Hednesford, 9th April 2017 – Meeting Report and Photos

A brilliant, sunny, Spring day engulfed the Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 9th April; with a good attendance of spectators and racers to enjoy the annual BriSCA F1 visit. With 11 drivers not able to attend due to problems and damage from the previous night’s racing at Birmingham, the 37 cars were split in to a two thirds format.

24 cars for heat 1. Drew Lammas (543) led them away from pole. Craig Finnikin (55) was an early spinner, getting caught up in the star grade charge; Ryan Harrison (197) and Stuart Smith JNR (390) were making light work of the lower graders and were charging their way up the places; easily the fastest cars on track. Ben Hurdman (207) put Aaron Leach (70) away in to the turn 1 fence in the second half. Long-time leader Lammas lost out when track specialist Michael Scriven (12) found his groove, taking over the running at the lap boards. Harrison retired unexpectedly when his rear inside tyre let go, the first of a handful of big name retirements; Lee Fairhurst (217) was next to slow into retirement just as Mick Sworder (150) then did the same in the final lap. Scriven taking the win with Lammas second and Smith in third and Matthew Armstrong (455), in a Mat Newson hire car coming home fourth.

Result: 12, 543, 390, 455, 422, 445, 212, 16, 207, 1, 518, 512

Heat 1 winner, Michael Scriven

A field of 23 cars lined up on track for heat 2, Darren Clark (83) led the field around. Bradley Harrison (25) missed the start dropping to the back of the pack. Jordan Falding (36) and Clark both took a trip to the turn 3 fence independent of each other, shortly after. Tom Harris (84), who had suffered with fuel problems the previous evening, slowed considerably before coming to a halt. A handful of laps later and Harris was back going, but again, slowed and stopped.

Your leader though was Drew Lammas (543), but Michael Scriven (12) was in close contention behind, Scriven took a lunge at Lammas in turn 1, narrowly missing and as a result Scriven ended out wide enough to give the quick white grader Lammas a couple of car lengths advantage over second. In to the closing stages and Dean Whitwell (195) was sent to the fence in turn 1 by Stuart Shevill Jnr (518); the stranded Whitwell car was then collected by the Newson hire cars Kelvin Hassell (13) and Stuart Moulds (556), Will Hunter (220) also joined the pile up running in to the back of the Moulds machine, very nearly a track blockage the waved yellows were called for, just as a train of red tops fought over the car widths gap available. Lammas led off the restart, followed by Scriven and Paul Carter (300). With only a couple of laps remaining; Lammas got off to a good start and duly went on to take the win ahead of Scriven, Carter though dropped back a few places and Mick Sworder (150) lept from fifth to third at the chequered flag.

Result: 543, 12, 150, 512, 300, 445, 217, 16, 464, 518, 14, 422

Tar specialist, Shevill, handed out the hits in Heat 2.

22 cars returned for the final heat, Matthew Armstrong (455) taking charge from pole position. The race quickly fell in to a rhythm, but all eyes were on Stuart Smith JNR (390) who was scything his way through the field, easily the quickest car on track and with liberal use of the front bumper, moving anyone in his path; SSJ was soon moving up the order. Mid race and Roger Bromiley (14) and Nigel Harrhy (45) retired to the middle, just as leaders Mark Allen (301) and Armstrong collided in to the turn 1 fencing taking them out of the running. Ben Hurdman (207), Smith and Neil Scriven (11) took over as the top three.

Tom Harris (84) found another gear and rapidly moved his way up the field shunting Ryan Harrison (197) aside into turn 1 to take fourth just before the lap boards. SSJ had moved by Hurdman to take over the lead. Harris was to progress further over the final stages, moving by Scriven to take third, before moving by Hurdman for second. Frankie Wainman JNR (1) and Luke Davidson (464) were also battling further down the order, Wainman getting the better of Davidson at the chequered flag.

Result: 390, 84, 207, 11, 197, 55, 372, 1, 464, 501, 25, 220

Matt Armstrong was the early leader in Heat 3.

The feature final race of the day saw 29 cars on track.  An oil spill from the previous race would certainly keep the drivers on their toes. Kelvin Hassell (13) led them round on the rolling lap, whilst Mat Newson (16) retired before the green. Stuart Shevill JNR (518) was the first in the fence; as the star graders battled each other in the opening laps; lunging in on one another each corner. Stuart Smith (390) clearly on a charge again making ground up from the back of the reds, came under fire from Lee Fairhurst (217). As the race settled down; Tom Harris (84) retired from the race; something clearly a miss once again.

A great battle unfolded down the order between; Frankie Wainman JNR (1), Neil Scriven (11) and Nigel Green (445), the trio would trade blows for much of the remainder of the race. Craig Finnikin (55) and Paul Carter (300) would then retire simultaneously at about halfway. Ben Hurdman (207) your race leader at this point, Colin Goodswen (372) in second and Michael Scriven (12) reeling them closer in third. As the laps wound down, Scriven made his way by the leading yellow graders to take over the running, Smith though was still catching and he too passed Hurdman and Goodswen to take second. Could Smith make it two from two in the weekend?

Unfortunately not, with the car developing a slight misfire, which allowed Scriven to keep the advantage in front to take his third consecutive Hednesford Final win. Smith finishing second with Hurdman rounding out the top three.

Result: 12, 390, 207, 372, 197, 212, 543, 501, 217, 150, 25, 445

Another win for Michael Scriven in the Final

28 cars returned for the Grand National, Michael Scriven (12) taking the obligatory lap handicap, Matthew Armstrong (455)starting pole position. In a similar fashion to the final, the red graders battled in the opening laps, once again trading blows. The race quickly settled down and at the halfway stage Colin Goodswen (372) was the leader. Stuart Smith (390) showing blistering pace again was up to second, with Neil Scriven (11) behind in third. Scriven though, was coming under fire from Ben Hurdman (207) who duly lunged at the back of the number 11 machine.

In the run down to the chequered flag, Smith closed in on Goodswen; edging closer each lap and eventually struck in the last bend to take the win; Goodswen recovering for second, Lee Fairhurst (217) finishing third, rounding out a great day at Hednesford.

Result: 390, 372, 217, 16, 455, 212, 464, 84, 207, 197, 518

Stuart Smith Junior took the last win of the day

Words: Keith Organ
Photos: Colin Casserley

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