Kings Lynn – August 15th 2009 Meeting Report

Murray Harrison (97) about to go over. Photo Colin Casserley

Murray Harrison (97) about to go over. Photo Colin Casserley

On a hot summer evening the attention turned towards Kings Lynn to see the F1s as the support formula for the Saloon World Final. Over forty cars made the trip to next month’s F1 World Final venue.
The meeting for the night started with a Whites and Yellows race (Stars of tomorrow), a massive twenty-three cars came out on track for this including Kevin Shinn (121) making his first 2009 appearance and a debut for new driver Dave Waterhouse (101).
Graham Wagstaff (330) from pole took the early lead with young Ike Parkinson (254) and Tim Warwick (307) following. Wagstaff then bounced into the marker tyre exiting turn two allowing Ike to take the lead. Adam Slater (214) and Kevin Shinn (121) got tangled and spun on turn three causing a bit of a pile up with Les Spencer (98) going over with Steve Smith (40) getting involved and the yellow flags coming out for the first time. Ike Parkinson (254) led them away at the restart with Dave Muckian (416) in second with Rob Harrod (258) and Tim Warwick (307) behind.
Ike Parkinson managed to half spin as he was leading on the apex of turns one and two, leaving Tim Warwick nowhere to go. Dave Muckian (416) then took up the running as Tony Smith (91) began pressuring a recovered third place Tim Warwick while Adam Slater (214) had worked his way up to fourth place. Tony Smith (91) was making his way to the front and as Hayley Parkinson (54) half spun on turns one and two Smith took the lead. Adam Slater (214) got into third but Norfolk’s John Lawn (441) was gaining fast. Adam past Ike to take second but Smith had a decent lead and could not be caught.
Result 91 – 214 – 254 – 441 – 416 – 11 – 231 – 307 – 189 – 415

Heat one saw twenty cars take to the track with Ian Brickley (246) on pole and Ike Parkinson (254) on his outside. When the green dropped Ike Parkinson took the early lead with Graham Wagstaff putting the bumper in to Ian Brickley. Mark Poole (276) clattered a marker tyre on the homestraight before the starter; holding him up. Dave Waterhouse (101) spun himself out on turns three and four while Joff Gibson (249) pulled off. Steve Malkin jnr (308) put the bumper in on Ian Brickley sending him out to the armco on three. The yellows came out for Murray Harrison (97) who went over Brickley’s (246) front end and got tangled with Scott Davids (462) and Simon Panton (288) ending up rolling on to his roof. While the yellows were out, on the infield Joff Gibson (249) took the opportunity to peer intently at his engine. Restart order 254 – 330 – 416 – 308 – 121 – 390.
At the restart Stu Smith jnr (390) got past Kevin Shinn (121) with the following Mark Woodhull (335) putting Shinn out while he was himself being pressured by Mat Newson (16). Stu Smith (390) continued making his way forward, moving Steve Malkin jnr (308) to take third while Dave Muckian (416) was gaining on Ike Parkinson (254). Mark Woodhull (335) was moving up the places while Graham Wagstaff (330) spun on turn three. At the halfway point SSJ was on top of Muckian, got past and began reeling in leader Ike Parkinson. Further down the field Mick Harris (8) had been tussling with Simon Panton (288) as Woodhull who had Mat Newson (16) in hot pursuit went past Malkin jnr. Newson went hard into Malkin sending him into the armco  in an attempt to use him as a ‘cue ball’ to reach Woodhull. SSJ took the lead with Ike momentarily retaking the lead when they were racing side by side. On the last lap Newson was close enough to Woodhull to connect on the last bend; sending Woodhull scooting towards the armco but Woodhull managed to ride the armco and only lost one place.
Result 390 – 416 – 16 – 335 – 288 – 8 – 11 – 246 – 121 – 276

Ike Parkinson (254) side by side with Stu Smith jnr (390). Photo Colin Casserley

Ike Parkinson (254) side by side with Stu Smith jnr (390). Photo Colin Casserley

Heat two followed immediately, with David Squire (311) who is usually seen on tarmac in Michael Storry’s (30) car coming out in nephew Dan Squire’s (291) Buick powered shale car. Russell Cooper (415) made a slow start off pole allowing Tim Warwick to put the bumper in. Rob Harrod (258) took the lead with Adam Slater (214) soon taking second after fighting it out with Warwick. Rob Harrod (258) dropped back while Tony Smith (91) took second. Joe Booth (446) put an almighty hit in on Tim Warwick on turn one sending him to the fence with Booth joining him. Mark Peters (231), Andy Ford (13) and Rob Harrod all getting involved and were momentarily stranded.
In all the confusion, Tony Smith (91) took the lead. By now Dan Johnson (4) from red was up to fourth place with Hayley Parkinson (54) in fifth. Adam Slater (214) who looked to be suffering with poor handling spun but rejoined further down the field. Dan Johnson made his was into third place and was pressuring Russell Cooper (415) before passing him, with Hayley passing Cooper soon after. Further down, the red tops were looking quick with Tom Harris (84) leading Paul Harrison (2) and Paul Hines (259). With four laps to go, Dan Johnson (4) was reeling in leader Tony Smith (91) and getting ever closer and with two laps to go, Dan successfully connected with Tony sending him into turn one into a couple of parked cars. Tony Smith then came back out just in front of Dan with one to go and braked in front of him in what looked like an attempt to slow him down.The order was now 4 – 54 – 2 – 84 – 259 but the reds led by Paul Harrison(2) muscled their way past the yellow grader.
Result 4 – 2  – 259 – 84 – 54 – 380 – 12 – 415 – 321 – 311

