Kings Lynn – September 19th World Final Meeting Report

The Kings Lynn World Final Meeting saw the pits completely full on a sunny September day.

Heat One

The first race of the night was the last chance Consolation Semi Final where only the first two cars home across the line would advance to the rear of the World Final grid (heat three). The grid was made up of those who had been in a semi but had been unlucky enough not to qualify. At the rear of the field were reserves Andy Ford (13) and Chris Cowley (37). When the cars were gridded up, there was a slight delay to the start while Hayley Parkinson (54) had a transponder fitted to her car.
Dave Willis (337) got away to a dream start, quickly moving forward and taking the lead. In the opening laps it was very much a race of two packs. The Yellows pulled clear and were racing together, while behind the Blues and Reds were one big pack of V8 Steel. Scott Davids (462) and Lenny Smith (185) had an early tangle, with Smith ending up in the armco on turn four. Mal Brown (34) survived a T-Boning exiting turn two but Steve Cayzer (380) was not so lucky, spinning out on turn two.
Waved Yellows.
Restart Order 337 – 35 – 136 – 54 – 11 – 13 – 288 – 53 – 446 – 462
Willis got away to another perfect start while Simon Panton (288) and John Lund (53) were both making their way to the front with purpose. Scott Davids in his fight to get up the field, T-Boned the 446 car of Joe Booth on turn two.
Waved Yellows.
Restart Order this time 337 – 35 – 136 – 288 – 53 – 13 – L.D 54 – 11 – 84 – 335
As the race passed the half way stage Willis was comfortably out in front; Lund had moved into second place with Panton hot on his heels.
With four laps to go, disaster struck the way out in front leader Dave Willis. A rear outside puncture saw an end to his hopes of making it onto the 2009 World Final Grid as he was forced to pull to onto the infield. With just a few laps to go, Lundy was gifted the lead and Simon Panton neatly settled himself into second place. Tom Harris had battled his way through the field well to make third but was in no position to challenge Panton. On the PA afterwards John Lund commented on the bad luck for Dave Willis and said he would not have caught him in the laps that were left to run.

Result 53 – 288 – 84 – 380 – 136 – 35 – 54 – 12 – 434 – 105

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Heat Two

Graham Wagstaff (330) and Graeme Robson (267) got hooked up early on into the race as Russell Cooper (415) powered off to take the lead. John Lawn’s (441) night got to a bad start after the highs of Friday. Firstly he was T-Boned by Adam Slater (214), then collected by the pack of cars following behind; Jim Bamford (302), Tony Smith (91) and 267. Back in the race Evert van den Berg (H12) was really flying in with the front bumper. Steve Malkin Jnr (308) tangled with Dave Berresford (260) as Malkin Jnr attacked for the inside line going round turns three and four.
Waved Yellows were shown with the Restart order being 415 – 197 – 307 – 238 – 260 – 214 – 308 – 231 – 98 – H267.
Cooper got away to another good start while at the the very rear of the field, Tony Smith (91) T-Boned Martijn Oudhuis (H477). Russell Cooper was still leading at the half way point while H12 got it all wrong going into turn one, making a solid head on impact with the infield marker tyre. H477 was then fired into the armco going into turn one by Tony Smith. The infield marker tyre that was hit by H12 had found it’s way onto the middle track going into turn one. Waved Yellows. Russell Cooper then retired from the race on the restart line up due to an over heating engine.
Restart Order 197 – 238 – 308 – 260 – 307 – 98 – 215 – 242 – h151 – h16
Richard Bryan (238) gave it far too much gas on the restart, doing a full 360 spin on the home straight. He was then T-Boned by Tim Warwick (307) and collected a few more hits from the passing cars. Ryan Harrison (197) was away out front as race leader and things settled down up front. Further back Gert Elzinga ( H393) and John van’t Veer (H16) were having a great little battle with each other. On the last lap, Les Spencer (98) attacked Malkin Jnr going into turn one sending him out wide; Geoff Nickolls (215) attempted to nick past both cars on the inside but Malkin Jnr managed to shut the door on Nickolls. Malkin then launched his own counter attack onto Spencer going into turn three but was unable to make contact.

