but appeared to slow down the back straight on successive laps allowing Stuart Smith through, then recovered enough to get onto the 390 back bumper before hooking up with Ryan Harrison (197).

Jake Harrhy (345), on another good showing, took the lead while Jacklin clattered Woods into the pit bend plating to go second while Scothern pressed on to the flag, with Smith adding to his points total in second and the mobile smoke screen (137) in third.

Jake Harrhy continuing to impress

Cozens (76), Cooper (415) and Goodswen (372) all spun on the opening lap of the 23 car consolation as John Wright threw the 348 car around in fine style out in front but my attention was drawn to white topper Chris Brown (I got your surname correct this time, Chris), in his first outing on shale in the number 30 car, driving with a speed and skill that belied his limited F1 experience and hanging on to second place.

Wright went wrong, as it were, handing the lead to the East Coast Leg End Mark Sargent (326), who was in turn overhauled by Harrison (197) with four to run. A late caution for Jason Cull (524) gave Sarge’s fans hope but the 326 car expired at the restart, leaving 197 in splendid isolation with Frankie JJ (555) coming home second in a car that sounded like a bag of spanners! Chris Brown’s efforts were rewarded with a fine fifth place.

The consolation went the way of Ryan Harrison (197)

The Bensons Products Limited sponsored final brought the crowd to life with Harris on a £1000 bonus if he took the flag, while other drivers had shoot out points uppermost in their minds. The opening laps were chaotic with cars spinning, crashing and colliding at all points of the compass, all of which allowed the 84 car to move into third place in almost as many laps. Smith passed FWJ to give chase to the leaders, Harrhy the younger (and taller) and Brown, followed by 415, 313, 217 and 84.

Smith closed on Harris, side-swiped him towards the plating and took the place only for the 84 car to come back with a massive hit, sending him flying into the fence and crippling the gold top machine. The two protagonists hooked bumpers down the back straight allowing FWJ into third, Harris taking a dive at the 515 car but missing. Mark Gilbank (21) joined in the fun, having a go at Harris as Smith gunned his bent, tyre-rubbing, smoking machine down the back straight and potted Gilbank into Harris on turn three, the 84 and 21 cars tangling and sliding to a halt. Honour restored, Smith retired to the infield as his outside rear tyre gave up the unequal fight.

Frankie took the lead with five to run, ticking off the remaining laps to record a very useful and welcome final win, with Danny Wainman (212) in second and Newson third. Frankie JJ followed Fairhurst home in fifth to make it a good night for the Silsden Selective.

Frankie Wainman Junior (515) took the meeting final, with Danny Wainman (212) in second and Mat Newson (16) third

Twenty-nine for the grand national including all nine shoot out contenders in attendance, FWJ taking the lap handicap. While Harris and Smith resumed their shenanigans, finishing with both of them careering into the home straight marker tyres. Richard Woods remained unconcerned, leading from green to chequered to record an excellent win with Chris Cowley (37) second and Jake Harrhy adding a third place to his heat fourth and final ninth. FWJ came home fifth to move within 3 points of Shoot Out leader Stuart Smith, now on 242. Newson holds third on 226 with Danny W. on 209.

Smith and Harris careering into the marker tyres

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley

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