Twenty-three cars came out for the consolation with Murray Harrison (97) and Daniel Wainman (212) being the only red tops present and seventeen of the cars being white or yellow graders. Ike Parkinson (254) got away clean to take the lead with Graham Wagstaff (330) and Tim Warwick (307) in second and third respectively. Joe Booth (446) continued where he had left off by going hard into Graeme Robson (267). George Heppenstall (189) spun on the backstraight; while Steve Smith (40) slammed into a marker tyre on turn two and John Lawn (441) spun out. Mark Peters (231) and Scott Davids (462) became hooked up on the apex of turns one and two; meanwhile Joe Booth (446) and Tim Warwick (307) were vying for second place behind Ike. Adam Slater (214) was gaining on Warwick, eventually getting past him for third while Joe Booth was accelerating towards leader Ike Parkinson (254).
Andy Ford (13) was following Murray Harrison (97) when Daniel Wainman (212) past Ford and was trying to get to Murray Harrison. Newcomer Dave Waterhouse (101) ended up parked in the armco coming out of turn four alongside Tim Warwick (307) and Rob Whitaker (142) with the yellow flags coming out for Waterhouse and the order being 254 – 446 – 214 – 308 – 249. Adam Slater (214) push started Tim Warwick (307) who then joined the race at the rear. With the grid being closed up, Joe Booth tackled Ike to take the lead and was soon followed by Joff Gibson (249) who bumpered Ike Parkinson down the order. At this point the order was 446 – 214 – 249 – 97 and it looked like it could be an exciting last three laps when the race was red and chequered for an incident involving Graham Wagstaff (330) and Andy Ford (13) on turn three that saw Andy Ford (13) ending up on top of Graeme Robson (267) who had been already been parked on the apex of turns three and four.
Result 446 – 214 – 249 – 97 – 308 – 212 – 91 – 302 – 197 – 254

Andy Ford (13) parked  on top of Graeme Robson (267). Photo Colin Casserley

Andy Ford (13) parked on top of Graeme Robson (267). Photo Colin Casserley

All the cars came out for the final but unfortunately Mark Poole (276) could not make the start. Russell Cooper (415) was on pole with Ian Brickley (246) on the outside with Stu Smith jnr (390) at the very rear and Mick Harris (8) and Michael Scriven (12) being the leading reds. Dave Muckian (416) who had been going well all night took the early lead while behind, a sideways Mick Harris (8) was driven into the armco by Michael Scriven (12). Steve Cayzer (380) was muscling his way through the field while Paul Harrison (2) was being held up and Steve Malkin jnr (308) went sideways. Dan Johnson (4) and David Squire (311) tangled on turn one and Ike Parkinson (254) went into the lead with the order now being 254 – 415 – 446.
Mick Harris (8) was smoking on a flat tyre while Adam Slater (214) was going sideways with Mat Newson (16) following behind him. Stuart Smith (390) was making headway through the pack, going past Steve Cayzer (380). Joff Gibson (249) had made his way to second behind Ike with Joe Booth in third place being separated from them by back marker Dan Johnson (4). Mat Newson (16) was lurking behind them as Dan Johnson took on Joff Gibson with five laps to go. Dan then got right on top of Ike Parkinson (254) and with four laps to go, managed to successfully unlap himself without actually messing up anyone else’s race. Joff Gibson (249) took the lead from Ike Parkinson who was then spun out by the following Joe Booth (446); with Ike ending his race being parked up on turn four with three to go.
Stu Smith (390) got past Mat Newson (16) as the laps ran down but Newson wanted his place back and was soon back on Smith’s bumper. On the last bend of the last lap, Newson fired Stu Smith into the parked up Parkinson (254) but Smith managed to extricate himself from the situation quickly and finished in third as the reds and chequered flags were shown simultaneously.
Result 249 – 16 – 390 – 12 – 2 – 380 – 84 – 446 – 415 – 321

Joff Gibson (249) and Joe Booth (446). Photo Colin Casserley

Joff Gibson (249) and Joe Booth (446). Photo Colin Casserley

Just over twenty cars came out for the last race of the night with final winner Joff Gibson (249) opting to take the lap handicap. Russell Cooper (415) was again on pole with Ian Brickley (246) alongside. Ian Brickley (246) took the early lead with Ed Neachell being the first blue to show. Unlucky Mark Poole (276) spun and Tom Harris (84) had to pull off. The first reds grouped together were Stu Smith (390), Paul Harrison (2), Mark Woodhull (335) and Mat Newson (16). Mark Peters (231) took the lead, relegating Ike Parkinson (254) to second place.
The yellows were shown for Steve Malkin jnr (308) who had become stranded on the homestraight just before the starter. Restart order was 231 – 254 – 246 – 91 – 390 – 2 – 321. The yellows had closed all the gaps between the cars and helped Joff Gibson (249) to get up with the rest of the pack.
Mark Peters (231) shot off into the distance while further down the order Stu Smith jnr (390) put big hits in; firstly on Tony Smith (91) and then Ian Brickley (246) getting both SSJ and Paul Harrison (2) past. Now the order was Peters (231), Parkinson (254) and SSJ, Harrison and Mat Newson (16). With five laps to go, SSJ was on Ike and got past while Harrison (2) followed in his wake. Stu Smith jnr (390) and Paul Harrison (2) were gaining on leader Mark Peters (231) with SSJ getting easily past to take first while Harrison (2) bumpered Peters (231) out of the way on turn three. Mark Woodhull (335) then overtook Brickley with Steve Cayzer (380); with Brickley ending up skimming the armco on the last lap.
Result 390 – 2 – 231 – 16 – 4 – 254 – 335 – 380 – 246 – 321
Stu Smith jnr said on the PA afterwards that Mark Peters (231) had just made one mistake and that had cost him, but that was racing.

Ailsa Haigh

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