Ipswich, 18th June 2016 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

The annual trip to Ipswich on a dry and sunny Saturday evening saw 35 cars in attendance, so a two-thirds format was adopted.

There were no white graders in Heat 1, so the 22-car field was led away by yellow tops Jordan Falding (36) and Joff Gibson (249). Lone novice driver Richard Dickerson (443) took his place at the back of the grid in a Newson hire car. After Gibson led the first lap, Falding took up the top spot and remained in control for the rest of the race. Chris Cowley fought his way up to second, crossing the line ahead of Shaun Webster (48) in third and Frankie Wainman Junior (515) the highest of the superstars in fourth.


New British Champ FWJ only managed fourth in Heat 1.

Heat 2 was led away by white-graders Richard Davies (325) and Richard Woods (268), with superstars Speak, Wainman (515), Wainman (212) and Green lining up at the back. Woods in the ex-Danny Wainman car took up the immediate lead, with Stuart Shevill (518) slotting into second. He didn’t stay there for long – passing Woods and taking up the lead within the first few laps, as Goodswen went for a spin in turn 4. Gibson and Neil Scriven (11) made their way into the top 3, while early leader Woods went around in turn 2.

In the second half of the race, Scriven took up second and Ryan Harrison (197) worked his way into third. Neither had an answer for Stuart Shevill, who took an easy win around the Foxhall Heath Stadium.


The early leader goes for a spin in Heat 2.

22 cars for Heat 3, which was again led away by the two white top Richards. Woods took the immediate lead with Shaun Webster (48) taking up second and Paul Carter (300) moving into third.

It wasn’t long before yellow top Webster hit the front and started building up his lead. As the lap boards came out, Carter and third-placed Riley started closing on the leader. Red-top Ryan Harrison wasn’t far behind them. With 2 laps left to run, Carter made his move, taking the lead for a lap.
On the final bend, Riley put the bumper in on Carter but ended up spinning them both; letting long-time leader Webster through for the win. Ryan Harrison took second with Will Hunter rounding out the top 3.


Shaun Webster (48) dominated Heat 3.

Jordan Falding and Steve Webster led the pack around for start of the meeting final, with Falding hitting the front at the drop of the green. 518 once again was quickly up into second. Frankie Wainman Junior made his intentions clear, punting Smith (390) and Davidson (464) into the turn 4 wall and taking out Frankie JJ in the process. More spinners emerged as oil was left on the track.

518 passed 36 just before half distance, leaving Falding to defend from 11, 37 and 197. Ryan Harrison moved Cowley aside for fourth while further down the order Newson and Wainman (212) traded places. Lap boards came out and Shevill hit lapped traffic, allowing Falding to close slightly, but the 518 car was too far ahead. Shevill took the victory, with Falding second and Scriven crossing the line third.


Final Top 3: Shevill, Falding and Scriven

26 cars lined up for the last race of the night. No Ryan Harrison for the Grand National. Neil Scriven was soon at the front, with Speak the highest of the superstars early on.

The caution was called for just after half race distance to rescue Brad Harrison (25), who’d smacked the wall hard in turn 3. The leaders at the restart were 11, 249, 220, 186 and 515. The green flag dropped and, once again, Scriven was away and gone. A decent battle commenced for the other podium positions.

Wainman bumpered the 186 car wide, nipping up the inside for second spot, but as they both slipped wide, Will Hunter took the position. Jones repayed the favour, punting Wainman into Hunter, causing 220 to spin but allowing the 515 machine to retake second. All this place swapping allowed Neil Scriven to extend his lead, taking the chequered flag comfortably ahead of 515 and 186.

This was definitely a meeting dominated by yellow-graded drivers, but FWJ’s consistent performance throughout the night allowed him to collect even more World Championship qualifying points, topping the table going into the final 3 WCQRs, Northampton the next day and then Scotland the following weekend.


Mick Sworder entertaining the fans after the Grand National

Words: Rhosanna Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley





















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