Result 197 – 98 – 215 – 307 – H22 – 308 – H393 – H16 – 260 – 267

Heat Three (2009 World Final)

See World Final Race Report.


A Mammoth thirty-six cars gridded for the last chance to get into the evening’s Final that included Three white grades, Seven Yellows, Sixteen Blue and Ten Reds and superstars. Lenny Smith (185) and Fred Hink (H35) tangled going into the opening turn on the first lap; while at the other end of the track 214 – 16 – 311- 60 -390 -13 – 459 were all involved in a pile up exiting turn four. Ricky Wilson (502) passed the quick Russell Cooper (415) to take the lead. In the general chaos of the opening laps Andy Ford (13) found himself sitting facing oncoming traffic on the back straight just exiting turn two.
Waved Yellows came out. Russell Cooper had to retire for the second time of the night from the line up with an over heating engine.
Restart 502 – 337 – (L.D 16) – 238 – (H35) – 267 – 498 – 11 – 172 – 462 – H67 – 34 – 4.
Richard Bryan (238) was spun by Fred Hink (H35) on the restart in turn two while Dave Willis (337) put in an early attack to take the lead from Wilson. Lap down Mat Newson (16) passed Willis on the inside, getting himself back onto the lead lap. H35 continued his forward attack and next in line for the bumper was the 502 car of Wilson. Ricky Wilson and Hink (H35) raced side-by-side down the back straight with Wilson on the outside line and H35 keeping it tight round threeand Hink successfully took the place. Graeme Robson (267) and Chris Brocksopp (338) had a coming together which saw the 267 car being spun round.
Marco Kandt (H67) first attacked Mal Brown (34) and then moved straight onto Dan Johnson (4) just as the waved yellows were shown for the second time.
Restart 337 – H35 – 502 – 498 – 4 – H67 – 34 – 11 – 172 – 185 – H64 – 212 – 217 – 242
Willis got away to a good start, while behind Johnson attacked and passed Spencer Taylor (498). Taylor returned the attack going into three, getting past Johnson. Dan Johnson then attacked again going into turn one, successfully got past and chased down Ricky Wilson while Axel Nijs (H32) pulled off and retired from the race. The rattled Taylor next came under attack from Mal Brown who squeezed the 498 car out wide. Dan Johnson had now caught Wilson and passed him cleanly on the inside. Meanwhile a little way into the pack 16, 172 and H67 were all having a good battle together, exchanging hits.
With five laps to go, Dave Willis was still leading. Mal Brown was now hassling Wilson, getting him off line and passing to take third place. Neil Scriven (11) and Spencer Taylor kept the 502 car out wide, both cars nicking a place. With four laps to go, the once lap down Newson was now well in the top ten placings.
There were three laps to go and Johnson was starting to close the gap between himself and race leader Willis. With two laps to go, the first of the attacks came from Johnson; getting on Willis’s back bumper exiting two. Johnson stuck to the Willis rear bumper down the back straight, forcing the 337 car wide around three and four. Willis and Johnson exited turn four side-by-side for the last lap. Willis just pulled in front going into turn one with Johnson still breathing down his neck, sticking tight to the Willis back bumper round turn two. Dave Willis held on to successfully remain in front going down the back straight. Dan attacked going into three but Willis held firm, got the back end out and powered out of turn four and over the line to take the win.

