Hednesford, 19th April 2015 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

The second leg of the traditional Incarace April weekender saw 34 cars venture to the Hednesford Hills raceway. With vital World Qualifying points at stake, the lower graders made it hard work all weekend for the Star men; the top drivers failing to take the chequered flag around the UK’s fastest oval.

Brilliant spring sunshine greeted 22 cars for heat 1 of the two thirds format; most notably, fourth generation racer Bradley Harrison (25) taking to the front of the grid in his second meeting. Harrison set the early pace, leading the way at the green. Stuart Shevill Junior (518) rattled the turn 1 fencing early on, as did Mark Gray (224), but Nigel Harrhy’s (45) bad luck was worse. As results for #45 at the venue continued to elude him, Harrhy pulled off after a handful of laps, side lining him for the rest of the day.

Frankie Wainman Junior (515) bundled Ed Neachell (321) and Steve Whittle (183) wide into turn 3, Whittle taking a trip to the armco the next bend. John Lund (53) was continuing some tarmac form; knocking Neachell wide just before the halfway stage. Michael Steward (512) and Ben Hurdman (207) collided in turn 2; who in turn were then collected by Mick Sworder (150) and Will Hunter (220). Sworder came off worst; climbing over the front of the Hurdman machine, destroying the 150 axle in the process and almost rolling.

The lapboard stages were soon signalled and Harrison had relinquished the lead to Michael Scriven (12), closely followed by Paul Carter (300) in second. At the chequered flag, Harrison had dropped to sixth, letting National Points Champion Rob Speak (318) into third; Dave Allen (499) in fourth and Wainman had got himself up to fifth.

Result: 12 300 318 499 515 25 174 53 421 512 48 488


Michael Steward (512), Ben Hurdman (207) and Mick Sworder (150) got into trouble in Heat 1.

Heat 2 saw 20 cars take to the track; occasional racer Roger Bromiley (14) using the Ryan Harrison machine to good effect, taking a start to finish win. A quiet race which quickly settled; started off with Carlos Perez (305) bundling Paul Harrison (2) and Paul Ford (388) out wide into turn 1. Dave Allen (499) struck the Ben Riley (422) machine, snookering into Bradley Harrison (25) into the turn 1 fencing.

At the halfway stage, second place Dylan Williams-Maynard (51) was closing on leader Bromiley; who in turn was being closed down by the previous night’s final winner Mickey Randell (172). A few more laps may have seen the 51 & 172 be in a position to challenge Bromiley, but the laps run out and in the final bend, Randell attempted a last bend strike on the 51 machine, but was unable to shift Williams-Maynard.

Result: 14 51 172 464 11 318 2 16 212 422 174 12


Luke Davidson and Neil Scriven battling for fourth.

Heat 3 started with 24 cars on track; an oil spill from the previous F2 race making the opening laps difficult. Roger Bromiley (14) once again started pole and took a flag to flag victory. Paul Harrison (2) lunged Ed Neachell (321) wide as Shaun Webster (48) collected the turn 1 fence. John Lund (53) was holding down twelfth spot into the second half; seemingly his tyres went away allowing Danny Wainman (212) to strike, moving Lund wide.

The recovering Lund was again under fire, as Mick Sworder also came through to thump the back of 53. Lund, having no answer for Sworder, dropped back. Wainman set his sights on the Dutchman Daniel Van Spijker (H231) and duly sent van Spijker flying into the turn 1 fence. The chequered flag was soon out; Bromley the winner ahead of Ben Riley (422) in a brilliant second and Paul carter (300) in third.

Result: 14 422 300 464 51 421 11 512 388 16 212 150


Blue tops in Heat 3

The Feature Final gridded with 29 cars on track; Bradley Harrison (25) starting pole for his first final. The green flag dropped and the star graders made it hard work for themselves. A messy first lap saw John Lund get caught up with another car; planting the fence ending his race before it could start. Rob Speak (318), on a charge, shunted Carlos Perez (305) out wide, just as Frankie Wainman Junior was spun around in turn 3 by Paul Harrison (2). Mickey Randell (172), setting his sights on his second final win of the weekend, forcefully moved Ben Riley (422) wide to take second.

The halfway stage was quickly signalled. Neil Scriven (11), fighting for position, came back at Luke Davidson (464) to take back fourth; snookering Riley over in the process. The lap boards were ticking down, Randell and Michael Scriven (12) were now rapidly closing in on leader Bromiley. Into the last lap and Bromley seemingly slowed down the back straight; possibly pre-empting a last bend attack. Randell, not wanting to risk an attack from third place Scriven, blasted round the outside. Scriven perfectly struck the back of Bromiley, who in turn collected Randell; the pair tangled and collected the turn 3 fence. Scriven raced off to take the win; allowing brother Neil to second and Davidson promoted to third. Randell managed to fire the car back to life to recover for fifth, but Bromiley was unable to do so, instead left stranded in the fence.

Result: 12 11 464 150 172 318 421 422 388 12 2 220


A Scriven 1-2 in the Final.

The Grand National saw 23 cars take part; Michael Scriven (12) taking the obligatory lap handicap; meaning Ben Riley starting pole behind. Shaun Webster (48) once again took a trip to the fence in the early stages as a result of the red grade push at the drop of the green. After a poor day by Frankie Wainman Junior standards; he was quick to make amends and bundled Paul Harrison and John Lund wide; just as Danny Wainman did the same for Paul Ford.

Dylan Williams-Maynard, the early race leader, pulled a small gap over second place Riley and a rapid Luke Davidson in third. Into the closing stages, Lund held eighth place until Danny Wainman knocked him wide; Newson also offering Lund the same courtesy to drop him to 10th. Harrison attempted an attack on Lund, but was unable to shift the 53 machine. Williams-Maynard took a fine win ahead of Davidson (who took second) and Sworder, who had worked his way into third to round off a good day’s racing in the annual visit to the Hills.

Result: 51 464 150 318 11 515 422 212 16 53


Dylan Williams-Maynard (51): Grand National winner.


Words: Keith Organ
Photos: Colin Casserley









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