King’s Lynn, 18th September 2015 – Overseas Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

A splendid turn out of over forty overseas drivers amassed for the Friday night pre-World Final session on 18th September, with a sizable contingent of Dutch fans present to create the right atmosphere (and I’m not referring to the funny cigarettes) – never been to a Netherlands dirt track but I reckon I just needed a can of Jupiler or Bavaria and a carton of frites and mayo to complete the illusion.

Eighteen for Heat One led away by Hein Damstra (H232) and Sierd de Fries (H54). Jeroen Wekema (H21) retired before the start leaving de Fries to set the pace with some on the edge driving . Damstra and Vrieswijk (H104) took themselves out of the places when they tangled, elevating Wendy Koopmans (H36) to second with a fast-moving Martin Verhoef (H8) in third, chased by Sjaak Kentie (H179). De Fries led beyond the half way stage until he clipped a marker tyre and spun, leaving Verhoef to win from red top Jan Roelof Wijbenga (H228) and Kentie.


Wendy Koopmans and Martin Verhoef battling for second in Heat 1.

Twenty-two for Heat Two with Stefan van Rossem (H604) setting the early pace ahead of Maarten Brockman (H87) and Martijn Oudhuis (H477). Top men in this one included World Final qualifiers Henk Jan Ronitz (H240), Sjeng Smidt Junior (H148), Pieter van der Iest (H226) and Hans Baegen (H65), the latter making a rare appearance on shale. Also at the back of the grid was Toon Schut (H30) in the van Spijker car. A busy night for Toon as he also raced in the F2 class.

Van Rossem led until the lap boards came out when he got caught up in a mess on turn two leaving Oudhuis to take the win from Ronitz and Smidt Junior. Ronitz was later removed from the results for failing to attend post-race scrutineering which seemed a bit harsh given that he did not actually win the race.


H30 Toon Schut raced in both F1s and F2s at King’s Lynn.

The Consolation raised twenty-three cars and once again it was van Rossem who led the way until Vrieswijk took over. De Fries disputed second place with the flying H604 car then H104 spun on the pit bend handing the lead back to van Rossem but Danny van Wamelen (H47) was the man on the move, running out the winner from de Vries and Durk Greidanus (H29).

Twenty-three again for the Final with Brockman and de Vries on the front row. Brockman got it sideways on the start line as de Vries, Oudhuis and van Rossem took to the front until the latter lost his way, handing third place to Boy Tesselaar (H345), some way behind the leaders. Kyle Fraser (NZ92), Kentie and van Rossem made a combined attack on the third bend fence (the fence won) as Oudhuis took over the hot spot and was soon amongst the backmarkers.

Kerry Remnant (NZ19), Ed Tesselaar (H348), van Rossem and Baegen to name but a few all went around on turn two as Oudhuis went AWOL handing the lead back to de Fries. Oudhuis re-appeared and it was van Wamelen again making rapid progress whilst Smidt Junior joined NZ92 in the fence. Tesselar (H345) now had the lead, but H54 and H47 were right behind him as they encountered backmarkers again and with four to go van Wamelen made his move, hitting the front as Oudhuis spun himself out of conention on turns 1 and 2. Tesselaar had no answer to the speed of the H47 machine but held on for an excellent second place ahead of de Vries.


Red top Danny van Wamelen fighting his way to the front in the meeting final.

The Grand National raised an impressive thirty-three runners with Oscar Iliohan (H250) making his first (and last) appearance of the evening. Gosse Hoekstra (H44) spun before the start, causing chaos as Iliohan forced van Rossem wide for the lead. Kiwi Bryce Steiner’s (NZ118) run of bad luck continued with a flat tyre and subsequent retirement while, after some confusion with the scoreboard, Oudhuis was shown to be the new leader as H148, H61, H47, H29 and H21 all went out together. Bijlsma (422) moved into second, then spun, giving the place to van Rossem, now half a lap behind leader Oudhuis who chalked up another win ahead of de Vries and van Rossem.

Another cracking “World Final Eve” meeting, long may they continue. Sierd de Vries just gets my driver of the day vote with some very entertaining driving which netted him two seconds and a third in the final, while an on-form Danny van Wamelen must have been frustrated at not being pre-qualified for the Big One the following night.

Perhaps the Friday final winner, if not already qualified, could transfer to the World Final as a “wildcard” entry – just a thought.


H44 spun at the start of the Grand National, scattering other cars. 

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley and Ant Jenkins


























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