Result 337 – 4 – 34 – 11 – 16 – 498 – 212 – 172 – 502 – 242


A total of thirty-three cars gridded for the meeting final. All cars completed the opening lap, but the second lap saw a multitude of incidents that seemed to involve just about every car out on track! There was fire dripping from the underside of Paul Hines (259) car on turn two and FWJ was involved in a six car coming together. Tim Warwick (307) was leading the race with Ryan Harrison (197) behind, but disaster struck for Warwick exiting turn four. A broken half-shaft saw the 307 car violently swing to the right and go head on into the Armco. Murray Harrison (97) put a huge hit onto the rear of Steve Jacklin (136) going into turn one that saw the 136 car spin off backwards into the armco. Dave Willis also getting into the action put three cars away on turns three and four (308 – 498 – 54)
Waved Yellows with the restart order 197 – 308 – 337 – 498 – 97 – 288 – 55 – 98 – 212 – 16 – 34 – 21 – 53
Matt Newson (16) got away to an awful restart, as did Malkin Jnr who made contact with the infield makers tyres, bouncing his way onto the infield. Simon Panton (288) was straight onto the attack and passed Murray Harrison. John Lund (53) was T-Boned by Mal Brown (34) on the exit of turn four and this mini-track blockage was enough to slow the 197 car on the next lap, allowing Willis to make up ground and quickly take the lead.
With the lap boards out, Dave Willis looked at ease out front with Panton in second place. Craig Finnikin (55) and Spencer Taylor (498) were engaged in their own battle that saw both cars slowed, thanks to contact with the armco. With the laps running out Paul Harrison (2) passed Daniel Wainman (212) to get fourth place while Willis took the win unchallenged.

Result 337 – 288 – 97 – 2 – 212 – 55 – 21 –  249 – 98 – H29

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Grand National

Due the number of cars in attendance was announced that two Grand Nationals would be run.

Twenty-eight cars came out for GN#1. Ike Parkinson (254) took an early spin thanks to Pieter Dogger (H12), while the two white graders Wagstaff (330) and Graeme Robson (267 were battlling together down the back straight sending sparks flying from the Armco. H12 put a big hit on to the rear of Stuart Smith (390) going into turn one before coming under attack and being himself by Mark Woodhull (335). Stuart Smith lined up and fired Weird Gietema (H76) going into turn one, sending him off to the armco, H76 recovered and got back into the race. Woodhull was now between H76 and Fred Hink (H35). At the half way stage, Mark Poole (276) was leading with Craig Finnikin (55) in second and Stuart Smith in third. Woodhull passed H76, so now H76 and H35 were involved in their own high speed battle until Steve Cayzer (380) got behind and fired them in going into turn one.
With the lap boards out Stuart Smith was reeling in the 276 car who was being slowed by back markers. Craig Finnikin (55) was forced to retire with a flat tyre.
With three laps to go, Stuart got on the back bumper of Mark Poole, pushing the 276 car wide round one and two, Stuart then passed to take the lead and on to take the win.

Result 390 – 276 – 2 – 335 – 330 – 380 – H12 – H399 – 41 – 338

GN#2 saw twenty-three cars grid up with Dave Willis taking the handicap. A trio of Dutch spun on the opening lap H477 – H217 – H399. Tony Smith (91) muscled his way to the early lead. Mal Brown (34), Chris Bonner (105) and Frankie Wainman (515) had formed a three car train with FWJ pushing on hard from the rear. John van’t Veer (H16) spun out and was hit by Gary Castell (h247) from behind.
Waved Yellows.
Restart Order 91 – 34 – 105 – 515 – 16 – 212 – 249 – H247 – H64 – H22 – H267 – 337
Dave Willis attacked Richard Talsma (H64) going into turn one, Willis himself was attacked and passed by Ron Kroonder (H217). Willis gave chase down the back straight launching a counter attack that saw Ron h217 rattle round the armco. Soon after Willis was forced to retire from the race while FWJ attacked and spun Mal Brown just before the half way point.
Tony Smith was leading with Matt Newson in second and FWJ third, FWJ attacked Newson getting him wide and taking the second place. With five laps to go, FWJ got a puncture and retired from the race. With two laps to go Newson passed Tony Smith on the inside round turns one and two and went on to take the win at his home track.

Result 16 – 91 – 105 – 212 – 249 – H217 – H247 – 53 – H64 – H84

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